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Beltane Fire Incense!

Here is a quick and easy recipe for a fiery Beltane Incense!

2 parts Mugwort
1 Part Elder Flowers
1 Part Basil
1 Part Hawthorn Berries
1 Part Patchouli
1 Part Cinnamon
1/2 Part Dragon’s Blood Resin

Blend well! You can burn this blend on a piece of charcoal or toss it into your Beltane Fire!!


Mabon Incense Recipe

Just in time for the season, you can make your mabon special by either purchasing one of our blends or making your own! For those of you that have never made one, here is an idea!

You will need:

2 parts sandalwood Powder
2 parts White Oak Bark
1 part rosemary
1 part cinnamon chips
1 part Apple Chips
1 part Frankincense

Grind them well in your mortar and pestle (or you can use a coffee grinder) and voilà! Your incense is ready to be burned on Charcoal!

Here is how you can burn loose incense on charcoal


Empowering Herbal Blends

Many have asked this – so I am going to ahead and post a very quick and easy way to do it! First, whenever you have a new blend of any type – this includes incenses, oils, baths, spell mixes, powders etc – anything you plan to use in your magickal work, you should consecrate the blend.

To Empower your herbal blend

Formulate in your mind, what your intentions are, what your need is for the blend you are empowering. Visualize it fulfilling all of these needs. Once you feel ready, you may light a white candle if you wish, and say a few words such as the ones listed here. You may also call on a specific God or Goddess that you are close to or that you feel will help you in your need. The critical part of empowering an herbal blend is to formulate the need, fill yourself with it, and then transfer that to the blend. You can use any words you wish – the ones below are ones I adpted over the years from many different prayers I liked. It is important to note that I did not write the original one – I just adapted it to suit my needs =)

Earth my body, water my blood,
Air my breath and fire my spirit,
With all of my being,
With all of my mind,
With all of my soul,
I call to [the Gods],
Bless this [blend],
Bathe it in light,
Empower it with [my need]
Here on this night!

It is important that you empower your herbal blends about once a month. Oils, incense, herbal baths and ritual blends work best when they are frequently re-energized.


Using Loose/Powder Incense

Since I have been asked this many times – I wanted to post an article to explain how to use loose or powdered incese. You can use almost anything as an incense – including any type of loose herb. Before you burn any herb, please consult a reputable herbal guide to make sure the smoke is not toxic to you. There are MANY herbs in old magickal texts are poisonous and not safe to use as an incense.  To burn loose or herbal incense you will need the following:

1) 1 Fire-proof container – below are some examples (you can use a cauldron, a brass burner or even a ceramic dish):

Please be sure to add in some ASH to each container to properly insulate it. Even if you are using a fire-proof container.Also be sure you use some type of trivet or fire-proof placemat to keep your altar or surface from being burned. I have used in the past either cork or stone coasters and they have worked well. Even with a fire-proof container – it will get VERY hot – so be sure you protect yourself and your altar/surface.

Once your burner is in place, its time to bring out your charcoal.

2) 1 Tablet of charcoal – this can be round or square. There are many different types of charcoal out there – just find something you like best.

Place the charcoal on top of the sand inside your burner.

3) One set of tongs of some kind – you can buy special charcoal tongs but sometimes they tend to be expensive – but I use little metal serving tongs you can buy at the grocery store for $2:

What you will need to do is pick up your charcoal with the tongs – and place it in direct flame for about 10-15 seconds to light it. Depending on the charcoal you are using, you may need a few more seconds. Some people use a lighter for this but I prefer to use a candle, it is safer. Once my charcoal is lit, I generally blow on it a little to see how far in it is – so long as it lights you should be ok. Place your charcoal back down on your burner (on top of your ash) and let it sit there for about a minute or so while it heats up.

5) Select your herbs or incense to burn. Place the herbs or incense on top of the lit charcoal block. It will begin to smolder. My recommendation is to use very little to start with and then gradually add in more herbs or incense until you reach the desired amount.

Happy smoldering!