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The Raven Moon Tradition

What is a Tradition?

A Tradition is set of beliefs or guidelines that govern a certain branch of witchcraft.  Most Traditions today are practiced in a coven environment.  Some Traditions have degree systems for learning and advancing and some don’t.  Some of them focus in specific Deities and some are a little more relaxed.  Most covens today will follow one tradition or another, or they can be eclectic – which means that they take a little from each tradition.

Traditions are a recent development in Wicca – they became more prominent in the early 20th century when the awareness of Wicca in the public medium became heightened.  Until that time, most Wiccans practiced in closed groups or covens, following principles generally passed down through families or through the training of adepts.  There are many traditions today, Alexandrian, Gardnerian, Dianic and so many more.  Most of these are focused in coven practice.

The Raven Moon Tradition

The Raven Moon Tradition was created by Lady Raven in 2007, with the purpose of bringing some of the benefits that Traditions bring to Wicca (structure, learning from a teacher directly instead of by yourself, etc), while allowing those that wish to practice solitary to continue to do so.  You can grow in your spiritual path as far as you want within the Raven Moon Tradition.

Who is Lady Raven?

Lady Raven has been a High Priestess in the Wyvern Moon Tradition for many years.  She also leads her own coven in Charlotte, NC – The Coven of the Blue Moon Dragon.  She is a working magical herbalist and owner of the Raven Moonlight Apothecary.  Lady Raven has been teaching Wicca both in the Raven Moon Tradition (for Solitaries) as well as in the Wyvern Moon Tradition (For Coven work) for several years.  If you need further information about Lady Raven please feel free to contact us!

What if I join a Coven – can I still be part of the Raven Moon Tradition?

Yes!  Our tradition is created for personal growth in your spiritual path – and this can happen weather you are solitary or practicing in a coven environment.  However you need to check with your new coven if they allow you to be part of a different solitary tradition.  Many covens require Dedicants to follow only their path – so please be sure you check with them to make sure they are ok with it.

If I get my first degree with the Raven Moon Tradition does it mean I can join any coven as a first degree?

This will depend on which coven you join and what their policies are.  Most covens will not accept degrees from other covens – so it is doubtful that they will accept any degree from a solitary tradition.  This is standard practice within the Wiccan community.  Some covens may recognize your degree if they are of the same tradition as your previous coven – but that is a decision each coven makes for itself.

How many degrees does the Raven Moon Tradition have and how long does it take to achieve them all?

In the Raven Moon tradition we have two degrees – students can become a first degree initiate after they complete the Wicca 1 course, and they can become a second degree initiate after they complete the Wicca 2 and 3 courses.  An initiate with a second degree is considered a Priest/Priestess in their craft.  We do not offer third degree initiation (High Priest/Priestess), as we believe that in order for you to be a high priest, you must master all aspects of magick, including group work which can only be learned through coven work.

The Raven Moon Tradition is designed to bring you personal and spiritual growth – all of this can be achieved through the three courses we offer.  If you are looking to advance through a High Priest/High Priestess status, we highly encourage you find a local coven or group.  We know that several online schools do offer this type of teaching, but we do not see how a High Priest can operate in all of the capabilities that the position requires without mastering group working.