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Recipes to spice up your Yule Celebration!

Yule is a wonderful time to bring family and friends together, and like our ancestors, plan out what our next year will look like.  There is nothing that feels better than sharing ideas, plans and love with family during these times.  These yule recipes will help you bring a little extra cheer to your table this year!

Mulled Wine 

This delicious recipe is best enjoyed in front of a roaring fire!


1 Bottle of Semi-sweet red wine (such as Merlot or Malbec)
1 Ounce of Mulling Spices
1/4 Cup of Honey
1/4 of Orange Juice
Garnish: 6″  Organic Cinnamon Sticks (optional)


  1. 1. Put the wine in a medium pot and bring it to a low simmer.
  2. 2. Once it is bubbling, add the Mulling Spices
  3. 3. Cover it, reduce heat to low and mull for approximately 2 hours
  4. 4. When you are ready to serve, strain out the Mulling Spices, then put it back in the pot and add the honey and orange juice.  Make sure the honey dissolves completely.
  5. 5. Serve with Garnish if needed – can be served either hot or cold – Makes approximately 4 cups!


In some Wassail traditions, the spiced cider was offered as an ancient honor to the trees. In wintertime, wassailers would prepare the traditional wassail – soaking pieces of bread, cake or toast in it – and travel from apple orchard to apple orchard in effort to ensure a good harvest for the coming year. Wassail-soaked pieces of bread or toast were then buried at the trees’ roots or hung in the trees’ branches to appease the tree spirits and feed them well until the next harvest.  This traditional wassail recipe features hard cider, sugar-roasted apples, brandy and sweet spices. It is a simple, old-fashioned recipe. We found this wonderful recipe by Jenny McGruther at nourishedkitchen.com!


4 small apples
¼ cup unrefined cane sugar
1 medium orange
13 Organic Whole Cloves
2 quarts hard apple cider
½ cup brandy
1 tbsp Organic Ginger Root Powder
1 tsp Organic Powdered Nutmeg
6 Organic Allspice Berries, Whole
2 to three  2-3″  Organic Cinnamon Sticks
6 large eggs, (separated)
toast, (optional, to serve with)


  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Scoop out the core of the apples without fully penetrating the apple – a melon baller works well. Fill each apple with about a tablespoon of unrefined cane sugar.
  3. Place the apples in the baking sheet. Stud an orange with thirteen Organic Whole Cloves and place it in the baking sheet. Bake the apples and orange together for forty minutes.
  4. While the apples and orange bake, pour apple cider and brandy into a heavy-bottomed stock pot and warm over moderately low heat.
  5. Whisk in Organic Ginger Root Powder and Organic Powdered Nutmeg. Do not bring the wassail to a boil.
  6. Cut a small square of the butter muslin and place Organic Allspice Berries, Whole and  2-3″  Organic Cinnamon Sticks into the square; tie with 100% cotton cooking twine and float this sachet of spices in the wassail as it warms.
  7. Beat egg yolks until light in color and set aside. In a separate bowl, whip egg whites until stiff peaks form. Fold egg yolks into whites, then temper the eggs by slowly pouring one-half cup wassail into the eggs.
  8. Remove the spice sachet from the wassail and pour in the tempered eggs. Transfer to a punch bowl. Float baked apples and orange in the wassail and serve by the mug, topping each mug with a small slice of toast if desired.

Yule Plum Pudding

The Yule plum pudding is considered a symbol of good luck and success in the coming year, so why not turn it into an addition to your magical menu? As you stir up your batter, visualize your intent. Direct energy into the pudding, focusing on health, prosperity and good fortune in the coming new year!



