Olive Oil Get Well Spell

I wanted to share this spell with you! I wrote this a long time ago, for Cal Orey’s Book “The Healing Powers of Olive Oil: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Liquid Gold”.  This spell is based on an old Italian spell.  It’s a three day spell but has always been effective for me! You can also find it on pages 41-43 of the book.  Enjoy!

The Olive Oil Healing Spell
by Lady Raven

Use this spell when preparing for surgery or when recovering from it.  This is a three day spell so make sure you have the time to cast it over the next few days.  If casting on someone else or for someone else, be sure to get permission from them first!  This spell uses Olive Oil as the focus of the spell.  Olive oil has been used for centuries as a sacred oil, and was even burned in churches during ancient rituals.  Ruled by the Sun and the element of fire, it imparts strength to overcome all obstacles.  It is also an excellent spell to boost stamina an constitution either before or after major medical procedures.

Tools Needed:

  • One 6-inch red taper candle
  • Rosemary
  • Bay Leaves
  • Olive Oil
  • Picture of person who is ill (or their name written on a piece of paper)
  • Altar Pentacle
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Incense Burner with Charcoal
  • Cauldron or other fire-safe Container


  • Waxing Moon
  • This is a three-day spell – so be sure to cast it somewhere where your tools will be undisturbed for three days.


  1. Add the Rosemary and Bay to your Mortar and Pestle
  2. Add a few drops of Olive Oil
  3. Create a moist incense (not dripping with oil – but damp with it) by crushing them all together in your mortar and pestle
  4. Take your candle and make 2 marks on it – separating the candle into three equal size portions.
  5. If you wish, you can scribe the candle with runes for healing and strength and/or the person’s name on it. (This can be used for an animal as well)

Casting Your Spell

Day One

  1. Cast your circle, light your charcoal, place some of the incense you created on the burner.  Be sure to keep the incense burning the entire time the candle is lit.
  2. Place the name or picture of the person on your altar Pentacle
  3. Visualize the person in your mind.  Healthy, happy and fully recovered.
  4. Anoint the candle with Olive Oil as you visualize and transfer this healthy image to the candle.
  5. Place the candle on a holder and directly in the center of the pentacle, with the picture or name of the person under it.
  6. Light the candle, watch the flame and feel the strength that the fire brings.
  7. Watch the flame and focus on the person the spell is for, until the candle burns down to the first mark.  Once its burned, snuff it out.
  8. Leave altar undisturbed for the next day.

Day Two

  1. Approximately the same time as during day one, cast your circle and light your charcoal, add incense and keep it burning the entire time the candle is lit.
  2. Once again, light your candle and visualize as you did on day one and watch the flame.
  3. Once it burns down to the second mark, snuff out the candle and leave the altar undisturbed for the final day.

Day Three

  1. Repeat the process from day two, but this time watch the candle burn all the way down.
  2. Once the candle is out, finish your spell by saying “this is my will, so mote it be”

Your spell is complete!



Home Blessing and Cleansing

Cleansing and charging a new or existing home is something everyone should do! Many people ask me how to prepare their new home before they move in.  House blessings are always best done before you move in (if you can get in there the day before you actually move, even better). but it can also work once you get settled in. If you are already moved in, you should keep a regular cycle of home blessing to keep your home humming with positive energy!  Here are some ideas on what you can do.

First Step: Cleanse your space!

Cleanse the area to remove any vibes from previous owners or negative energy left behind.  This can also be done on a current home if you wish.

1) Smudging – this is a traditional practice to many, and it should always be the first step you take when blessing a new or existing home.  Use a smudge stick to cleanse the area (I am a big fan of small white sage smudges).  You should start in the north end of the house, and go counter-clockwise (since you are cleasing), paying special attention to all openings – including windows, doors, vents, drains etc.  If you wish, instead of the smudge, you can use Home Purification Incense, and follow the same process.

2) Salt – you can use salt to cleanse the area as well.  Just use some plain white salt (you can mix in a little frankincense powder or Rosemary with the salt if you wish).  Sprinkle the salt all around the perimeter outside of your home, starting on the north end and moving counter-clockwise once again.

