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Full Moon Meditation

The reflective light of the full moon gives a wonderful and magical sense of harmony and peacefulness. Meditating in its light gives an etheric and positively enchanting feeling of oneness and unity with Nature and Sky.

Meditating With A Crystal

When you sitin your meditation pose,cross your legs and place your hands on your knees. You can sit with your palms open and place a crystal in both of them.

Moonstone is a beautiful translucent stone which is right for both men and women. It honors the Goddess in all women, is suggested for Dieting, Gardening, Psychic Awareness and Meditation. Soothes stress, anxiety, women’s hormones/menstrual imbalance, lymph. Enhances intuitive sensitivity via feelings and less overwhelmed by personal feelings. Greater flexibility and flow with life. Connects 2nd and 6th Chakra and Pineal for emotional balance, gracefulness. Helps all be more comfortable with our gentler feminine/yin receiving side. Especially for water signs. It is especially recommended for farmers, artists, dancers and young men.

You can choice any crystal that you are attracted to when you meditate.

Step by Step

In the energies of the full moon, find a place that is peaceful and quiet,
either indoors perhaps where you can view the full moon, or outdoors when the moon in high in the heavens. Make yourself comfortable, Sit down or lie down.

Slowly take three deep breaths. With each one consciously release the mental, emotional and physical tensions. Visualize our radiant light reaching out and connecting with every other focus under the light of the full moon. Know that we are connected with individuals and groups everywhere throughout the world who are contemplating on the unity of all life and who are working, each in their own way, for the expansion of love and awareness on our planet. Visualize our radiant light reaching out even further as we realize that we are also connected to the great fellowship of enlightened teachers who have been with us through the ages guiding us to awaken and live by the law of love.

Sit quietly with your mind receptive, and open to receive spiritual energies ( visit spiritplantjourneys.com for more information ). Do all that you can to feel the light of the full moon upon you. Feel how your crystals vibrate in your hands.

Make mental notations on thoughts or ideas that come to you. These can appear as knowledge, wisdom, understanding, or inspiration. Even if you think nothing happened, you may find that in a few days new ideas will appear to you. Assume that some kind of impression has been received in your higher mind and it is circling overhead waiting for a place to land.

Develop the ability to listen within as you go about your expansive meditation. This is a similar process as remembering an important dream. The frequencies of dream realities are different than the rational concrete mind. This transference process requires stillness and patience, along with an optimistic attitude. Once your conscious brain can align with the higher mind and soul the stream of light can reach you as words and picture symbols. Feel the light bathe your physical body as you allow it to penetrate deeper inside, reaching.

In this meditation you can become part of the Universal Flow that brings Peace, Compassion, Love, Humility, and Gratitude into our human consciousness. As you become more spiritually grounded, you can become more of your true self. The blessings of the Earth surround you. The magnificent energy of Life unfolds all around you. You are a part of this. Strive to bring honor to your place in this Miracle of Light in all that you do.

Rose Quartz Meditation

From Peacefulmind.com

Gemstones support Chakra meditation by supplying color, light, and frequencies of vibration to enhance the flow of energy through your mind, body and soul.

The heart stands at the center of all energies and unifies our being as a whole. It is the point around which all the energies turn. A discord or imbalance in the heart chakra will adversely effect all the other centers. A clearing of the heart chakra will improve the interaction of all the other centers. It is important to maintain a balance to all the energy centers so a healthy level of awareness is manifested in our everyday lives. If more concentration is given to the upper chakras, then the lower energy centers lose sensitivity and function. If more concentration is given to the lower chakras then the upper energy centers will become cloudy and not function properly as well. Proper balance is the key. As we begin this meditational, if you have a piece of rose quartz, get it now. If you don’t have rose quartz, any of the stones that work for the heart chakra will work. Hold this in your receiving hand.

Take some peaceful breaths of cleansing and renewal. Feel the breath draw life into the body and the spirit. Breathe deeper and feel the breath draw not just from the air around you but also from the earth below. Breathe in this earth energy with each breath. Breathe with every pore of your body, feeling the awakening that is beginning to happen. Allow the life giving energies to pour into you and renew both your body and spirit. Let the earth energy surround you and flow into you. Feel it pulsing through your veins and surrounding you altogether. Continue to breathe this way, slowly and begin to relax even more.