Fruit Mixture (To be made 4 days ahead)
1 pound seedless raisins
1 pound sultana raisins
1/2 pound currants
1 cup thinly sliced citron (can be replaced with grapefruit and lemon)
1 cup chopped candied peel
1 teaspoon Organic Cinnamon Powder
1/2 teaspoon Organic Mace (ground into powder)
1/2 teaspoon Organic Powdered Nutmeg
1/4 teaspoon Organic Clove Powder
1/4 teaspoon Organic Allspice Powder
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground Organic Black Pepper
1 pound finely chopped suet – powdery fine (can substitute with lard or vegetable shortening)
1 1/4 cups cognac

1 1/4 pounds (approximately) fresh bread crumbs
1 cup scalded milk
1 cup sherry or port
12 eggs, well beaten
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon salt


  1. Blend the fruits, citron, peel, spices and suet and place in a bowl or jar. Add 1/4 cup cognac, cover tightly and refrigerate for 4 days, adding 1/4 cup cognac each day.
  2. Soak the bread crumbs in milk and sherry or port.
  3. Combine the well-beaten eggs and sugar. Blend with the fruit mixture. Add salt and mix thoroughly.
  4. Put the pudding in buttered bowls or tins, filling them about 2/3 full. Cover with foil and tie it firmly.
  5. Steam for 6-7 hours. Uncover and place in a 250°F. oven for 30 minutes. Add a dash of cognac to each pudding, cover with foil and keep in a cool place.
  6. To use, steam again for 2-3 hours and unmold. Sprinkle with sugar; add heated cognac.
  7. Ignite and bring to the table. Serve with hard sauce or cognac sauce.

We hope you enjoy these recipes! We would love to see the pictures of what you created!!


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Raven Moonlight Oil Blends

Our oils are hand-blended with organic essential oils in a Jojoba Oil Base, and created only after you order them to ensure the freshest and best possible product!

We have oils for ALL of your spiritual needs – below is a detailed description of the oils we carry!