Second Step: Fill it with positive energy!

Once the space is clear and open you need to invite positive energy into your space.  There are some easy and simple ways to do that!

1) Smudging – if you are a big fan of smudging, this a great option.  Use Cedar tips burned in a censer or a cedar smudge stick and smudge the home.  Once again, you want to start on the north side of the home, and this time, you want to move clockwise.  Smudge every corner of every room!

2) Incense – Burn some Home Blessing incense at the center of your home for about 30-45 minutes.  Close all doors and windows and let the smoke permeate the whole house for about 1-2 hours.  After that, you can open doors and windows again.

3) Candle – you can also use a white candle, either a votive or a spell candle.  Charge the candle with positive energy for your home, and burn it at the center of the home.  Let the candle burn completely down.

Third Step: Keep it clean!

Once your home is cleansed and charged, maintain it going forward! There are many ways to do that, if you work with spirits or angels you can dedicate the home to them and make a monthly offering.  You can also use crystals and herbs to maintain the good vibes in your home!

1) Guardians – if you have a guardian spirit, angel, god or totem you work with, you can offer them a monthly offering to watch over your home and keep it safe.  You should offer them a white candle.  It is important to understand that this is an offering, not a request.  This should not be combined with other spells you do during the month with other intents.  This should simply be a candle offering to them, thanking them for their protection and convey your hopes that they will keep watch over you.  You can also burn incense along with the candle if you wish, based on the entity you are working with.  This is the method I myself follow, I burn a white candle for my ancestral spirit every month and some Peaceful Home incense along with it.

2) Incense – if you just wish to maintain high vibrations in the home, you can burn some Peaceful Home incense or Home Blessing incense at the center of your home once a month or every couple of months.  As when you cleansed, make sure that all windows and doors are closed for about 1-2 hours so that the smoke can permeate the whole home.

3) Crystals – You can also use Crystals.  I am a big fan of the crystal sentinels.  You can use our Home Protection Set or make your own set.  Place one cleansed crystal in each room, hidden in a place where people (especially small children and animals) will not be able to get to them.  Be sure to pull all crystals once every moon cycle and re-cleanse them before you put them back out again.  Here are some crystal ideas that I have used in the past that have worked really well – by room:

– Living Room/Family Rooms: Black Obsidian, Smoky Quartz or Tiger’s Eye
– Children’s Rooms and guest rooms: Rose Quartz or Moonstone
– Bathrooms: Citrine, Clear Quartz or Rose Quartz
– Kitchens: Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Smoky Quartz, Mahogany Obsidian, Rose Quartz
– Garages and Patios: Black Obsidian, Smoky Quartz, Hematite

You can cleanse the stones once a month in salt water, bury them in the earth for 24 hours or use a smudge stick.  Once the stones are cleansed you need to re-charge them through meditation, energy channeling, moonlight, sunlight or with our Crystal Blend Incense.  Once the stones are charged, just place them back out again and they are ready to go for another moon cycle!

I hope these ideas bring you a happy home!

Blessed Be!



Sabbat Ritual Guide

This is a complete listing of the Sabbats – broken down by Month. This guide is available on our online BoS and I wanted to include it here as a reference. Enjoy!

January – None

February – Imbolc – 02/02

March – Ostara – 03/20

April – None

 – Beltane – 05/01
June – Litha – 06/21
July – None

 – Lammas/Lughnasadh – 08/02
September – Mabon/Autumn Equinox – 09/21
October – Samhain – 10/31

November – None

December – Yule – 12/21

 The Wheel of the YearThe Wheel of the Year

Personal Maypole for Beltane

I did this a few years back and it worked great – it can be done in solitary or in small groups. This is a Beltane Celebration.

You will need:

* Small Branches (see below)
* Ribbons of all colors – mainly based on your intent
* Beltane or Fertility incense
* Beltane or Fertility Oil
* 1 Beltane Candle (can be a special Sabbat candle or a plain pink, lavender or yellow candle)
* 1 Pen that can write on the ribbon


1) Walk near your home looking for loose branches. Its important that you use only branches that have falled already from a tree – do not break a branch off a tree. If like me you near maple trees, you will see plenty of branches. Pick one that is reasonably straight. Once you find the branch, say a small prayer of thanks to the tree that shed it.