As you sink deeper into this relaxation, feel yourself moving gently away from your body. Feel the freedom and relaxation as you move away from your body. Know that the body itself will be refreshed and renewed and will be perfectly safe until you return.

Now you are moving again, farther and farther into a field of clouds. You are very pleased and refreshed by the unique shapes and colors of the clouds. Watch how they form and reform, turning gently and constantly on themselves in an endless dance. You look ahead and see the clouds are more dense as if they are “hiding” something. The closer you draw, the clouds start to thin out as they start to become transparent the gracefully pull away. Now they have pulled back altogether to reveal a beautiful pink rose quartz.

Look closely at the color and notice the intensity of pure color that it radiates. Feel the warmth of the pink. Allow that warmth to wash over you. As it covers you from head to toe feel the love that is radiating from the rose quartz. Let it seep into your every pore, every fiber of your being. Receive the love that is being given to you freely. The color pink is as deep as it is radiant it is very pleasing to the eye and you feel yourself being drawn into it you feel yourself passing through the walls of pink and now you are suspended within. You notice the graceful intricate archways of pink surrounding you.

You feel a slight breeze move through and hear a sweet melody, one note after another as the breeze goes through the arches to create this melody. Another breeze stirs again and you hear the harmony and this harmony comes from deep within your being. It is part of you, it is you. You feel it in your heart as it vibrates throughout your entire body and spirit. It pulses through you with great strength in all directions at once. You are recharged and renewed.

As it sings through your body you have a great feeling of power and joy all fatigue and discomfort are passing away. The strength of the color pink and the vibrations of the rose quartz are sweeping through you, cleansing, renewing and restoring every fiber of yourself. You feel the center, in your heart, like the hub of a wheel and all other systems of your body are drawing from and reflecting this love to your other energy centers. They are drawing this love giving power through them to be restored in turn. You are filled with breath strength and joy and love and compassion in this newly found energy. You also know that you can draw upon this energy to restore yourself on any level of the body or spirit. This energy is here for you, whenever you would want it to be. You are part of this energy and it is, as always, a part of you.

Now you begin to move back, leaving the archways of pink. You continue stepping back farther and farther until the rose quartz is completely within your field of vision. You see it turning gently and peacefully. The clouds are moving again in around the rose quartz. They curl, roll and cover it. You are moving farther and farther away and drawing back into your physical body.

You become aware that you are centered again within it. You feel it surround you and you are comforted by its familiarity. You realize that your body has also been renewed and refreshed while you were in the midst of the profound love you just experienced. This gives you great pleasure. Now breathe deeply in and out and feel the body’s life systems awakening. Breathe deeply again and as you release the breath, you become aware of all the sounds of life around you. Breathe a third time, you are fully awake, refreshed, and renewed and remembering all that you have learned.

Color Healing Meditation

Taken from peacefulmind.com

We are not just our physical selves. We are multi-dimensional beings, composed of an Inner Spirit, a mental body, an emotional body, a vital body, and a physical body.

The energy of these bodies becomes progressively subtler from physical to spiritual. Illness begins with disharmony in one of these energy bodies. If not harmonized, the dis-ease moves outward, effecting the denser bodies, ultimately manifesting as physical illness.

Total healing requires restoring harmony to all of our bodies. This meditation is designed to cleanse and harmonize your various bodies with the healing energies of color.

1. Sit comfortably with your eyes closed.

2. Visualize a large ball of radiant Golden light a few inches over your head. Visualize that ball of light slowly descending through your crown, filling your entire being with golden light.

3. Imagine yourself absorbing that light as it nourishes, cleanses & heals your whole being – your Spirit and all of your bodies – dissolving all blocked and toxic energies.

4. Repeat this exercise, visualizing a ball of Red light. Continue through the entire spectrum like this, visualizing a ball of Orange light; Yellow light; Green light; Blue light; Indigo light; and Violet light. Go through the spectrum at whatever pace feels appropriate.

5. Take some time to visualize yourself in a state of perfect, radiant health.

Benefits of this meditation:

Cleansing, balancing, & healing at all levels… Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Vital, & Physical. Develops concentration & visualization abilities.

Animal Guides Meditation

Author Unknown

This is a great journey to find out what your animal guide is at the time you make the journey. It is a meditation with that specific purpose and intent. Sometimes our Spirit Guides can and do take the form of animals too. By `sharing` with one particular animal, we gain access to its qualities.

