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Creating a Divination Mirror

Black divination mirrors are even prettier and work better when you make your own – and it is so easy to make! Here is what you will need:

1) Sponge brushes:


2) Black glossy paint:


3) A beautiful picture frame of your choosing. Antique frames work well for that. The only requirement – it needs to be a frame with a glass plate – not a plastic one. Plastic won’t work. I generally like to raid stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for discount frames.


Creating your mirror is very easy!

1) Take the glass front plate out of the frame.

2) Pour some of the black paint on a bowl – use the sponge brush to brush the paint all over the glass.

3) Let it dry for at least 4 hours – I generally like to do this at night and let it dry overnight.

4) In the morning, or 4 hours later – add a second coat of paint to the mirror. Let it dry again. if you did this in the morning – let it dry until night time.

5) Add another coat of paint – let it dry.

6) Once the glass is dry – I told it up to the light and make sure there is not a single spot missed. If you can see the light through the glass, you will need another coat of paint – be sure to focus on spots where the paint is thinnest. Do this as many times as needed to ensure you have complete coverage.

Once its dry and completely covered – you can put the glass back om the frame. Make sure the painted side is facing inside the frame.

Voila! You have a new divination mirror – try making a few different ones – you can even use small frames to make tiny ones you can carry with you =)

They also make wonderful gifts =)



Interesting Article by Lady Phoenix Moon Flame – Enjoy!

There are as many different ways to read the runes as there are ways to cast and read any divinatory system. Any of the books you can get on the market will provide you with several different ways to read runes, including complicated, multirune castings. But here we’ll start with three easy castings that will allow you to begin working the stones immediately and getting used to their energies and how they operate.

First, a word about casting methods. It’s not necessary to come up with a huge elaborate ritual that includes casting a circle, calling quarters, invoking deity, etc., every time you want to do a reading. But you should develop a routine for starting and conducting a reading and stick to it. My routine goes something like this:

I spread out my rune cloth, then pour the stones onto the cloth, right side up. I put them in their alphabetical order, the blank rune standing separate from the rest, and then I say, “Holy Goddess, mother of earth, mother of us all, guide my hand as I cast the runes, guide my mind as I interpret their meanings, guide my soul as I take them into my life.” Then I turn them all over and stir them around clockwise, using my right hand to stir as I concentrate on the question I am posing. I select the runes and interpret.

You can incorporate candles or incense, or have your own special way of doing things. You can even do the whole elaborate setup if that’s what plucks your duck. It’s all about what works for you. It doesn’t matter WHAT you do as long as you do it each time you read the runes; the routine will set your mind up for divination, and that’s the goal here.

Wording your questions is also important when reading runes. Unless you are doing a yes or no reading (see below), asking the runes a question that can be answered by a yes or no isn’t going to work. It’s best to word your question in a general way. For example, if you are asking relationship questions, you wouldn’t want to ask the runes, “Is Jimmy cheating on me?” A better question would be, “What do I need to know about my relationship with Jimmy?”

Now, on to the castings.

Cast #1-One-Rune Draw

Pose your question and draw one rune. This one is great for a daily casting, to use the runes as a guide for your day. For example, before going to work, you ask the runes, “What do I need to know to make this day successful for me?” You draw Ansuz, right side up. I would read this as meaning communication is very important for you on this day; be sure to explain yourself clearly, to speak up when necessary and to listen to what others need to say to you.

Cast #2-Three-Rune Draw

Pose your question and draw three runes. The first rune is Overview; it gives you a general understanding of your question. The second rune is Course of Action; this rune tells you what your options are and what you might want to do. The third rune is Outcome; self-explanatory.

Cast #3-The Yes or No Draw

This cast allows you to pose questions that can be answered with a yes or no, and I credit this to Tony Willis and his book ” Discover Runes.”

Pose your question and draw three runes. Take note of how many runes are upright or reversed. If the runes you draw are nonreversible, then you need to know if their meanings are generally negative or generally positive.

When all three runes are positive, the answer is definitely yes. When all three runes are negative, the answer is definitely no, but the meanings of the runes will usually tell you why and what you might be able to do to up your chances of success.