2) Beltane is a time for fertility and growth. What we plant here we will collect in the spring. Appropriate things for this Sabbat are all things that you wish to increase – find a new job, open a new business, start a family, find new love, close that new deal, etc. All intents like this work well generally. Pick 3 ribbon colors that match your intent. For example, if you decide to look for a new job, pick white, green and yellow. If you are looking for love, pick white, pink and red etc. I always like to add white in for purity and good energy.

Once you are ready – perform your Ritual:

1) Cast your circle as normal

2) Anoint your Beltane candle. Think of the energy of the season – the planting of new things, a time for change – a time when anyone can start over no matter what. A time for new projects, new beginnings etc. Once your candle is properly anointed, place it on your altar at the center of your pentacle.

3) Take your ribbons, and write on each ribbon the things you want to bring into your life. For example, if you choose the ribbons for a new job you can do the following:

– Green – I wish to find a job that will pay me what I need to make to comfortably support myself and my family
– Yellow – I wish to do well in all job interviews I go on
– White – I want a job that will make me happy and satisfied and that will be for my highest good.

If you did the one for new love – you can do the following:

– Red – I wish to find a mate that inspires in me a passion for life, and for each other
– Pink – I wish to find a mate that is not only passionate, but considerate, kind, and who will be a good friend as well as a lover
– White – I wish to find the best relationship for me, that will bring me happiness and joy for my highest good.

You get the idea – once you write on each ribbon what you want, lay the ribbons out in front of you next to your branch.

4) Light your Beltane candle.

5) This is the tricky part – you want to use the wax from the candle to “anchor” the ribbons at the base of the branch. I like to do them one at a time. Once they are fairly secure (they will never be solidly glued – but will be in place enough for you to work), begin brading them down the length of your branch.

6) Take your time and be careful – don’t pull it too tight or it will come apart on you. Once the thread is braided all the way down, secure the end with knotting each ribbon around your branch (now your wand). I also like to take my Beltane candle and use the wax to “seal” both ends of my wand now – over the know at the end and over the start of the ribbons on the bottom.

7) Once done, place your wand on your altar and proceed with your ritual.

8) Cake and Ale

9) Close your circle

You can keep the keep the wand with you all year long. Anytime you wish to cast another spell relating to the same issue, use your wand to help imbue that spell with more energy. Once the year is done – you can choose to keep your wand or burn it and make a new one.



Craft Boxes for Goodies

You can make tarot, runes or altar boxes using these methods. They are fairly easy to do – inexpensive and generally look great. Plus – they will have more of YOUR energy in it than something you bought!* You will need one wood craft Box or a paper mache box – you can pick this up a the local craft store – locally here we have Michaels, Hobby Lobby and a few others. Make sure the box is big enough to fit your tarot deck, altar tools or whatever else you need.* You will need 1-2 sheets of felt – normally these are sold at craft stores as well by the sheet – choose a color that matches the colors of your box.

* You will need a finish coat. I like to use the Modge Podge – its both a sealant and a glue and it works well to both glue the felt down and protect the box.

Now is where it gets fun – you have a few choices – you can paint your box or you can decoupage it. I did both – they both look great – so its a matter of personal choice.

To paint:

* 1-3 bottles of craft Paint – depending on what you chose for your design.
* 1 Sponge Brush ( looks like this: Sponge Brush – you will use this to apply both the base coats of paint as well as your sealant.
* 1-2 paint brushes in different sizes depending on what you dcided to paint
* Design – make sure you have a design in mind

I like celestial themes – so my first box was done in blues and golds. I did the top and bottom of the box in solid gold paint and the sides in blue. I used blue felt for inside – it was a simple design and it looks good to this day.

To Decoupage::

* Designs – you can use special decoupage paper you can get at the craft store, or really any image you want – you can even print it from your printer or get it from a magazine! Another idea is to use scrapbooking items – there are so many gorgeous items for scrapbooks that would look great on a box!