  • Archangel blends – Work with individual Archangels
  • Astrological Gemstone Oils – Work with individual astrological signs – these oils have added gemstones for a power boost!
  • Banishment, Binding and Reversing Oils:
    • Banishment – for all banishment rituals
    • Black Dragon – for banishment and protection rituals using dragon energies
    • Binding – for all binding rituals
    • Cord Cutting – for banishing personal links and connections between two people
    • Curse-breaker – for all hex-breaking and curse-breaking rituals
    • Flying Devil – Hex-reversing oil – a return to sender blend (use with caution!)
    • Malocchio – a banishment blend for Italian witchcraft
    • Mint Bouquet – traditional blend to add a power boost to all heavy duty rituals
    • Mirror Oil – a blend used in mirror banishment and protection spells. Similar to return to sender but can be used as a protection blend as well.
    • Obeah – removes all negativity and protects against negative forces.
    • Red Dragon – for added power boost using Dragon energies
    • Reversing – A traditional blend used in return-to-sender rituals.
    • Spell Breaker Oil – a general oil for countering spells cast by others.
  • Conjuring Oil Blends: These blends are created for vodou, hoodoo, Santeria and any all other types of conjuring work
    • Adam and Eve – to draw love and attract a partner.
    • African Ju-Ju – used to boost the power of other oils and components in your magick work.
    • Algiers – used for fast luck and money
    • All saints – use to bring success, healing and blessings
    • Attraction – use to attract things to you – people, money, jobs, opportunity, anything.
    • Black Panther – Use to boost confidence and success
    • Cleo May – used by women to attract a generous male partner.
    • Command – used to control the actions of others and have them do your bidding (use with caution!)
    • Conjuring – Used to bless work areas, churches and prayer rooms
    • Chypre – use to attract new love or to keep the love you have.
    • Drawing – use to attract money and financial success to yourself
    • Fiery Command – Use to get another to do your bidding (use with caution!)
    • Fiery Wall of Protection – use for all types of protection, uncrossing and hex-breaking
    • Flying Devil – Hex-reversing oil – a return to sender blend (use with caution!)
    • Goofer Oil – use for hexing and cursing (use with caution!)
    • Gris-Gris Oil – use for creating and feeding Gris-gris bags
    • High John – use to bless tools, candles and to add power to any work you do. Especially good for attracting money and success.
    • Jezebel oil – use to draw in a rich partner
    • House Blessing – use to bless a home or office against all negativity and negative entities
    • Luck (Van Van ) Oil – use to remove negativity, bring luck in love, money, health and more.
    • Lucky Nine – overall success and luck blend – use over 9 days to boost the power in your work.
    • Nine African Powers – use for protection from all witchcraft, jinxing and hexing
    • Nine Mysteries – used to grant knowledge and sight into things unseen
    • Obeah – removes all negativity and protects against negative forces.
    • Power – power boost for any work you do
    • Queen Bee – used by women to attract multiple men to them.
    • Road Opener – used to clear the way and remove obstacles from your goals.
    • Seven African Powers – use to evoke all of the 7 African Orishas
    • Shi-Shi – use to break through obstacles and clear your path
    • Holy Oil – use to bless people, tools and places
    • Woodsman – used by men to attract female partners
  • Chakra Gemstone Oil Blends – designed to work with each individual chakra or balance all of them at once with our chakra balancing blend!
  • Deity Oil Blends – Oils designed to work with each Deity! Broken down by pantheon or region
  • Elemental Oil Blends – Designed to work with one element at a time or all 4 at once!
  • Gemstone Oil Blends – Powerful blends with the added boost of gemstones!
    • Angelic Summoning – use to summon and work with angelic entities
    • Clear thinking – use for being able to see through to the truth of a situation
    • Demon Summoning – use to summon and work with demonic entities
    • Dragon Summoning – use to summon and work with dragon entities
    • Faery Summoning – use to summon and work with Faery entities
    • Fertility – use to bring new growth and new opportunities
    • Past Lives – use when doing past lives work and meditation
    • Psychic Defense – use in psychic warding and psychic protection of all kinds
    • Road Opener – use to remove obstacles and bring new opportunities
    • Spirit Guides – use for mediumship and to connect with spirit guides
    • The Dreaming – use for all types of dream magick and to induce lucid dreaming
    • Uncrossing – use to remove and break all hexes, curses and jinxes
    • Vitality – use to boost personal energy and constitution
  • Healing, Balancing and Purification Blends
    • All saints – use to bring success, healing and blessings
    • Blessing Oil – use to bless people, items and places
    • Healing – use for all types of healing spells
    • Men’s balancing blend – use to balance male energies
    • Purification – use in all purification spells
    • Sleep – use to aid in relaxation and for spells to induce peaceful sleep
    • Women’s balance – use to balance female energies
  • Love and Attraction Blends
    • Arabian Nights – use to for magick to induce lust and passion
    • Attraction oil – use to bring things to you
    • Cleo May – used by women to attract a generous male partner.
    • Come to me – use to force a relationship to come to you (use with caution!)
    • Chypre – use to attract new love or to keep the love you have.
    • Gay Love – use to find same sex partners
    • Glamour Blend – use in magick to enhance your best qualities
    • Handfasting – use in all handfasting rituals
    • Jezebel oil – use to draw in a rich partner
    • Love – use for all types of love spells