When two runes are positive and one is negative, the answer is yes, but some aspect of the situation will not meet your expectations. Again, the meanings of the runes may clue you in to what aspect this is. When two runes are negative and one is positive, the answer is no, but it may not be too bad in the end.

Two negative runes with a nonreversible rune should be treated like three negatives.

For those of you who use the Blank Rune, this next part is important. If the Blank Rune appears in your yes or no draw, it means one of two things: either the question is not ready or able to be judged, or you are better off not knowing the answer. After waiting a day, you can ask the question again. If the Blank Rune appears again, you can try asking the runes a third time. However, if the Blank Rune appears a third time, then you really should give up asking the question because you are simply not meant to have an answer.

Once during a session, I gave a yes or no reading to an acquaintance. She did not tell me what her question was (I don’t require that querents ask their questions out loud unless they want to), but when the Blank Rune came up and I told her that I couldn’t give her an answer, she laughed.

“I’ve asked that question every time I get a reading, and I always get the same answer,” she said.

“Then the gods are telling you to stop asking the question,” I told her.

How to read a crystal ball

By Lady Wolfen Mists @ 1991

Just a quick note, a crystal ball is a sacred tool and should be treated as one. It should be used by only one person and be placed in a special place of honor when not in use. It should have a name, it will usually tell you this as you work with it, and it should be called by that name. It should have limited handling by other people, and should be carried in a special bag or box when transported from one place to another. It should also be cleansed regularly. I like to do mine on the full moon, not only cause that’s when the moon is at its peak of power, but cause its easy to remember when I last cleaned it completely. With all that said here we go:

1. Choose your crystal ball that you intend to use; be sure to cleanse it first.
2. In a darkened room, sit quietly with the crystal in front of you. Allow for a low light source, so that the crystal is somewhat ‘back lit” yet the rest of the room should remain dark. A candle works well be sure to follow safety rules when working with an open burning flame. The color of the candle should be something that reflects Higher Purpose like Purple for Higher self, White for God/dess and Soul purity or orange for attraction (but be sure you say aloud that you wish to only attract positive energies or you could get any energy just floating by, I caution you on using orange if you are only beginning)
3. Next close your eyes, concentrate and ground yourself. Allow your third eye to activate and open. The use of a divination oil or banishing oil is recommended here as it clears mis-aligned energies and protects the user (you) from negative energies trying to control the session and such.  Place a dab on the 3rd eye area, located between your eyes and up just a smig. Now be sure to set up a deep breathing pattern at your own rhythm. Allowing all the stress and negative energies to flow completely out of your body as you exhale, and positive energies to enter as you inhale. “See” those positive energies replacing the exhaled negative energies, visualize all the positive energies completely centering your body and your intuition and focus becoming the central points of your thoughts.
4. Now open your eyes, and pick a spot on the ball you feel “drawn” to. Focus on the spot and allow your eyes to fixate (like when your eyes get stuck looking at something but your mind (subconscious) is elsewhere) gazes past that spot. The crystal may begin to darken and smoke up. Allow this to happen, don’t snap back to a conscious state, if you can help it. Don’t worry if you do, fact is most of us do the first couple of times cause we are so excited its working. Snapping back to the conscious state makes you leave the trance like state and thus breaks the psychic connection. If this happens just re-enter the trance like state once more as best you can. Allow the ball to darken and smoke without breaking your trance like state. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE SENSE OF THE IMAGES YOU “SEE, FEEL OR HEAR” BEFORE YOU! Just go with the flow!
5. You may feel yourself start to tingle or vibrate, you may feel heat, cold or just detached from yourself. This is the crystal raising or lowering your vibratory level so that you may both be one in harmony and make the needed psychic connection.
6. Next you will begin to speak (a voice activated recorder is nice at this point) or write about what you see. You have entered the Astral plane at this point and may have some memory recall problems when you break the trance like state. This may occur until you have training and can work on both the Astral and physical plane at the same time, and not to lie to you, this could take years of concentration, practice, and many sessions! So don’t give up and I advise using a tape recorder as it doesn’t interfere with your focus, concentration, or gazing/scrying.
7. Finally when you feel you have seen enough, or the crystals images fade out, allow your mind to return to the present (physical plane). Feel your vibratory rate change once again as the crystal separates from one to two separate beings again. Refocus your eyes; blink as you need and breathe deeply, as you ground yourself once more. Finally returning to the physical plane, with your mind cleared and energized. In Grounding yourself ,a drink of water/juice and a snack can help, as you pull the earth’s energies up into your body once more
Remember it takes practice so dont be upset if it doesn’t work right away. Take your time, allow the crystal and your energies to match, it will work!