* Decoupage glue – you will need this from the craft store if you decided to use decoupage paper from the craft store since it is so thin and you need a gentle sealant to keep it from tearing. If you decided to print a design from a magazine or from your PC onto your box or even a scrapbook design, you can use the Modge Podge.

* 1 bottle of craft Paint – This is nice to give a base coat to your box before you start to glue.

* 1 Sponge Brush ( looks like this: Sponge Brush – you will need this to glue your designs to the box, apply base coats of paint and apply your sealant.

This is the part where you can go crazy. I did 2 of these boxes – one in a celestial theme again, with decoupage paper I bought at the store just glued all over the box. Be careful with this paper because it is very very thing and rips easily. Make sure you measure the sheets before you cut them and know how you want to cover your box before you apply it. I did a celetial theme box with glued pictures of suns moons and stars all around and inside with blue felt on the inside. I used a dark blue base coat of paint.

The second one I did was in a dragonfly theme – for my runes. I painted the box in a tan color, and I found several pictures of dragonflies that I liked. Once the paint was dry, I glued the dragonfly pictures on the box making little designs. I used brown felt on the inside of this box.

The process for all boxes

1) Get ready: once you decide what you want to do, get your designs and materials together. I always like to use a base coat of paint on the box first regardless of what you are doing to it. Make sure the base coat matches your design.

Tip: Use clear tape over the hinges and clasps so they don’t get painted over – this makes clean up much easier!

Remember there is no need to paint the inside of the box – if you plan to use the felt. I generally use felt on the bottom inside and the bottom outside (so it won’t damage furniture) but paint the inside top of the box.

2) Go crazy with creativity – create your design on the outside of the box. If you are painting and your first attempt doesn’t look exactly like you like you want, paint over it and try again. You can even decide to change from paint to decoupage later and just glue the designs to your box after you re-coated it.

3) Seal it – once your box is painted, its important to seal it so it doesn’t get damaged. You can buy a normal sealant – like an acrylic sealant but I like to use Modge Podge – it has a lot of different uses so its a handy thing to keep around anyway. Apply your sealant, let it dry and apply again. Also don’t forget inside edges – as these will need to be done after the outside is done.

4) Finishing touches – if you decided not to use any felt you are probably done. If like me, you like to use the felt to protect things – this is a bit tricky.

For the oustide bottom: This is easy – just measure a piece of felt that matches the outside of your box. You want the felt to be a bit smaller than the bottom of the box so it doesn’t stick out. I just apply the Modge Podge to the whole bottom, press the felt in and then let it dry.

For the inside bottom: This is tricky as you will need to get 4 pieces of felt – they will need to be measured as close to perfect as you can get. You will need to measure each side of the box on the inside and the bottom. I generally like to glue the bottom part in first, the same way you did the outside. Let it dry, then glue one side at a time and let it dy in between. Once this is done, I put a thin coat of Modge Podge on the top outside edges to seal the felt in – so it doesn’t start to peel later.

And Voila – box is done! I have also done several altar boxes out of paper mache this way. The problem with the paper mache boxes is you need to make sure they are REALLY dry before you close them or they will tend to stick.



Protection Bath

Here’s a quick little ritual you can do protection that has worked pretty well for me in the past!

Tools: A white Candle
Protection bath salts or Herbal Bath
Protection oil
4 pieces of Black Obsidian or 4 pieces of Petrified wood

1) Draw a warm bath – Anoint the candle and charge it with the protection oil

2) Place the candle at the foot of the tub, or on the sink next to the tub.

3) Place the stones on each corner of the tub

4) Take the bath salts, empower them, and drop 2 scoops in the tub right before entering. If you are using an herbal bath, either create a Medium 2-cup infusion or tossing a sachet filled with herbal bath herbs into the bath.

5) Enter the tub and relax in the water – clear your mind of any negative thoughts, think only of the water around you and how great it feel, how it envelops, protects and encases you.

6) Think of the stones around you – see the protection energy from each stone start to glow and expand. It expands slowly until it envelops the entire tub with you in it. Feel safe and protected in it.

