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The Path Untrodden


As the sun slowly-but surely-rises on a new year, we take the time to reflect on all we have done and all we can make better. A new year gives us the chance to focus on improvement, whether that’s rededicating to our spirituality, learning something new, or following a new path all together. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cast a spell for better luck:

-Ginger, a fire herb, is used to draw in money and success. The fire and Mars connection adds urgency and potency to the spell.

-Marigold (also known as Calendula) is a Sun and fire herb. It’s a powerful herb for success in general.

-Cinquefoil (also known as five finger grass), a fire and Jupiter herb, is excellent for increasing luck, money, and general success.

-Try combining all three as a spell mix for more potency, and don’t forget the green candles.

Carry a stone:

-Amethyst is a perfect stone to halt anxiety, especially when beginning something new.

-Sodalite helps in any intellectual pursuit, opening the mind and allowing for greater information retention. It’s sometimes called the student stone.

-Carnelion is a courage maker, instilling motivation and dispelling negative thought. Carry it when you need a little extra push.

Restructure or rededicate:

-Meditate on the core values of your path. Do they fit your needs? Do they encourage growth?

-If you’re stagnating, try a different way of doing something. Try more, or less, elaborate rituals. Get back to your roots, to the things that made you start on your path.

-Study something new. You don’t have to abandon your current path, but try incorporating another path’s ways into yours. Take something different and make it your own.

Ideas for our Purification Sampler!

Our Psychic/Spirituality Sampler is one of our best selling items! Here are some ideas on how to use this kit!

1) Star Anise Spell to open your third eye Chakra

2) Mugwort Infusion for cleansing and charging psychic items

This is a great idea to cleanse and charge your psychic items such as runes, crystal balls, pendulums and even mirrors.

  • Create a Mugwort infusion by adding about 2 tablespoons of mugwort to a tea infuser or an old sock, and pour about 1 cup of boiling water.
  • Let it steep for about 20 minutes and cool.
  • Once cool, you can soak your runes, pendulum or crystals in the infusion for about 30 minutes.  After that, rinse the items in clean water to get residue off – your item is ready to use!  If you wish, you can also add some of the infusion to a cloth (make sure to ring off excess solution before using – your cloth should not be dripping wet or it may ruin your item!) and lay it on a mirror or box (or any item that cannot be submerged).  Let it remain on the item for about 30 minutes, then take the cloth off and wipe the item clean.

3) Quick incense to prepare a room for meditation or psychic work:

To make a quick incense to prepare a room for meditation your will  need your mortar and pestle.

  • Take about 1 teaspoon of Frankincense, 1 teaspoon of Myrrth and 1 teaspoon of Sandalwood and place in your mortar.
  • Crush the two resins and wood together until well blended.  You may have some large pieces of sandalwood in the mix and that is fine.
  • Burn the incense in a charcoal roll – save unused incense for next time!

4) Creating a Psychic Bath

This is a great idea for a bath to either use before working to open your third eye, before meditation or even before going to bed if you are trying to encourage prophetic dreams.  You will need your mortar and pestle for this, as well as a muslin bag or an old sock.

  • Add to your mortar 1 tablespoon of Orange Peel, 1 tablespoon of Anise Star and a half of a tablespoon of Mugwort.
  • Bruise the herbs together, be sure to break up the Anise star and Orange peel some to release their scent.
  • Add all of the contents to your muslin bag or to an old sock.
  • Toss the sachet into your warm bath.  You can also add an amethyst stone to the water to empower it.
  • Enjoy your bath and feel the herbs do their magick!

5) Creating a Psychic sachet

A sachet is a great talisman spell.  You can carry it with you for one full moon cycle.  You can repeat the process at the next cycle if you wish.  The power of the sachet lies in how close you carry the item with you.  During the time your sachet is active, be sure to carry it with you everywhere.  Put it in your purse or pocket during the day and on your  nightstand at night.  If you wish, you can tie it to a leather necklace and carry it under your cloths during the day and even sleep with it.  It will be strongest if it is close to the skin.

  • In a small bag (preferably cotton) add the following herbs: 1 teaspoon of Sandalwood, 3 pieces of Anise Star Pod, 1 teaspoon of Mugwort,  3 pieces of Myrrth and 3 pieces of Orange peel.
  • Close the bag, focusing on the intent you wish for the sachet.  Some ideas are to improve your psychic signature, to open your third eye chakra, to improve your connection to your higher self or to improve your divination skills.  Whatever you wish – make sure you can visualize your intent very clearly when you create the sachet.
  • Carry the sachet with you for one full moon cycle.  This is best done in the new moon.

I hope you all enjoy these ideas!!

Blessed Be!
Lady Raven

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