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Raven Moon Course Offerings

Below is a curriculum of Classes Available. More classes will be added as we grow!

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Wicca 101 Class Group

Wicca 1

This class gives each student just starting out on their Wiccan path a basic understanding of the Wiccan tradition, a solid foundation for solitary practice a basic understanding of tools, rituals and sabbats. The class ends in the initiation of each student in the Raven Moon Tradition. This class is required for all other Classes in the Wicca 101 program. Each student can take their time in completing this course, with a minimum time of 12-weeks, although we recommend that each student take one full year to complete this course.

Pre-reqs: None

Wicca 2 – Coming Soon!

An advanced Wicca class which covers each Sabbat in great detail, as well as the basics of divination tools. The three aspects of the Goddess as well as the God are covered in detailed as well. Each student can complete this course at their own pace, with a minimum time of one year so that each student can complete the work for each sabbat and moon in the appropriate season.

Pre-reqs: Wicca 1

Wicca 3 – Coming Soon!

The final class in our Wicca series, this class covers advanced spellcasting, correspondences and teaches each student how to write their own spells and rituals. This class covers advanced magick and rituals including banishment, protection, Conjuration and more! At the end of this class the student will be initiated as a second degree Priest or Priestess in the Raven Moon Tradition.

Pre-reqs: Wicca 1 and Wicca 2

Magickal Herbalism Course Group

Herbalism I – Coming Soon!

A basic class that introduces each student to the magickal world of herbs and gives you a solid understanding for 14 basic magickal herbs. This class teaches you how to select and care for your herbs, as well as takes you on a spiritual journey on how to get to know each herb and build a relationship with it so that you can use it in your everyday magick. Learn the basics of herbal formulations, tools used in magickal herbalism and herbal correspondences.

Pre-reqs: None

Advanced Elemental Herbalism – Coming Soon!

This class builds on the principles learned in the Basic course but covers 14 new herbs. In addition to this, it also covers advanced herbal formulation and substitutions, proportions and herbal spellcrafting. This class also gives a basic understanding of essential oils, and the basics of ritual oil blending.

Pre-reqs: Basic Elemental Herbalism

Advanced Studies Course Group

Advanced Magick Protection Tecniques – Coming Soon!

This class dives deep into all types of protection magick, including ritual, personal and More!

Pre-reqs: Wicca 1

Working with Gemstones – Coming Soon!

A class that focuses on working with gemstones both in energy work and healing as well as everyday magic.  This class will teach you how to select your stones, cleanse and charge them as well how to incorporate them into your daily practice.

Pre-reqs: None

More classes will be added – please check back for updates!