    • Love uncrossing – use to remove negativity and hexing placed on your relationship by another person
    • Queen Bee – used by women to attract multiple partners
    • Red Dragon – use when working with dragon energies to bring passion and fire into a relationship
    • Self-love – use in magick to improve self-confidence and self-love
    • True Love – use in magick to find your true love or soul mate
    • Woodsman – used by men to attract a female partner
  • Luck and Legal Oil Blends
    • Algiers – used for fast luck and money
    • Court Oil – use in all magick and spells for success in court
    • Helping Hand – use to cause random events to “go your way”
    • High John – use to bless tools, candles and to add power to any work you do. Especially good for attracting money and success.
    • Luck Oil – use for spells to bring luck
    • Positive energy – use to bring positive energies into your life when things seem to take a downturn
  • Magical Oil Blends
    • Abramelin High Magick – Traditional High magick blend
    • Dragon Power – use to work with Dragon energy
    • Fairy Dreams – use to work with Fairy energy
    • Gypsy magick – use in all types of Gypsy magick working
    • Nature – use to bring forth natural spirits, work with animals and the planet
    • Stone Circle – a protection blend to protect sacred space
    • Temple – a blend to bless your altar and sacred space
  • Prosperity and Abundance Blends
    • Algiers – used for fast luck and money
    • All saints – use to bring success, healing and blessings
    • Attraction – use to attract things to you – people, money, jobs, opportunity, anything.
    • Business Success – use in all business ventures
    • Drawing – use to attract money and financial success to yourself
    • Get a job – use for all spells to find employement
    • Green Dragon – use when working with dragon energies to bring forth abundance
    • Gypsy gold – use when working with Gypsy magick for money and health
    • High John – use to bless tools, candles and to add power to any work you do. Especially good for attracting money and success.
    • Horn of Plenty – use with working with Celtic magick to bring forth abundance
    • Lucky Nine – overall success and luck blend – use over 9 days to boost the power in your work.
    • Money – use for all money spells
    • New home – use for spells to find a new home or dream home
    • Oak Moss bouquet – use for all types of abundance and increase spells
    • Positive energy – use to bring positive energies into your life when things seem to take a downturn
    • Prosperity – use in all types of prosperity magick
    • Success – use for success in all projects
    • Three Kings – use bring unexpected blessings into your life
  • Protection and Power Blends
    • African Ju-Ju – used to boost the power of other oils and components in your magick work.
    • Black Dragon – use when working with dragon energy for all types of protection and banishment
    • Black Panther – Use to boost confidence and success
    • Courage – use to boost courage in difficult times
    • Fiery Wall of Protection – use for all types of protection, uncrossing and hex-breaking
    • Home Protection – use for all types of home protection or home warding
    • House Blessing – use to bless and cleanse your new home or new space
    • Kyphi – use to bring peace to your home and protection
    • Nine African Powers – use for protection from all witchcraft, jinxing and hexing
    • Obeah – removes all negativity and protects against negative forces.
    • Positive energy – use to bring positive energies into your life when things seem to take a downturn
    • Protection – use in all protection spells
    • Shield – use in all types of energetic shielding
    • Stone Circle – a protection blend to protect sacred space
    • Warding – use to reinforce wards of all kinds
  • Psychic and Meditation Blends
    • Astral Travel – use for all spells involving astral travel
    • Divination – use for all types of divination and anoint divination tools
    • Fairy Dreams – use to work with fairy energies
    • Fires of Azreal – use for all types of scrying
    • Kundalini – use to awaken the Kundalini energies (use with caution!)
    • Meditation – use for all types of meditation
    • Nine Mysteries – used to grant knowledge and sight into things unseen
    • Peace – use to bring peace between people, situations or to places
    • Psychic Awareness – use to enhance psychic gifts
    • Sleep – use to induce peaceful sleep
    • Smudge Oil – a liquid version of a smudge stick!
    • Trance Oil – use in shamanic rituals and guided meditations to aid in achieving a trance state.
    • Visions – use to induce visions
    • Witch’s Flying Oil – use to enhance psychic abilities during rituals
    • Zen Oil – use to help calm the mind at times of chaos and stress
  • Sabbat Gemstone Oil Blends – Designed to work with each individual Sabbat!
  • Saints and Santeria Oil Blends – Blends designed to work with individual saints and can be use for Santeria rituals as well.
  • Single Blend Oils – Half size bottles (4 DRAM) blended with only one essential oil – choose your herb!
  • Spirit Ally Blends – blends designed to work with different animal spirits – can be used for Shamanic rituals or any other totem or spirit animal based rituals.
  • Wicca Oil Blends
    • Altar Oil – use to bless your altar and as all purpose blend to keep on your altar.
    • Anointing – use it as a general anointing blend
    • Candle – use for candle spells
    • Consecration – use in consecration rituals
    • Esbat – use during Esbat celebrations
    • Goddess – use in all Goddess rituals and as an offering oil
    • High Priest Initiation – use for all High Priest Initiation rituals
    • High Priestess Initiation – use for all High Priestess Initiation rituals
    • Initiation – use all initiation rituals
    • Lord of the Wild Hunt – use in all God rituals and as an offering oil
    • Lunar – use to attune with moon energies
    • Ritual – all purpose ritual blend
    • Sabbat – all purpose Sabbat blend

