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Cleansing and Charging your Crystals!

Below are the basics on how to charge and cleanse any stones – whether you purchased them from us or not!


Pick the method that works best for you!

* Bury the stone in the earth for a period of 24-72 hours. Feel the vibrations when you take it out – if it needs more time, bury it again.
* Let the stone sit outside exposed to sunlight for one full day (sun up to sun down). Or if you prefer, let it sit in the full moonlight for one night (sundown to sun up).
* Use a sage smudge stick and pass the stones through the smoke.
* Let the stone soak in salt-water overnight (do not use this method for any soft stones,  natural stones or calcites!).


Pick the method that works best for you!

* The Sun/Moon – place crystal in the sunlight or moonlight anywhere from 10 minutes to 10 hours to activate it (this also cleanses it).
* The Soil – bury the crystal near a healthy crop overnight – it charges the crystal and cleanses it!
* Ocean – if you live by the beach, dip the stone in the ocean and then let it sit in the sun on the sand for about 10mins to an hour.
* Crystal Charging – place the crystal in a bowl of Clear Quartz crystal or in a Clear Quartz Cluster.
* Thunderstorm – place the crystal outside in a thunderstorm for a real power charge!

Enjoy your stones!!

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Rose Quartz Meditation

From Peacefulmind.com

Gemstones support Chakra meditation by supplying color, light, and frequencies of vibration to enhance the flow of energy through your mind, body and soul.

The heart stands at the center of all energies and unifies our being as a whole. It is the point around which all the energies turn. A discord or imbalance in the heart chakra will adversely effect all the other centers. A clearing of the heart chakra will improve the interaction of all the other centers. It is important to maintain a balance to all the energy centers so a healthy level of awareness is manifested in our everyday lives. If more concentration is given to the upper chakras, then the lower energy centers lose sensitivity and function. If more concentration is given to the lower chakras then the upper energy centers will become cloudy and not function properly as well. Proper balance is the key. As we begin this meditational, if you have a piece of rose quartz, get it now. If you don’t have rose quartz, any of the stones that work for the heart chakra will work. Hold this in your receiving hand.

Take some peaceful breaths of cleansing and renewal. Feel the breath draw life into the body and the spirit. Breathe deeper and feel the breath draw not just from the air around you but also from the earth below. Breathe in this earth energy with each breath. Breathe with every pore of your body, feeling the awakening that is beginning to happen. Allow the life giving energies to pour into you and renew both your body and spirit. Let the earth energy surround you and flow into you. Feel it pulsing through your veins and surrounding you altogether. Continue to breathe this way, slowly and begin to relax even more.

As you sink deeper into this relaxation, feel yourself moving gently away from your body. Feel the freedom and relaxation as you move away from your body. Know that the body itself will be refreshed and renewed and will be perfectly safe until you return.

Now you are moving again, farther and farther into a field of clouds. You are very pleased and refreshed by the unique shapes and colors of the clouds. Watch how they form and reform, turning gently and constantly on themselves in an endless dance. You look ahead and see the clouds are more dense as if they are “hiding” something. The closer you draw, the clouds start to thin out as they start to become transparent the gracefully pull away. Now they have pulled back altogether to reveal a beautiful pink rose quartz.

Look closely at the color and notice the intensity of pure color that it radiates. Feel the warmth of the pink. Allow that warmth to wash over you. As it covers you from head to toe feel the love that is radiating from the rose quartz. Let it seep into your every pore, every fiber of your being. Receive the love that is being given to you freely. The color pink is as deep as it is radiant it is very pleasing to the eye and you feel yourself being drawn into it you feel yourself passing through the walls of pink and now you are suspended within. You notice the graceful intricate archways of pink surrounding you.

You feel a slight breeze move through and hear a sweet melody, one note after another as the breeze goes through the arches to create this melody. Another breeze stirs again and you hear the harmony and this harmony comes from deep within your being. It is part of you, it is you. You feel it in your heart as it vibrates throughout your entire body and spirit. It pulses through you with great strength in all directions at once. You are recharged and renewed.

