Quality Herbals for Holistic Living

Quick Reference

Below are some quick reference articles that should answer most basic questions about the basics of spellcasting.  If you are interested in further study, I have posted a list of books at the bottom for your convenience.

Working with herbs

* Using Loose Powder Incense
* Empowering your Herbal Blends
* Choosing your herbs
* Creating infused oils
* Creating Herbal Baths

Correspondences and Charts

* Planetary Correspondences
* Color Correspondences
* Moon Phase meanings

Wicca Basics

* Charging Candles and Candle Magick
* Cleansing Crystals
* Crystals and the Ckakras
* Guide to the Sabbats
* Cleansing and Charging Stones

Meditations and Workshops

* Working with the Elements
* Garden of Abundance Meditation 
* Energy Attunement Meditation