Canadian Shipping Update!

Just a quick note to let our Canadian customers know that we are updating our shipping options to Canada. Due to the possible pending stoppage with Canada Post, we are shifting all of our Canadian Shipping to Fedex instead.

Unfortunately this will increase the cost for our Canadian customers since FEDEX shipping is significantly more expensive than shipping via USPS (which partners with Canada Post), but our main concern now is making sure that customers receive their packages.

We will be keeping a close eye on the situation with Canada Post and will once again offer our regular lower-priced USPS shipping options once that situation is resolved.  Thank you so much in advance for your understanding and patience!


Bonfire for Beltane!

Although bonfires tend to be popular in all ancient pagan practices, Beltane is the time of year when it seems the most fitting!  There are many ways to incorporate a Bonfire into your ritual – and it doesn’t even have to be large.  Sure, if you have the space and a nice fire pit, a big Beltane fire is idea – but if not, there are other ways to still bring the feel of a Bonfire into your celebration!

Portable Bonfires

These can be great if you have no permanent fire pit in your backyard or if you want to be able to travel with your fire pit.  They can range in price from under $20 all the way up to over $300 – so there is an option to fit any budget.  You can purchase these at any home improvement store or even make your own! This blog tells you step by step how to make one out of a flower pot!: Create a Fire pit out of Flower Pot!

Please remember that no matter what you decide to do, be safe! Here are some fire tips from a former firefighter to help you have a fun and safe experience: Fire pit safety tips

Indoor Cauldron Fire

If your only option is to be indoors, you can still have the fire experience with an indoor cauldron fire!  You will need the following items

  • Cast-Iron Cauldron – mine is quite small, about 4″ in diameter
  • Epsom Salts – easy to find at the supermarket or pharmacy
  • Rubbing Alcohol – 70% isopropyl (safer) or 90% isopropyl (hotter)
  • Fire-Proof surface, preferably not heat conductive
  • Long Wooden Matches

It is best to use a cast-iron cauldron, since one won’t be too hard to get and it can withstand the heat. Don’t use aluminum, since it sometimes melts or can even catch on fire. Never make an indoor fire in a cauldron that is painted, since burning or even very hot paint will produce dangerous fumes.

Use half (by volume, not weight) alcohol and epsom salts.  Always put the cauldron on a fireproof surface (such as a hearth, other tile surface, metal, etc.) and make sure that the only nearby objects are reasonably heat-resistant. Taper candles, if placed too close, will bend or even melt. Votives in glass holders work better.

Always keep a bucket of water nearby in case things somehow get out of hand. A big box of baking soda also works well. Let the cauldron burn out by itself (how long this takes depends on the size of the cauldron and how much fuel you have put into it), wait till it is cool, and then soak the inside in water to loosen the grayish mass of salts that’s been fused together by the fire. After letting it soak overnight it’s not too hard to clean.

If it’s necessary to put the cauldron out suddenly, covering it with a fireproof lid is the easiest and least-messy method, but be careful not to burn yourself while putting the lid on. One of those big leather work gloves might be good to keep around.

Now that you have a fire, what can you do?

Once you have your fire pit – there are many different ways to incorporate this into your ritual!

  • – Use herbs – you can burn any herbs in your fire pit.  If you are using an indoor fire pit be sure to only burn a very small amount at a time so that you don’t have an out of control fire.
  • – Use lava rocks to help keep your fire going. Click here to see how to use lava rocks.
  • – Fires can symbolize messages moving up to the universe to to deity – they can also symbolize the cleansing or banishing of bad things and bad energies.
  • – Fires can make the start a new phase in life – can be used at the start of a project, symbolizing burning down the old to pave the way for the new.


What are the Nine Sacred Woods?