Using a Pendulum

By John and Micki Baumann

How the Pendulum Works

The pendulum can be thought of as an extension of the intuition, since it is used to gain access to information that exists at the subconscious level of the Inner Being. It could be said that it strengthens or amplifies the intuition because it converts the subtleties of the intuition into a more obvious form of physical motion. When you ask a question of the pendulum, it is your own intuition that answers it. The pendulum merely allows you to physically see what the intuition already knows. As an extension of the intuition, the pendulum can give you information from the same two sources as the intuition: from your own subconscious mind; and from your guidance, spirit, or guardian angel. Because of how it operates, the pendulum can only answer questions that are phrased so that the answer is either “yes” or “no”.

Determining the “yes” and “no” Response:

Before using a particular pendulum for the first time, hold it in the appropriate position, and ask, either aloud or mentally, “Pendulum, please show me YES”. Give the pendulum time to respond and observe the direction of the swing as it responds. If the swing is modest at first, don’t be concerned, because it takes a while for a particular pendulum to begin to vibrate with you. After you have determined the YES response, ask the pendulum to show you the NO response in the same manner. Check the YES/NO response in this way, the first few times you do a session with the pendulum. This is necessary because different pendulums can give their YES and NO responses by swinging in different directions. Also, if at any time you feel you are not getting accurate responses, even after using the pendulum for a while, check the YES/NO response again. It is a good idea to check the YES/NO response periodically because it can change as you change and grow. It can also change if you let other people handle your pendulum.

Appropriate Types of Questions to Ask:

It is appropriate to ask a pendulum about things that are within your control, about situations where you have the right to make a choice, or about things your subconscious already has access to. For example, it is appropriate to ask whether it would be good for you to marry a particular person, but it not appropriate for you to ask whether he is going to ask you to marry him, because that is not your right to choose. In the same way, it is not appropriate to ask if you are going to meet your prince charming today, because that is not within your control. However, it is appropriate to try to divine other people’s motivations or who they are inside, because you already know this at a subconscious level anyway. For example, it is appropriate to ask “Can I trust him? Does he want me for a friend, or only for what I can give him?”

What the Pendulum can be Used For:

The pendulum can be used for choosing between alternatives in a relatively wide range of areas. To get an answer from the pendulum, simply ask any yes/no question about a specific thing that would be good for you, but only in areas where you have the right to make the decision, for example, anything to do with health & healing, love or domestic relationships, career. Here are some typical areas where the pendulum can be used to good advantage:

*  Making a Choice of any kind. (Do I want to travel for my vacation or stay home?)
* Figuring out what is best to do. (Would it be better to keep my present job or look for a new job?)
* Figuring out how you really feel about something. (Do I want children in the near future?)
* Becoming more conscious of who someone is inside, to know his motivation, his compatibility with you.
* Determining your probability of success in a situation.(Do I have what it takes to complete this course?)
* Finding the cause of physical symptoms. (Is my diet causing my migraines?)
* Determining what foods or vitamins to take. (Would it be good for me to double my Vitamin C intake?)
* Determining what is causing an allergic reaction. (Am I lactose intolerant?)
* Prospecting for water, oil, treasure. (Is there gold over here?)
* Finding missing people or pets, or lost objects. (Is my key under the bed?)

You can even use the pendulum with a map. Put the pendulum over a small area of the map and ask “Is Bowser here”?, and narrow it down in this way. Part of the knowledge that comes with experience in working with the pendulum is learning to sometimes start with broad questions, and then narrow them down.