As it sings through your body you have a great feeling of power and joy all fatigue and discomfort are passing away. The strength of the color pink and the vibrations of the rose quartz are sweeping through you, cleansing, renewing and restoring every fiber of yourself. You feel the center, in your heart, like the hub of a wheel and all other systems of your body are drawing from and reflecting this love to your other energy centers. They are drawing this love giving power through them to be restored in turn. You are filled with breath strength and joy and love and compassion in this newly found energy. You also know that you can draw upon this energy to restore yourself on any level of the body or spirit. This energy is here for you, whenever you would want it to be. You are part of this energy and it is, as always, a part of you.

Now you begin to move back, leaving the archways of pink. You continue stepping back farther and farther until the rose quartz is completely within your field of vision. You see it turning gently and peacefully. The clouds are moving again in around the rose quartz. They curl, roll and cover it. You are moving farther and farther away and drawing back into your physical body.

You become aware that you are centered again within it. You feel it surround you and you are comforted by its familiarity. You realize that your body has also been renewed and refreshed while you were in the midst of the profound love you just experienced. This gives you great pleasure. Now breathe deeply in and out and feel the body’s life systems awakening. Breathe deeply again and as you release the breath, you become aware of all the sounds of life around you. Breathe a third time, you are fully awake, refreshed, and renewed and remembering all that you have learned.

How to read a crystal ball

By Lady Wolfen Mists @ 1991

Just a quick note, a crystal ball is a sacred tool and should be treated as one. It should be used by only one person and be placed in a special place of honor when not in use. It should have a name, it will usually tell you this as you work with it, and it should be called by that name. It should have limited handling by other people, and should be carried in a special bag or box when transported from one place to another. It should also be cleansed regularly. I like to do mine on the full moon, not only cause that’s when the moon is at its peak of power, but cause its easy to remember when I last cleaned it completely. With all that said here we go:

1. Choose your crystal ball that you intend to use; be sure to cleanse it first.
2. In a darkened room, sit quietly with the crystal in front of you. Allow for a low light source, so that the crystal is somewhat ‘back lit” yet the rest of the room should remain dark. A candle works well be sure to follow safety rules when working with an open burning flame. The color of the candle should be something that reflects Higher Purpose like Purple for Higher self, White for God/dess and Soul purity or orange for attraction (but be sure you say aloud that you wish to only attract positive energies or you could get any energy just floating by, I caution you on using orange if you are only beginning)
3. Next close your eyes, concentrate and ground yourself. Allow your third eye to activate and open. The use of a divination oil or banishing oil is recommended here as it clears mis-aligned energies and protects the user (you) from negative energies trying to control the session and such.  Place a dab on the 3rd eye area, located between your eyes and up just a smig. Now be sure to set up a deep breathing pattern at your own rhythm. Allowing all the stress and negative energies to flow completely out of your body as you exhale, and positive energies to enter as you inhale. “See” those positive energies replacing the exhaled negative energies, visualize all the positive energies completely centering your body and your intuition and focus becoming the central points of your thoughts.
4. Now open your eyes, and pick a spot on the ball you feel “drawn” to. Focus on the spot and allow your eyes to fixate (like when your eyes get stuck looking at something but your mind (subconscious) is elsewhere) gazes past that spot. The crystal may begin to darken and smoke up. Allow this to happen, don’t snap back to a conscious state, if you can help it. Don’t worry if you do, fact is most of us do the first couple of times cause we are so excited its working. Snapping back to the conscious state makes you leave the trance like state and thus breaks the psychic connection. If this happens just re-enter the trance like state once more as best you can. Allow the ball to darken and smoke without breaking your trance like state. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE SENSE OF THE IMAGES YOU “SEE, FEEL OR HEAR” BEFORE YOU! Just go with the flow!
5. You may feel yourself start to tingle or vibrate, you may feel heat, cold or just detached from yourself. This is the crystal raising or lowering your vibratory level so that you may both be one in harmony and make the needed psychic connection.
6. Next you will begin to speak (a voice activated recorder is nice at this point) or write about what you see. You have entered the Astral plane at this point and may have some memory recall problems when you break the trance like state. This may occur until you have training and can work on both the Astral and physical plane at the same time, and not to lie to you, this could take years of concentration, practice, and many sessions! So don’t give up and I advise using a tape recorder as it doesn’t interfere with your focus, concentration, or gazing/scrying.
7. Finally when you feel you have seen enough, or the crystals images fade out, allow your mind to return to the present (physical plane). Feel your vibratory rate change once again as the crystal separates from one to two separate beings again. Refocus your eyes; blink as you need and breathe deeply, as you ground yourself once more. Finally returning to the physical plane, with your mind cleared and energized. In Grounding yourself ,a drink of water/juice and a snack can help, as you pull the earth’s energies up into your body once more
Remember it takes practice so dont be upset if it doesn’t work right away. Take your time, allow the crystal and your energies to match, it will work!