According to some Native American beliefs, we have two animal spirits who walk with us, one on our left and one on our right. These animals appear to us in dreams and visions to guide and protect us along the path of life.

It is through our animal guide we derive our personal strengths, and it is with this animals guidance that we can shape our path in life.
I personally believe that our animal guide protects different aspects of ourselves and guides us in the right way.

Animal Guide Meditation
Since this is a special meditation, you may want to prepare your meditation space in a significant and loving way for yourself by creating a peaceful, calm and tranquil atmosphere. If you feel you would like to light a candle or burn some incense that helps create a peaceful space, then do so. Perhaps a white candle or or another coloured candle of your choice. A blanket helps maintain body heat, which can drop considerably whilst doing this work. Some appropriate music also helps set the environment and mood.
It is a good idea to say a prayer first stating your intent and outcome and focusing on your dedication, willingness and trust to get to meet your animal guide in this special meditation session. Some people like to bring into their meditative space, sacred or personal objects or meaningful symbols to add to the importance and spiritual significance of this meditation event. You may wish to have an altar or area that is able to contain special, sacred or religious objects that hold significance for you.
Once you are relaxed and know you won`t be disturbed – take it nice and slowly.
Try to sense, feel or imagine as much detail as possible as you begin your meditative journey.
It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to go into this meditation without any pre-conceived ideas about what you would LIKE or HOPE your animal guide to be.
Be curious and just keep an open mind and an open heart.
  1. Sit in a comfortable position, one that you can sustain for about 30-45 minutes.
  2. Close your eyes and take in a deep cleansing breath. Fill your lungs right up. Then release the breath slowly through your mouth pushing all the air out of your body. Take in several deep breaths through the nose in this way and then imagine, sense or feel yourself being surrounded by golden or white light from the universe and then after a while imagine, sense or feel this golden or white light coming into your lungs and filling your body as you continue deep breathing. This light will protect you and your body and keep you safe during the meditation. You may wish to affirm that you are filled and surrounded by this protecting light and know that it is so.
  3. Now image at the same time all the stress, anxiety, worries, concerns, needless energy and negativity you have within you leaving your body and being carried out to the universe as grey smoke and mixing with and being dispersed by the golden or white light outside of your body where it can no longer do harm to you or anyone. Just relax your entire body and mind. Feel the tension in your muscles begin to let go and drain away.
  4. Focus in the centre of your body and imagine, sense or feel the white or golden light moving up and down your body from this focus point. Imagine the healing of this energy-light as it passes through your muscles and organs and your entire system. Feel the tingling sensations as the light moves down to the tips of your toes and up your body through you neck, shoulders, face and right up to the top of your head. Imagine your entire body being internally cleansed, healed and bathed in this white or golden protecting spiritual light.
  5. Set the positive intention once again by asking your animal guide to come to you and to help with the purpose of this mediation. State your positive intention clearly and ask ‘God’ or `Spirit` to support you with your meditative journey. Don’t forget to acknowledge and thank ‘God’ or `Spirit` for this help and support.
  6. Keep your eyes closed, and get a sense of looking up at the pituitary gland which is no larger than a pea. This is a small gland located in the middle of your forehead, just above the brow. (this is also considered to be the position of your Third Eye or Ajana and governs command, perception, knowledge and authority and its primal relationship is with inner and cosmic knowledge). Try to keep your eyes focused on this point. The muscles around your eyes may become sore as you stretch them upward, so don’t over do this at first. As you practice, this step will become easier for you to do.
  7. As you focus on your Third Eye imagine, sense or feel you are standing on a grassy hill. Bring yourself to the very top of the hill and when you are ready to begin to walk down this hill, just do that. Notice, sense or feel or image each step as you walk down the hill.  Imagine yourself moving safely and with ease. Use all your senses to experience this descent.
  8. When you are walking along the bottom of the hill feeling very safe, see yourself healthy and carefree and allow your sense of being to be part of this place as it fills your body and mind. Take a moment to imagine or sense it.
  9. Now imagine or sense or feel you are moving into a beautiful place in nature, a place where you can see the sky or just get a feeling of it and experience that.
  10. Now find a place to sit down – it might be a boulder or a tree stump or a sand dune amd make yourself comfortable. As you are sitting, imagine that a mist is beginning to form. The mist becomes thicker and thicker until you can`t see anything around you. As you sit in this mist your inner intuition is expanding and you can feel the approach of your animal guide.
  11. Then the mist starts to clear and the first image you see before you is your animal guide. Either on the land, in the air or in the water, the animal appears before you now.
  12. Greet your animal guide and accept whatever comes forth in a response. Ask it what lessons you have to learn from them or if it has any special advice to give you. Ask any questions that you might have. You may even simply just want to only be quiet and still here with your animal guide and that is OK. Ask it what strengths and / or weaknesses it brings to you. Ask them how they can help you combat these weaknesses. And ask them how you can call on their strengths to help you during difficult situations. You might invite your animal guide to be part of your life on a daily basis and consider asking them how you might connect with them during your day-to-day life or ask how they can assist you during your dreams. Just enjoy it!
  13. When you have concluded your visit, thank them deeply for their gift of service and protection to you and for coming into your awareness today. Say `goodbye` to them in a loving and respectful way that feels right for you.
  14. Watch as the mist forms again all around you. Imagine yourself now moving out of the mist and towards the grassy hill and ascending the grassy hill again and from there your soul connecting back with your physical body protected by being surrounded and filled with the golden or white light.
  15. As your soul unites back within your body, all the visions, sensations, answers, strengths you might have received integrate with your conscious everyday mind and are automatically stored there now for easy assimilation and access.
  16. Now bring your thoughts back to the present and think about the good days to come and take in a deep breath feeling completely at peace. Begin to feel the energy start flowing through your body and become more and more aware of your surroundings as you breathe in wakeful energy and balance your energies. Then open your eyes and enter again into the outside world `The World of Form`….feeling wonderful in every way .
You might wish to record your journey either on audio tape or in a journal before finishing up. If you wish to do this, I would advise doing it immediately while the images, feelings, sounds and experience are still fresh in your mind.
Then find information about your animal guide in books and suchlike. Read about it’s habits, strengths and personality. Be drawn into complete harmony with the strength of the animal guides essence. How similar in personality are you to the animal? How different in personaility are you to it? It might be nice for you to have images or ornaments, clothing and jewellery of your animal guide in your environment. This helps the conscious mind connect with the animal spirit in the outside world (the world of form) and can give you added strength and support during your day-to-day life.
The more you use this meditation to meet with your animal guide, the more adept you become and the more you begin to feel their healing presence around you during your daily routine. You may feel them at your side, rushing past you or perhaps quietly lying down next to you, protecting you, and giving you the messages and resources you need by assisting you to find your personal pathway through their presence.
If you consciously communicate with your animal guides you have an enormous wealth of resources to tap into. Allowing you to relay life lessons that apply to the human search for unity with all our relations. It can be a powerful and joy-filled journey in the making from the four-leggeds, the creepy-crawlies, the finned ones and of course the winged-ones connecting us to the Great Mystery and to all life.