The pendulum can be used to analyze what is going on in the human body. Each person subconsciously knows everything that is going on inside his body. This includes not only the physical things that are going on in the body, but also the mental, emotional and spiritual things. He knows what vitamins he is deficient in, what diseases he has, and why he has those diseases. He knows whether a product he is holding in his hand is toxic, allergenic, or useful and beneficial. He knows why he feels afraid under certain cir*****stances, and he knows what he needs to work on in order to grow spiritually. All this subconscious information can be made available to the conscious mind by learning to tune in to it with the aid of the pendulum.

Doing Pendulum Readings for Others:

Until you have had a lot of experience with the pendulum, do NOT try to use it to get information for someone else.

There are ways to do this but it is difficult because the information comes from inside the person using the pendulum, and in order to use the pendulum on behalf of someone else, you have to be very tuned into the other person. Anyone can use the pendulum for himself, but few can use it for others. So don’t do pendulum readings. Instead, make it a personal tool for yourself.

Things that can Cause an Incorrect Response from the Pendulum:

* Poor communication. (inaccurate phrasing) The most important thing is how you phrase the question. For example, don’t just ask “Is this water good for me”?” Be more accurate: Good in what way? The water may have both good and bad aspects. For example, you may be extremely thirsty, so the water is good for replenishing your body fluids, but the water could be tainted and later give you diarrhea. So state the question more clearly such as “Will this water serve my highest and greatest good?”

* Asking questions that are too general: Don’t ask general questions such as “Is Mary healthy?” Rather ask specific questions such as “Is Mary’s diet causing her health problems?”

* Being tired.* Forcing the situation. Using the pendulum even though the time or cir*****stances may not be right.

* Being off Center: Feeling mentally or emotionally out of balance. You need to be in the right frame of mind.

* Focusing too heavily on the pendulum itself, and not enough on the information inside you.

* Being too close to high frequency electrical equipment (operate at least 3 ft from a TV or computer screen).

If you start to work with the pendulum, and you are not getting clear swings on the answers, then go over what could be causing this. Ask the pendulum “Is there a more appropriate time?” (perhaps there are children screaming in the other room), or “Is there a more appropriate place?” or “Is there a more appropriate way to state the question?” These are always easy questions to get accurate answers to.

Important Things to Remember:

* As long as you keep your sights on the fact that you are the pendulum, that your subconscious mind is really providing the answers, you avoid making the tool more important than the consciousness behind it.

* Keep your pendulum in a safe and special place to help maintain your vibration on, in and through the pendulum.

* It is better if you don’t allow other people to handle your pendulum. You want to keep it as much in tune with your vibration as possible. (If you do let other people handle your pendulum, the worst that can happen is that you may have to re-establish the yes/no response.)

* The number one reason for inaccurate pendulum reading is vague and faulty wording of the question.

* The number two reason is your psychological state, the thoughts, emotions, feelings, images, desires, hope, wishes, etc. that vibrate in and through your psyche. These things can influence the answer.

* The third source of pendulum inaccuracy is lack of patience. Approach the pendulum one day at a time. Watch, wait, see and try again.

* Inaccuracy occurs when there is lack of concentration. Practice focusing on the questions until you are able to concentrate and hold your attention steady during the time you are working with your pendulum.

* In the beginning there is a tendency to consult the pendulum every time you have to make a decision. At that point the pendulum stops being a tool for cultivating intuitive perception and starts becoming a mental-emotional-spiritual crutch. Do not depend on it to the exclusion of your own common sense.

* The pendulum is not designed to predict the future. This is because future events are not set in stone, but are determined by people’s free will. It is only possible to predict the future to the extent that you know what future choices people are most likely to want to make. A pendulum can help you predict future events only to the extent that you yourself understand what the possibilities are. In other words, it can help you select among the possibilities you are already aware of. But when other people’s choices are part of the possibilities, free will comes in and increases the variables to the extent that it becomes impossible to predict what people will choose to do.

* Use the pendulum wisely to develop awareness, perception and intuition. These skills of consciousness are within and only need to be brought out through repeated use. The pendulum is only one way to help bring them out.