7) Focus your mind on your Deity – if you do not have one, focus on the Goddess and God

8) Invite them into the tub with you – ask for their blessing and their protection.

9) Do this for as long as you wish, once you feel enough time has passed, light the candle.

10) Feel the energy from the tub, the wonderfully protective energy, pouring from the tub into the candle. The pure white light of the candle is comforting and as safe as the water in the tub, visualize all of that bright protective energy leaving the tub and entering the candle.

11) Imagine that positive energy expanding from the candle flame out around you, your home, the people you love, and anything you wish to protect.

12) Once you feel all of the energy has been transferred out, snuff the candle out, thank the Gods and empty the tub.

13) Save the candle and stones for your next bath! This is a great ritual to perform just before the full moon!

P.S. – keep in mind this is a ritual not a spa treatment!


Complete Full Moon Esbat Ritual


– Altar with Elemental representations of Earth (Salt), Air (Incense), Fire (Red working candle) and Water (Water).
– Ritual cakes (any natural bread or cake, no junk food)
– Wine or Ale (anything from the fruit of the vine/grain, fermented or not)
– Gold and Silver God/Goddess Candles
– Quarter Candles – Green (North), Yellow (East), Red (South) and Blue (West)
– Matches or lighter
– Wand or Athamé for casting circle
– Broom or Besom for cleansing the circle
– Chalice or Cup for Libation for God and Goddess
– Separate Wine Glass or Cup for yourself or coveners
– Any other items needed for specific spell work


Take up the besom and walk widdershins around the circle sweeping from the center outward to cleanse the circle of negative energy. Recite this chant as you sweep from the center of the circle outwards:

“Sweep out evil, sweep out ill, Where I do the Lady’s will. Besom, besom, Lady’s Broom, Sweep out darkness, sweep out doom.
Witch’s broom swift in flight, Cast out darkness, bring in light. Earth be hallow, air be pure, fire burn bright, as water cures.
A sacred bridge this site shall be, As I will, so mote it be.”


Pick up the athame and draw an invoking pentagram in the air above the altar. Replace the athame and say this invocation:

“Blessed Be, Instruments of Light, Tools now of magick with power and might.”


Hold your hand over the water and salt and pass your hand over the element 3 times to banish, and then hold your hand steady to bless. Visualize a sparkling light surrounding and infusing the element while reciting:

“Element of (Earth, Water), I cleanse and consecrate thee,
in the names of the Lord and Lady.
I bring their blessings upon you now.
So mote it be.”

Pour the consecrated salt into the consecrated water. Light the red working candle, cleanse and consecrate the candle (fire) as done above while reciting:
“Element of (Fire), I cleanse and consecrate thee,
in the names of the Lord and Lady.
I bring their blessings upon you now.
So mote it be.”
Use the consecrated fire it to light the incense. Then cleanse and consecrate the smoke from the incense (air) as done above while reciting:
“Element of (Air), I cleanse and consecrate thee,
in the names of the Lord and Lady.
I bring their blessings upon you now.
So mote it be.”
Take the water/salt and go once deosil (clockwise) around the circle. While walking the circle disperse the elements using an asperger or sprigs of herbs. Recite:

“Powers of Water and Earth this circle grace. Purify, cleanse, and bless this space.”

Take up the incense and go once deosil (clockwise) around the circle. While walking the circle disperse the elements using a fan or feathers. Recite:

“Powers of Fire and Air this circle grace. Purify, cleanse, and bless this space.”


Face east. Hold your athamé out at waist level. Walk deosil (clockwise) thrice around the circle perimeter charging it with this chant as you visualize the energy coming from your athame to create the circle. Recite one verse for each of the three circles:

Maiden, cast your circle white, Weave a web of healing light.
Round and Round the Circle’s Cast, Joining Present, Future and Past

Mother, cast your circle red, Weave the strands of family threads.
This Sacred Space shall now be Bound, As I cast this Circle Round.

Old Crone, cast your circle black, Weave the wisdom that we lack.
Thrice is the Circle cast this Night/Day and now begins my Magick Rite/Way.