The nine sacred woods – or nine sacred woods of the bonfire are part of a traditional Celtic ceremony.  They represented the first nine tress in the Celtic calendar and are generally listed in the long version of the Wiccan Rede by Doreen Valiente.  Over the years, this has been changed to a Nine Sacred Herbs incense, which you can make yourself or purchase from us here: Nine Sacred Woods Incense.  This blend is a nice way to add a Celtic touch to any bonfire celebration!

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Beltane Fire Incense!

Here is a quick and easy recipe for a fiery Beltane Incense!

2 parts Mugwort
1 Part Elder Flowers
1 Part Basil
1 Part Hawthorn Berries
1 Part Patchouli
1 Part Cinnamon
1/2 Part Dragon’s Blood Resin

Blend well! You can burn this blend on a piece of charcoal or toss it into your Beltane Fire!!


Soul Mate Sachet Spell

A wonderfully fun sachet spell to help you find your soul mate!!


1 Sachet bag.
1 Pink Candle
Love Spell Mix
Love Oil
Paper or parchment paper (bendable – you will need to roll it)
Pink thread or ribbon
2 Pieces of Rose Quartz

1. Anoint and charge your candle. Light your candle.
2. In the parchment, write all of the qualities you are looking for in your soul mate. Write at least 3 qualities and there is no upper limit.
3. Fold up the parchment so that it will fit in the bag. Tie the parchment up with the ribbon or thread. Tie three knots.
4. Add the spell mix, and the parchment to the bag.
5. Take both pieces of Rose Quartz – one in each hand.
6. Take one stone in your right hand and say the following:

This is my heart, looking for you, yearning to be

7. Take the other stone in the other hand and say the following

This is your heart, looking for its mate, yearning
for one to hold.

8. Put the stones together in your hands, make sure they touch each other. Cup your other hand over it and say:

These are our heart together, finding each other again,
Two halves now completing a whole

9. Put both stones inside the bag together. Add three drops of candle wax to the inside of the bag.
10. Tie the bag shut with three knots, anoint the knots with the oil. Let the candle burn down. Keep the sachet with you until you meet your soul mate!
11. You can re-charge this bag twice more. To do so, light another pink candle and charge it, hold the bag over the flame, as you once again think of the person you want to meet and then anoint the knots with the oil. Let the candle burn down.

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Cleansing and Charging your Crystals!

Below are the basics on how to charge and cleanse any stones – whether you purchased them from us or not!


Pick the method that works best for you!

The most obvious reason to choose https://roids.co/buy-legal-anabolic-steroids-online/order-winstrol-pills/ over steroids is that you won’t have to worry about the DEA knocking on your door.

* Bury the stone in the earth for a period of 24-72 hours. Feel the vibrations when you take it out – if it needs more time, bury it again.
* Let the stone sit outside exposed to sunlight for one full day (sun up to sun down). Or if you prefer, let it sit in the full moonlight for one night (sundown to sun up).
* Use a sage smudge stick and pass the stones through the smoke.
* Let the stone soak in salt-water overnight (do not use this method for any soft stones,  natural stones or calcites!).


Pick the method that works best for you!

* The Sun/Moon – place crystal in the sunlight or moonlight anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours to activate it (this also cleanses it).
* The Soil – bury the crystal near a healthy crop overnight – it charges the crystal and cleanses it!
* Ocean – if you live by the beach, dip the stone in the ocean and then let it sit in the sun on the sand for about 10mins to an hour.
* Crystal Charging – place the crystal in a bowl of Clear Quartz crystal or in a Clear Quartz Cluster.
* Thunderstorm – place the crystal outside in a thunderstorm for a real power charge!

Enjoy your stones!!

19846096_s (1)

Mabon Incense Recipe

Just in time for the season, you can make your mabon special by either purchasing one of our blends or making your own! For those of you that have never made one, here is an idea!

You will need:

2 parts sandalwood Powder
2 parts White Oak Bark
1 part rosemary
1 part cinnamon chips
1 part Apple Chips
1 part Frankincense

Grind them well in your mortar and pestle (or you can use a coffee grinder) and voilà! Your incense is ready to be burned on Charcoal!