Creating Crystal Elixirs

As crystals have powerful vibrations, it is easy to transfer these vibrations to water. Gem remedies also known as elixirs or essences, can be taken internally – unless the stone is toxic. They can also be applied to the skin or put in bathwater. Remedies such as Black Tourmaline can be put into a mister with water and sprayed in a room.

Place the crystal in a bowl filled with spring water and place in direct sunlight for 12 hours (place friable and toxic stones in a small glass jar and then in the bowl – this is called the indirect method). Remove the crystal and bottle the elixir in a dark airtight bottle with a glass dropper. To keep for longer than a week add 50% Vodka or Brandy. You can add to bathwater

or make a dosage bottle.

Add seven drops of the mother tincture (Gem Elixir) to a grass dropper bottle. Fill with one third Brandy and two-thirds water if taking by mouth or putting on the skin. If using as an eye drop – DO NOT add any alcohol. Take seven drops three times a day. NOTE: Some remedies should not be take internally but used externally ONLY.

* Blue Lace Agate – Treats Eye Infections
* Black Tourmaline – Provides Pshychic protection and screens from electromagnetic smog. Relieves jet lag, releases toxic energy from emotions, mind and body.
* Malachite – Harmonizes Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual; grounds the body. Use tumbled stone ONLY.
* Fluorite – Breaks up blockages in the etheric body. Anti-viral.
* Jadeite – Heals eye conditions, brings peace
* Amazonite – Balances Metabolism
* Green Jasper/Bloodstone – Restores biorythms and natural sexuality and treats constipation
* Hematite – Strengthens boundries
* Amber – Acts as an antibiotic – heals throat problems
* Golden Beryl – A Gargle for Sore Throats
* Charoite – Cleaner for the body
* Herkimer Diamond – Aids in psychic vision and dream recall
* Moss Agate – Treats fungal infections

 This information obtained from: The Crystal Bible – by Judy Hall

A Gemstone talisman for Breaking Bad Habits

Spring Cleaning! This is not only done in our material lives, but also in our spiritual ones! Take stock of your life and see what habits need to change.

* Are you trying to get on a budget and can’t seem to do it?
* Are you trying to quit smoking/drinking or breaking any other bad habit?
* Does that diet never quite seem to get off the ground?
* Are you trying to break that procrastination you may have about starting a new project
* Are you trying to remove negative people from your life?
* Do you doubt yourself sometimes, are you trying to be more self-confident?

There are so many things that we do in life that jeopardize our success. Many of them involve bad habits that we get into that may stand in the way or newer more healthier habits forming. Well, this is the perfect time of year to break out of those bad habits and try to create new and more successful habits. All you need is some time and a little piece of Black Obsidian!