Once the circle has been cast, salute in the following way:

Take up athame and point it to the sky, while saying, “As above…”

Then lower athame to point it at the ground, while saying, “So below.”


Starting in the East and moving deosil around to the North, light the corresponding elemental candle, and then invoke the quarter:

“Hail Mighty Ones of the Eastern Tower. Guard this circle with your power.
Powers of Air weave the round, Between the worlds the power bound.
Till I send it at the last, Guardians keep it strong and fast.”

“Hail Mighty Ones of the Southern Tower. Guard this circle with your power.
Powers of Fire weave the round, Between the worlds the power bound.
Till I send it at the last, Guardians keep it strong and fast.”

“Hail Mighty Ones of the Western Tower. Guard this circle with your power.
Powers of Water weave the round, Between the worlds the power bound.
Till I send it at the last, Guardians keep it strong and fast.”

“Hail Mighty Ones of the Northern Tower. Guard this circle with your power.
Powers of Earth weave the round, Between the worlds the power bound.
Till I send it at the last, Guardians keep it strong and fast.”


Light the gold God candle:

“I call to the God. Spark of the Spirit Eternal,
Lord of the Wild Hunt, Judge of Gods and Men.
Shining God of the Sun’s rays, Who walks with me through all my days,
Into my circle, I invoke you, To bless and guide all that I do.
Hail and welcome.”

Light the silver Goddess candle:

“I call to the Goddess. Beauty of the Green Earth,
White Moon among the Stars, Mysteries of the Waters.
Shimmering Goddess of the Moon’s light, Who guides me through the dark of night,
Into my circle, I invoke you. To bless and guide all that I do.
Hail and welcome.”


Pour some wine into the libation dish and say, “To the Lord and Lady!”

Fill the altar goblet with wine. Hold up the altar goblet and say, “I drink to the God and Goddess.”

Take a sip from the goblet, and say, “Blessed Be.”


Insert optional ritual for sabbat or intended spell work here.


Take up the plate with the cakes and say “May I never hunger.” Take a bite, and then say,“Blessed Be.”

Take up the wine and say “May I never thirst.” Take a sip of the wine and and then say,“Blessed Be.”

Give thanks for one thing that you are thankful for, and request assistance for one thing that you are in need of.


Starting in the North, and moving widdershins around the circle to the East, go to each quarter and say the following release then extinguish the elemental candle:

“To all those in the Northern sphere, I release you now, depart from here.
I give thanks to all of thee. Depart in peace, and blessed be.”

“To all those in the Western sphere, I release you now, depart from here.
I give thanks to all of thee. Depart in peace, and blessed be.”

“To all those in the Southern sphere, I release you now, depart from here.
I give thanks to all of thee. Depart in peace, and blessed be.”

“To all those in the Eastern sphere, I release you now, depart from here.
I give thanks to all of thee. Depart in peace, and blessed be.”


Say: “I give thanks to the God for guarding my circle and joining my rite. Hail and farewell.”

Extinguish the gold candle.

Say: “I give thanks to the Goddess for guarding my circle and joining my rite. Hail and farewell.”

Extinguish the silver candle.


Take the Athamé or Wand and retract the energy of the circle back into yourself moving widdershins beginning in the north around to the east using the following chant:

“Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.
I now Dissolve this Sacred Space and send all Powers back to place.

Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.
Stay if you can, Go if you must, with Perfect Love and Perfect Trust.

Circle Round, now be Unbound as I make my way around.
My Work is finished for the Night/Day and now I End my Magick Rite/Way.”

Once the circle is closed, say the following salute:

“The circle is open, but unbroken.”



New Moon Ritual

Special tools:

  • cedar or sage smudging wand
  • white candle

Cast the circle

Use the smudging wand to purify the space as you move around the circle.

Invocation to the Goddess

(ring bell with arms in Goddess position, arms in a V above your head)
Great Hecate
Queen of the Underworld
Protectress of all Wicca
It is my will on this night of the new moon
to overcome my shadows
and bring about change
I invite you to my circle to assist and protect me in my rite.