Energy Attunement Meditation

This is a body-focused visualization. Each step in the exercise is designed to upgrade your personal vibration, so that you can align yourself gradually with the Angels’ frequency. At first, it may take time for you to feel the shifts within yourself, but when you have practiced the visualization for a while, you will be able to do the three stages in three deep breaths.

1. Sit in a comfortable position, in a chair, with your feet on the floor.

2. Take the hand with which you write and place it on the opposite shoulder.

3. Take your other hand and put it on the opposite shoulder.

4. Close your eyes and notice your breathing. Feel the rise and fall of your abdomen as you inhale and exhale.

5. When you are comfortable with your breathing, visualize a sphere of copper-colored light the size of a grapefruit floating about eight or ten inches above the top of your head.

6. Picture this light and sense it glowing copper and warm above you. Feel it as the sphere begins to pour copper-colored liquid light down on the top of your head. As you inhale, draw this copper light down into your brain. Let it fill your head, neck, heart, continuing to pour down through you with each inhalation till it reaches the base of your spine. Feel the energy of this copper waterfall as it fills you. Take time to be with this coppery light.

7. When you are ready, visualize a beautiful silver sphere of light shining where the copper one was. It begins to pour a cool liquid-silver waterfall of light down on you. Inhale this silver light all the way down through the top of your head to the tip of your spine. Let this silver light glow within your body, and feel how this light is a different, higher frequency than the copper. Spend a little time with this silvery light – follow it through your body – sense it interacting with your physical self.