Creating a Black Obsidian Crystal talisman

Need – 1 piece of Black Obsidian, paper and pen

1) Place your Black obsidian in a bowl of Salt Water overnight to cleanse it of ay negative influences.

2) When its cleansed, sit down with your stone and pull out your paper and pen and write down exactly what you want to see happen. Which habit do you want to break? Make your wish clear and specific – remember – start with baby steps first and then you can move up to more complicated requests – here is an example:

* If you are trying to lose weight – instead of saying, “I am trying to lose weight”, pick one bad habit you have and work on that first, “I wish to stop snacking on junk food before bed”, or you can say, “I wish to cut down on the number of deserts I eat during the week” or “I want to stop eating so much fast food and if I have to eat fast food I want to make healthier choices”. Be specific

* If you are trying to stay on a budget – instead of saying “I want to save money and be on budget” try, ” I want to stop spending x dollars on starbucks every week”, or ” I want to cut down the number of times I eat out per month to X instead of Z,” or even, “I want to cut down on the number of ‘impulse shopping purchases’ I make every month”.

* If you are trying to banish a negative person from your life – instead of saying “I want to banish Judy from my life,” you may choose instead, “I want to cut down on the number of times a week I speak with Judy” or even “I want to stop seeing Judy every saturday” or something to that effect.

You get the idea – make it specific – the more specific your request is, the better your chances of success.

3) Once your have your intent clearly stated on paper, hold your cleansed black obsidian stone in your hand. Close your hand over it and focus on the stone. Feel the power of the stone – the blackness of it, how it can remove obstacles, it can help you down those bad habits in the darkness of it and pull them out of your life.

4) Once you feel the power of the stone in your hand, read your intent to yourself or out loud while still holding the stone. Feel the stone now charging to the intent that you have chosen, its energy complimenting yours – slowly and peacefully mixing with yours to help you bring about the changes you selected.

5) Once you feel the stone is charged with your intent you are done! Keep the stone close to you – on your person at all times until you feel your bad habit has been broken.

You can always re-use the stone once its accomplished its goal. Just be sure to cleanse it before you use it and charge it. The salt water is an easy way to cleanse it – but you can also smudge it or use a sage spray on it.

I hope this helps! =)

Crystal Baths

Lately I have been doing lots of these – because they work and also they make no mess and take very little preparation!

Basically – you toss a crystal in your bath to add the energies of that crystal to the water. Here is the process I have been using:

* Add hot water to the tub to fill about 1/4 of the tub. Toss in the crystals you plan to use. Generally I use one or two crystals that are at least 1/2 inch to an inch in size – just because they are easier to manage – but really any size should work.

* Let the crystals sit in the hot water for about 30 minutes undisturbed.

* Fill the rest of the tub with hot/warm water to bring the temperature to what you want it to be. Leave the crystals in the bath for the duration of the bath.

* Add whatever else you want to your bath – an herbal bath, bubbles, bath salts or nothing – you can just do a plain crystal bath too.

* Enjoy your bath!

It is important to cleanse the stones before and after your bath. I generally use a sage smudge stick or a sage spray to cleanse the stones. You can add bubbles or bath salts to your bath as well – make sure if you do that, that you wash the stones after so that there is no residue and your stones stay clean.

Here are a few of the stones that I have used successfully:

* Red Jasper – for stamina and health – I have been battling Anemia recently and this has helped me a lot to strengthen my constitution

* Rose Quartz – if you are depressed due to relationship issues – to give you a sense of peace and calm – this applies not just to lovers but also family and friend relationships.

* Amethyst – for relaxation during stressful times

* Citrine – for general cleansing of aura – also an excellent stone to use when fighting colds, flu or any other type of disease.

* Black Obsidian – for grounding – use this when you seem not to be able to stay focused on one project at a time.

* Sodalite – to open up the mind – this is a great stone for those baths when you need to sit and think about something or try to figure stuff out. This is a wonderful stone to help open the mind up to new ideas.