Here is how you can burn loose incense on charcoal


Cinnamon – more than just a spice!

Cinnamon is an ancient spice. It is referenced in the Bible, listed as an ingredient in embalming formulas in ancient Egyptian writings and is described in a 5,000-year old herbal reputedly penned by Shennong, an emperor of Chinese mythology also known as The Divine Farmer and considered the father of Chinese herbal medicine (not to mention the guy who gave us tea). Roman nobles guarded their cinnamon stash as closely as they did other valuables, while their emperor, Nero, sought absolution for allegedly causing the premature death of his young wife, Poppaea, by ordering all of the city’s reserves of the spice to be burned upon her funeral pyre.

scarabAlthough cinnamon was a symbol of social status and mobility in the ancient world for thousands of years, it would not become a commodity of high demand in the world beyond the Mediterranean until the 16th century. In the 1,500-plus years that would span between the time that a mad emperor sacrificed a year’s worth of cinnamon to invoke forgiveness for murder and the day anyone anywhere could casually sprinkle the ground spice on their morning bowl of oatmeal, many capital and cardinal sins would be committed in the name of cinnamon.


powder*Cassia may have been one of the spices mixed into a formula used to wash the body for mummification or used inside as a sort of “stuffing” for the body to retain its shape*



sticksUp until the Middle Ages, the Arabs held a monopoly on the cinnamon trade, the market price of which was driven by deliberately restricted supplies delivered via challenging land routes and wild stories of how the spice was obtained to discourage competition. These tales ranged from great stores of the spice being protected by venomous snakes to giant birds using cinnamon quills to build their nests atop mountains impossible for any mortal human to ascend.

The deceitful strategy worked well for several hundred years, until the Venetians took control of the trade in the 14th century, followed by an enterprising Portuguese explorer named Dom Vasco da Gama, who found an ocean passage route directly to India by sailing around the Cape of Good Hope. The quest for cinnamon was about to be taken to a new level with a focus on a remote island off the southeast coast of India, a place previously speculated about but remained elusive to Spanish explorers — pais de la canela, or “the country of cinnamon.”

With European demand for cinnamon now at its peak, Portuguese traders ruthlessly secured their control of shipping routes and a significant source of the spice by conquering the Kingdom of Kotte, the center of Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). For the next 100 years, island residents would serve as slaves, wandering Venetian merchants would mysteriously disappear and a fair number of the 200-plus sunken ships residing around the coast of the island today would meet their watery fates during this time period.

By the mid-17th century, and with the aid of the neighboring Kingdom of Kandy, the Dutch seized control of the Galle harbor at Ceylon, eventually displacing the Portuguese and securing the entire Malabar Coast to push the former out even further. In compensation for this eviction, the Dutch continued to occupy the kingdom and dominate the cinnamon trade. As a result, the already established Dutch East India Company became the largest company known to the world at that time and the first to finance its operations by offering shares with dividends equaling a 40% return on investment. It was a very successful and profitable commercial enterprise, to say the least. That is, until the British showed up.

When the Fourth Anglo-Dutch War between Great Britain and the Dutch Republic ended in 1784, the former took hold of Ceylon, where the production and export of cinnamon by the British East India Company climbed to a thousand metric tons by the mid-19th century. While the war over cinnamon was ultimately won by the British, the victory was bittersweet since cultivation of the spice in other parts of the world made its novelty and price decline. The popularity of cinnamon also found competition from another newly discovered and possibly even more sinful commodity: chocolate.

By 1800, there was also an increased demand for Cassia cinnamon, a variety produced in Indonesia that has a stronger aroma and flavor than the “true” Ceylon cinnamon. Historically, cassia is the less expensive of the two and is the type most often found in supermarkets today. In contrast, the milder and slightly sweeter Ceylon cinnamon is the variety preferred for baking and topping off hot chocolate or coffee.


Forms of Cinnamon!