8. Again, when you are ready, sense a golden ball of light floating above your head where the silver ball was. It is shiny and brilliant, warm and beautiful. Once more, this light begins to pour down on top of your head. As you inhale, draw it down through the top of your head, all the way down to the base of your spine.

9. Sense this golden light glowing within you. Notice how this light is of a higher frequency than the silver light was, and how that light was higher than the copper. This golden light is the frequency of the Angels. Breathe it into all your chakras, into every part of your physical body.

10. Stay with the experience of the golden light and observe your body carefully. Notice any shifts or changes in it. Listen to the sounds around you. Be with the golden light. Let it dance in you, with you, through you.

11. Then, slowly, slowly, when you are ready, open your eyes. Take a deep breath and exhale it slowly. Look around you. You are seeing the world through Angel-tuned eyes.

12. When you have explored the room with all your senses, slowly shift back so that the gold light is replaced by silver, and the silver by copper. Now you are back in your normal state of consciousness.

You may want to converse with your Angel while you are filled with golden light, before you come back to your usual state of consciousness.

Each of the steps in this exercise moves you to a different level of receptivity. When you draw in the copper light, you resonate with the Earth and nature. When you draw in the silver light, you connect with the Galaxy and its wonders. The shift into gold brings you to the spiritual frequency of the Angels.

Making these shifts enhances your ability to expand your sensory awareness. Whenever you want to align with your Angel, all you have to do is move with your breath from copper to silver to gold.

Taken from:

Seph/Mystical Halls of Learning/MSN Groups

Garden of Abundance

This is a meditation that I have done for a while now and it has worked out so well for me, I wanted to share it. It is really more of a meditation/spell. You will need the following:

* 1 Pillar candle (In a color matching your intent – I found that 2 X 3 candles work well for this)
* Oil (matching your intent)
* A comfortable place for you to meditate

This meditation can be done for almost any intent. So far, I have done it for money, psychic ability, relationships and healing. Ok – here we go!

1) Put on some soft relaxation music that will help you to meditate

2) Anoint your candle with the oil of your intent. Light the candle.

3) sit comfortably in front of the candle and close your eyes. Imagine the room is slowly filling up with smoke. Once the room is completely filled, the smoke begins to dissipate and you find yourself in a beautiful indoor garden. This is your Garden of Abundance.

4) Explore your garden, does it have a fountain? Does it have plants on the floor, or at waist level or all the way up? Your Abundance garden is unique and you can make it look like whatever you wish it to look like.

5) After you have taken some time to explore your garden find the perfect spot for your next plant. Maybe you will see it out of the corner of your eye, or maybe it will be directly in front of you. Maybe there will be an open spot ready for you to plant, maybe the existing plants will slowly move to one side or another to make room. What is important is that you find that perfect spot.

6) Once you find that spot, kneel down in front of it. Gardening tools will appear next to you now – you should have everything you need.

7) Reach into your chest, and pull out a seed. A tiny little seed filled with the need you have for this spell or meditation. If you are looking to get better, the seed is your health, if you are looking for money, the seed is that new job, or the loan, or the house – whatever you are looking for. If you are looking for a better relationship with your kids, the seed is that relationship. The seed comes from you – its part of you, the part of you that is asking for help and assistance.

8) Once you have the seed in hand, hold it gently in your palm and there, before your very eyes, see the seed grow and turn into a small plant. A tiny little plant, gentle and fragile that just needs some soil, the perfect spot, food and time to grow.

9) With your Gardening tools, plant this small plant in the perfect spot you found. See it immediately look stronger, see its roots dig into the soil almost as it stretches out in the comfy little space you found. Water it, and feed it, and give it some love and care.

10) Once you are done, stand back and see the plant becoming part of your garden – see filling that need in the garden as well as in your life.

11) Smoke slowly fills the room once again, once it is completely full it begins to dissipate and you see yourself back in your room, sitting in front of your candle.

12) Thank the Gods and snuff your candle out. Save this candle for the next time you need to enter your garden of abundance for this same reason. Remember you can also check on your plant whenever you want to – go back into your garden and see it growing and growing and becoming beautiful and blossom.

This meditation/spell can be done at anytime – you do not need a circle for it- just make sure your intent is strong and specific – the more specific your intent is, the better your chances of success.

I hope you enjoy!