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Altar Set: Basic Wiccan Altar


Altar Set: Basic Wiccan Altar
Contains: 12 items to get you started right away!

This is a wonderful altar set to get you started on a budget!

1) Purple and Black altar cloth!

Designs will vary on this cloth - it may include a pentacle, triple moon or celtic symbol in the middle - but the colors will be black and purple.  Altar Cloth is 17" X 17".

2) Incense Blend: Ritual Blend - 5 DRAM Bottle

This is our all-purpose Ritual blend.  Perfect for any spell or ritual, this wonderful blend will bring more power and focus to all of your magical workings! This is a heavy base of resins - be sure to shake before using! As with all resin based incenses, a little bit goes a long way!

3) Oil Blend: Altar Oil - 2 DRAM Bottle

Use this oil for all of your ritual activities.  This oil may also be used to consecrate tools and talismans, as well as to increase your personal power during a ritual.

4) Wood-Handle 6" Athame

This is a traditional athame that can be easily personalized! The hilt is made out of wood, which can be carved, painted or personalize it anyway you wish to suit your personal taste or tradition.  The blade is made of stainless steel, double edged. 

This athame comes with a leather sheath to keep it safe when not in use.  Please remember to keep all athames out of the reach of children!

5) Small 3" Incense Censer

Wonderful, small incense holder with a screen! This censer comes with a coaster so that it will not damage your altar or table.  Large enough to burn any size charcoal or cones. Used with sand can also hold stick incense.

Tip: Put sand on the bottom of the censer when using charcoal. Be careful - censer will be hot to touch!

6) One roll of 33m Self-lighting Charcoal

Each piece of charcoal is 1 1/4 inches round.  Each package contains 10 briquets wrapped in a silver foil roll.

7) Pentacle Altar Tile

A small pentacle altar tile to anchor your altar! Pentacle colors will vary from gold and silver inlay.

8) God and Goddess Stones

One set of God and Goddess stones to use as your gemstone representation - Moonstone for the Goddess and Tiger's Eye for the God.

9) Four Spell Candles

Four spell candles in blue, white, green and pink!

10) A pair of illumination Tapers

A pair of Illumination Tapers in white and purple

11) Chime Candle Holder

An elegant White Porcelain Mini Candle Holder to affirm the glow of a burning candle. Holds 4" Ritual Candles.

12) One small smudge stick

One small white sage smudge stick so you can cleanse all of your new tools and altar space!

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