* Moonstone – Emotional health – this is a great stone for when you feel emotionally drained

* Clear Quartz – I like to call this the empowering bath – clear quartz help to boost your personal power so to speak – so this is a great stone to use when you need that extra courage or to feel empowered.

* Green Aventurine – for overall health – aventurine is a great stone to maintain good health.

You can also do combinations – like:

* Citrine and Green Aventurine – to overcome a cold and promote good health
* Red Jasper and Rose Quartz – to increase your stamina and spice up your love life
* Black Obsidian and Sodalite – to ground you and help you focus on one thing at a time and come up with new solutions to issues and projects
* Moonstone and Amethyst – to relax and recharge your energies after a stressfull time in life
* Clear Quartz and Amethyst – to help you find your center
* Clear Quartz, Red Jasper and Aventurine – for the utlimate health boost
* Black Obisidian and Amethyst – To bring calm during times of intense emotional stress
* Clear Quartz and Red Jasper – to boost your immune system before a time of stress (like an important trip or business meeting – or meeting the in-laws for the first time =p) or before surgery.

Any combination that feels right to you wil probably work. This is great because its not a ritual – so it can be done at any time – you can even make it part of your daily routine! Add a little box of stones to your bathroom and just pull out the ones you need before each bath!


Crystals and the Chakras

By S.L. Barnett

As a general rule the colour of the crystal is normally similar to that of their corresponding Chakra. For example, the darker coloured crystlas such as red, brown and black, will only feel comfortable on the lower chakras. As mentioned before, chakras ‘spin’ at different rates. The lower chakras are much slower that the higher chakras, therefore you need to use crystals also according to their energetic frequency. Some crystlas have a very fast vibration, like quartz, and others feel much slower and more dense, like jasper.The slower and more dense crystals should only be used on lower chakras as placing a dense/heavy frequency crystal on a high frequency chakra such as the third eye or crown can make you feel quite uncomfortable.

Working with crystals on chakras is all about trying to bring each energy centre into a state of balance. If a chakra is overactive, you would need a crystal that would help to calm this down. for example if someone has a sore throat from talking too much, then something like blue lace agate will help to ease this. If, however they are having trouble with communication at the throat chakra then you need a faster more energetic crystal such as sodalite to encouage this and to activate the chakra rather than trying to calm it and so on. As before, use your intuition as much as possible as crystals will help you out! However, if you want to find out more then check with a qualified crystal healer.(See Sharon and Brian in the Directory section under Healing)

Here are some examples of crystals and the Chakras with which they work, along with what they are used for on a spiritual, physical, mental or emotional level.The

1st Chakra (the Base or Root Chakra):-The main colour of this Chakra is red, although other colours such as brown and black also work. Examples of crystals which can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Bloodstone – helps decision making and unselfishness. Can improve talents and creative abilities. It also helps to dispel bewilderment. Bloodstone helps purify the blood and aids treatment of the spleen, liver, bladder & intestines. It can balance blood flows and aid rashes, leukemia and failing eyesight.

* Red Jasper – can help you to learn to progress and also allows you to remember dreams more clearly. Helps prevent setbacks and can soothe the nerves. It can also aid loss of smell and help treat tissue deterioration in internal organs.

* Obsidian – a good ‘grounding’ stone for meditation. Protects from both physical and emotional harm. It brings purity by balancing body, mind and spirit. . It can also help clear the eyes and aid disorders of the veins and skeletal structure.

The 2nd Chakra (the Sacral or Spleen Chakra):The main colour of this Chakra is orange. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:
Carnelian – good for stabalising energy in the home. Protects from envy, fear and rage and can be used to dispel apathy. It can remove negativity from other stones. It can help in the treatment of neuralgia, colds, gall & kidney stones and pollen allergies. It also aids disorders of the spine, spleen and pancreas.

* Gold Topaz – Like a battery, Topaz can recharge your energies. It enhances your relaxation and feelings of peace and calm. Also it acts to initiate faith and can attract people to you. It can aid disorders of the liver, endocrine glands and the bladder.