Invocation to the God

(hold athame with your hands in the God position, crossed over your chest)
Great Anubis,
God of Protection
It is my will on this night of the new moon
to overcome my shadows
to bring about change
I invite you to my circle
to assist me and protect me in my rite.

Statement of intent

Dark is the night as I reach this turning point
Here is a time of death, yet a time of rebirth.
Endings and beginnings
Ebbings and flowings
A journey done and a journey yet to start.
As the wheel turns, I see birth, death and rebirth
and I know that every end is a beginning.


Remember a time in your life when you were miserable, depressed and felt like you couldn’t go on.

Let the painful memories overtake you, feeling yourself weaken and become frightened. Put yourself back in that pain-filled time in your life.

As you meditate on that time, sink down the floor and curl up in an embryonic position.
You are completely obsessed by pain and depression. The shadows around you lengthen
and darkness spreads.

Then! Arise!

Light your white candle and hold it high overhead.


In darkness, there is light!
I feel energy and life returning to me!
I feel my heartbeat strong
I feel the power of the universe and the power of the Goddess and God within me.
Pass the candle over your body, tuning in completely with the light, feeling its power heal and protect you.

Allow its rays to completely penetrate your being, healing and cleansing you.
As you are doing this, chant

Let the light cast out all darkness
Cakes and wine
Thank the God and Goddess for their presence
Close the circle

Cunningham’s Full Moon Ritual

By Scott Cunningham

Perform this ritual at night in view of the Full Moon if possible. If not, fill a cauldron with water and place a piece of silver in it.

Cast the circle and invoke the Goddess and God and anyone else you chose to invoke.

Gaze at the moon or your “moon” in your cauldron. Feel its cool Goddess energy wash you with power and love. Say these words.

Wondrous Lady of the Moon
You who greets the dark with silvered kisses
Mistress of the night and all magicks,
who rides the clouds in blackened skies
and spills light upon cold Earth.
Oh Lunar Goddess
Crescent one
Shadow maker and shadow breaker,
Revealer of mysteries past and present,
Puller of seas and ruler of women
All-wise Lunar Mother
I greet your celestial jewel
at the waxing of its powers
with a rite in Your honor
I pray by the moon
I pray by the moon
I pray by the moon

Continue chanting “I pray by the moon” while visualizing the goddess.

Now is the time to work magick or meditation. Crystal scrying is particularly recommended (you can use the silver in the cauldron for this).

Enjoy a simple feast. Thank the Goddess and God and release the circle.


Wish Magick

By Gerina Dunwich

With the exception of love-magick, wish-magick is perhaps the most popular form of white magick practiced in modern times. it is relatively easy to perform, and can be as simple as wishing on a star, breaking a wishbone, or dropping a coin into a fountain or wishing well.

Many magically minded folks firmly believe in the power of the seven-knob candle (or “wish-candle” as it is sometimes called) to make wishes come true. It is a magickal tool especially popular among practitioners of hoodoo folk magick in the southern regions of the United States.

Seven knob candles are easily obtainable in most occult supply shops and are available in a variety of colors. When used correctly, they can work powerful magick, but be careful what you wish for, as the old expression goes, because you just might get it! If you do not have a 7 knob candle, you can always use a regular taper candle and mark 7 knots on it.

To perform the following wishing spell, you will need a blue seven-knob candle, myrrh oil, and a consecrated athame. Write your wish on each of the seven knobs of the candle. Anoint the candle with the myrrh oil and say:

I consecrate and bless this candle
in the divine name of the Goddess
Let all negativity and hindrance
be cast forth hencefrom.

Pick up your athame with your right hand. Place the flat side of the blade on top of the candle and envision magickal energy as a white light flowing from your body through the athame and into the candle. When you begin to actually feel the energy flowing say;

I charge thee now
With magickal power
In the divine name of the Goddess

Charge the candle for at least five minutes, return the athame to the altar, and then light the top knob of the wish candle, Say the following incantation seven times;

Seven magick knobs of blue
Make this wish of mine come true.

As the candle burns, concentrate upon the thing you desire and visualize yourself already in possession of it. Extinguish the candle after the first knob has burned down, and repeat the entire spell for the next six nights in a row, burning only one knob of the candle each time.