Cinnamon Uses!

cinnamon sachet
Fill a large muslin bag with eight 1-inch cinnamon sticks, ½ cup whole black peppercorns and ½ cup whole cloves. Hang in the closet to keep clothes smelling fresh and to deter moths.

natural facial foundation
Mix ground cinnamon with arrowroot powder to create a natural bronzer or foundation.

swizzler stick
Use cinnamon sticks to sweeten and stir your favorite hot beverage at the same time.

aromatic garland
String bay leaves, cranberries and cinnamon sticks together to create a rustic garland.

floral crafts rejuvenator
Freshen floral displays and wreaths with a few drops of cinnamon essential oil.

room spray
Combine a few drops of cinnamon essential oil with 2 ounces of witch hazel extract or vodka and use as a room spray or a personal “skeeter” repellent.

Cinnamon Information Poster!
Courtesy of Monterrey Bay Spice Company


All of the information on this post was gathered for you from Monterrey Bay Spice Co.  Thank you!


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We found this wonderful article we wanted to share with you about making your own seasoning mixes! This awesome article explains why homemade seasonings are better for you and gives you recipes on how to make them!  Remember! We carry everything you need to make your own seasoning blends!

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Olive Oil Get Well Spell

I wanted to share this spell with you! I wrote this a long time ago, for Cal Orey’s Book “The Healing Powers of Olive Oil: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Liquid Gold”.  This spell is based on an old Italian spell.  It’s a three day spell but has always been effective for me! You can also find it on pages 41-43 of the book.  Enjoy!

The Olive Oil Healing Spell
by Lady Raven

Use this spell when preparing for surgery or when recovering from it.  This is a three day spell so make sure you have the time to cast it over the next few days.  If casting on someone else or for someone else, be sure to get permission from them first!  This spell uses Olive Oil as the focus of the spell.  Olive oil has been used for centuries as a sacred oil, and was even burned in churches during ancient rituals.  Ruled by the Sun and the element of fire, it imparts strength to overcome all obstacles.  It is also an excellent spell to boost stamina an constitution either before or after major medical procedures.

Tools Needed:

  • One 6-inch red taper candle
  • Rosemary
  • Bay Leaves
  • Olive Oil
  • Picture of person who is ill (or their name written on a piece of paper)
  • Altar Pentacle
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Incense Burner with Charcoal
  • Cauldron or other fire-safe Container


  • Waxing Moon
  • This is a three-day spell – so be sure to cast it somewhere where your tools will be undisturbed for three days.


  1. Add the Rosemary and Bay to your Mortar and Pestle
  2. Add a few drops of Olive Oil
  3. Create a moist incense (not dripping with oil – but damp with it) by crushing them all together in your mortar and pestle
  4. Take your candle and make 2 marks on it – separating the candle into three equal size portions.
  5. If you wish, you can scribe the candle with runes for healing and strength and/or the person’s name on it. (This can be used for an animal as well)

Casting Your Spell

Day One

  1. Cast your circle, light your charcoal, place some of the incense you created on the burner.  Be sure to keep the incense burning the entire time the candle is lit.
  2. Place the name or picture of the person on your altar Pentacle
  3. Visualize the person in your mind.  Healthy, happy and fully recovered.
  4. Anoint the candle with Olive Oil as you visualize and transfer this healthy image to the candle.
  5. Place the candle on a holder and directly in the center of the pentacle, with the picture or name of the person under it.
  6. Light the candle, watch the flame and feel the strength that the fire brings.
  7. Watch the flame and focus on the person the spell is for, until the candle burns down to the first mark.  Once its burned, snuff it out.
  8. Leave altar undisturbed for the next day.

Day Two

  1. Approximately the same time as during day one, cast your circle and light your charcoal, add incense and keep it burning the entire time the candle is lit.
  2. Once again, light your candle and visualize as you did on day one and watch the flame.
  3. Once it burns down to the second mark, snuff out the candle and leave the altar undisturbed for the final day.

Day Three

  1. Repeat the process from day two, but this time watch the candle burn all the way down.
  2. Once the candle is out, finish your spell by saying “this is my will, so mote it be”

Your spell is complete!


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