* Amber – can help one to choose and also be chosen. It is said to bring good luck in battle, most likely because of it’s protective qualities. It cleanses its surroundings and helps to purify mind, body and spirit. It can help diseases of the throat, and aid the kidneys and bladder.

The 3rd Chakra (the Solar Plexus):-The main colour of this Chakra is yellow. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Gold Tigers Eye – Good for meditation as it instills peacefulness and can also enhance psychic abilities and intuition. Encourages optimism and a positivity for life. Good for stimulating wealth. It can help problems with the eyes, throat, reproductive system and bowel cramps. It can also aid night vision and help mend broken bones.

* Citrine – It is said to help income if placed in your till or cash box. It can help dispel fear and brings a great sense of happiness & comfort. It can be helpful in the resolution of group/family problems. Also it is good for circulation and to help digestive disorders. A very positive stone. Cleansing and helps instil cheer, upliftment and positive decision making.

* Gold Calcite – is an energy amplifier and releases electrical pulses when under pressure. It helps the user to remember, especially in meditation, and is a great aid to study (particularly the arts and sciences). It can also clear and activate the Chakra it is working with. Helps the spleen, pancreas & kidneys to function properly and can also aid decalcifying bone growths.

The 4th Chakra (the Heart Chakra):-The main colour of this Chakra is green. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Jade – said to bless what it touches. Used as a protection from ill health and attack. Inspires ambition and releases blockages to allow you to attain your goals and dreams. A confidence booster. Can stimulate the adrenal glands and help regulate the metabolism. Also helps with colic and aids the body when it is under stress.

* Emerald – can enhance the memory and its capacity. Good for meditation as it regulates breathing. An excellent stone for happy, harmonious relationships and also brings loyalty. Helps you to focus and be practical about life. Also said to bring favourable results in legal matters. It soothes the eyes and can help treat the spine, heart, lungs and muscles.

* Rose Quartz – this may seem to be out of place as the crystal is, as its name suggests, pink in colour and not green, however Rose Quartz is the ‘Crystal of Love’ so it is ideal for use with the Heart Chakra. It helps you to love and to be happy with yourself and others. It heals emotional wounds and brings peace and trust to relationships.

The 5th Chakra (the Throat Chakra):-The main colour of this Chakra is blue. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Sodalite – eliminates confusion and encourages trust in oneself and others. Allows you to realise and speak your true feelings. Can dispel insomnia and aids purification of the body, helping digestive disorders and glandular problems. Also helps with calcium deficiency.

* Kyanite – similar to the Boji Stone™, Kyanite will automatically balance, clear and align all the Chakras. It is very calming and, therefore, good for meditation. It can help the throat and also with communication.

* Turquoise – a protective stone and an excellent healer. It is also a good ‘grounder’ and can therefore protect and keep you level-headed during meditation. When used with the Throat Chakra it will help with communication of emotions and intuition. An all-round healer that can help strengthen the entire body. Helps to fight all illness, and is especially good for eyes, throat and headaches.

The 6th Chakra (the Third or Psychic Eye):-The main colour of this Chakra is indigo/purple. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Sapphire – said to be the stone of prosperity. It eases frustration. Blue Sapphire aids communication and helps develop psychic abilities. Enables you to interact comfortably and beneficially with others. Relieves blockages and gets rid of negative energies. It can also help with disorders of the blood and brain.

* Lapis Lazuli – enhances wisdom and expands awareness. It can help you understand your dreams and provides clarity of mind, body and spirit. Aids the organisation of a daily routine. It can relieve depression and protect from psychic attacks.

* Azurite – good for psychic development and discussion. Relieves any blockages and worries to allow you to progress in which ever direction you need to go. Gives confidence & inspiration, and enhances relaxation, so making meditation easier to achieve. It helps disorders of the bones and circulation. Clears unwanted toxins from the body.

