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Soap Banishing Spell

Here is a little spell I wrote for helping you to get through a difficult time or to break bad habits.  This spell can also easily be modified for most other intents.

What you will need:
1) Melt and Pour Soap – you can get this at any craft store:


2) Soap Molds: They don’t have to be fancy or big.  You can also get this any craft store and they are generally not expensive.  I recommend a small mold as you want your soap to last no more than 30 days if possible:




3) Coloring – you can either use food coloring or soap coloring.  If you decide to get soap dyes (which can also be bought at any craft store) make sure they are safe to use on the skin or you will have a reaction.


4) Gemstone – since we are creating this spell for banishing – I will choose a black obsidian.  But choose the stone based on the intent you select.


5) Oils – I would like to stress that ANY oil you choose to use, MUST be tested on your skin first.  So if you chose to use spell oils or blended oils – make sure they are safe to use on the skin.  Any of our Raven Moonlight blended oils are safe.  Do not use synthetics for this – its really pointless.  If you decide to use Essential Oils, you need to check toxicity before using.  MOST EO are NOT safe to use on the skin.  I recommend using blended oils of some kind – but its up to you.


6) Wooden blending sticks – you can also get them at a craft store:





Prep Work

The prep work for this spell is a little lengthy so stay with me!


1) Melt your soap – I recommend melting only enough soap for 1 bar since you will not need to make more at once.  You can use a double boiler if you have one.  Since I am not that fancy, I use a normal pan, that I fill with water about half-way and then a glass pyrex bowl (Make sure its an oven-safe bowl) that is bigger than the pan itself so it doesn’t fall into the water.  Put the wax inside the bowl and as the water boils it will melt your soap.


2) While the soap is melting, empower your gemstone that you plan to use for your soap.


3) Once the soap is melted, pour it into the mold.   Make sure you use potholder or something – if you used the pyrex as the bowl with the liquid soap will be hot!.


4) Let the soap cool in the mold for about 5 minutes.


5) After about 5 minutes add about 10 drops of blended oils.  If using EO, you will need to look up the appropriate amount since it can vary based on the type of EO.  Also, EO’s are volatile and generally require the soap to be much cooler before adding them or they will evaporate when in contact with the liquid soap.


6) Add a few drops of the colorant – generally I add about 5-6 drops depending on how strong it is.


7) Use the wooden stick to swirl the oils and colorant in your soap.  I like to make a swirl pattern – if you want to mix it in really good you can do that.  The color will be uneven – its supposed to be like that.


8) Once the colorant and the oils are added, let it sit for about 10 minutes or so.


9) Add the gemstone in – hopefully the soap will not be as soft at this point – you want the stone to be small enough so that it won’t sink to the bottom of the mold.


10) Let the soap cool – should be completely cool in about an hour or so – sometimes less depending on the type of melt and pour soap used.


Casting the Spell

I recommend creating the soap and casting the spell on the same day.  The best time for this is the day of or after the full moon.


1) Cast your circle as normal.


2) During the spell work portion of your circle, take the soap you created and empower it.  For a banishment spell – think of the habit you are trying to break – have that thought firmly in your mind – visualize yourself completely free of this habit.  Once you have that, anoint the soap bar with the same oil you used in the soap.  While you anoint it pass the energy you raised from your visualization into the soap bar.  You can meditate with the soap bar for a little if you feel the need to do that.


3) Close your circle as normal.


4) Use that soap in your bath everyday for the next entire moon cycle.  As your use the soap visualize yourself free of the habit you are breaking at the start of your bath and then bathe as normal.  Use the soap until its gone – hopefully once it is gone, your bad habit will be gone as well!!