The 7th Chakra (the Crown Chakra):-The main colour of this Chakra is violet/white. Examples of crystals that can be used in conjunction with this Chakra are:

* Clear Quartz – a good ‘all round’ healing, energizing and balancing crystal. It dispels negativity. Very good for the mind in meditation and spiritual development. Helps ease pain. Can aid vertigo, circulation, fever and glandular swelling. Can help to eliminate toxins, it can also benefit digestion, bladder and kidneys.

* Amethyst – one of the most popular crystals, probably because it has such a calming effect. Clears negativity from the body and also from its surroundings (which is why it is suggested that you place a piece of Amethyst near your television to disperse unwanted electro-magnetic energy. However we feel that black tourmaline is the best thing for this purpose as amethyst can be too brittle and end up breaking). Excellent for meditation, spiritual & psychic work and will help protect you from harm. It can aid the nervous system and hearing disorders. Also good for headaches and relieving insomnia. The digestive tract, stomach, heart, skin and teeth can also benefit.

* Purple Fluorite – brings order to every part of your being (i.e. mind, body, emotions and spirit). Helps you to understand the balances essential to all relationships and can help attain physical perfection. It cleanses & purifies and helps dispel the symptoms of cold, flu, infections and ulcers before they take hold. Also used to treat tumours in their early stages. Can help the bone structure by strengthening cells.

Cleasing Crystals

Cleansing Crystals

Crystals can bring such joy and enhance anyone’s life. Anyone regardelss of class, race, sex, age etc can benefit from the soft energies that crystals bring us. The important think is to learn to properly handle your crystals. This means, caring for them when not in use, cleasing them regularly and programming them with your intent!

There are several different methods for Cleansing crystals. I have mainly gotten my methods from reading Scott Cunningham’s book Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem and Metal Magic – a great book for someone starting out with crystal magic. This book is a must-have for any reference shelf! As usual – Scott Cunningham’s writing is easy to understand and his examples are based on real every-day applications rather than esoteric theory.

Here are a few cleansing methods that I prefer:

* Bury the stone in the earth for a period of 2-72 hours – depending on how the vibrations are once you pick them up.

* Let the stones sit outside, exposed to sunlight for one full day (sun up to sun down) or let them be exposed to moonlight for one full night (from sun down to sun up). Make sure you use one or the other – these methods are not generally combined.

* Let the stone sit in a pouch in running water (a nearby stream or river) or let it soak under running tap water (as a last resort).

* Some say you can also bury your stones in salt – I have yet to try this method.

* Soak the stones in salt water for 24-47 hours. DO NOT use this method for calcites or any soft-stones.
* You can also use a sage smudge stick and pass the stones through the smoke.

Remember! Stones have a great capacity to to channel and store energy – this is why you must cleanse the stones before using them. Never use stones before cleansing as you do not know what was stored in them previously! If you use your stones for healing – it is highly recommended that you cleanse your stones between healings.

Once stones are cleansed, you can program them for whichever use you wish. The important thing to remember is intent – make your intent clear, and concise in your mind and focus on infusing the stone with your intent. You will know right away if the stone “took” your programming or not. If the energies do not feel right to you, you can repeat the process and think about what you are asking – are you asking something that this stone is capable of doing? Re-think your request and try again. The key to programming stones is infusing them with your purpose – but that purpose also has to be in line with what the stone natural energies are.

Other good books on crystal magic are:

Healing with Gemstones and Crystals By Diane Stein – this is an excellent book with detailed descriptions on the properties of each stone.

The Crystal Bible – A Definitive Guide to Crystals By Judy Hall – one of the best books I have on my shelf – this is a full color guide, with pictures of stones tumbled and rough. This book is great for identifying stones.

Crystal Enchantments – A Complete Guide to Stones and their Magical PropertiesBy D. J. Conway – I am huge fan of this writer but this is not one of her better books in my opinion. Still – the information is good but the format is a bit hard to follow.