General Spell Guide

General Spell Guide!

You can use this guide with any of our spell kits purchased at Raven Moonlight Botanicals!

Keep your intentions pure and good – remember if you are casting for someone else, always get their permission before you cast – never cast a spell on someone against their will no matter how good your intentions are. If you have any questions or for spell ideas, visit us at

Let’s get started!

Your Intent

The most important part of any spell is your intent. A spell can be as simple as a meditation about something without any other tools. The magick will come from YOU, not your tools. Therefore, you must form a clear intent in your mind of what you want the spell to do. The clearer you are, the better your spell will be.

Remember – a spell should never be to make someone else do something. This is especially true of love spells. You cannot cast a spell to make a specific person fall in love with you. Instead, cast a spell to find love or bring more love into your life. Here are some ideas:

Love: Instead of casting a spell for a specific person to come to you, cast one for you to find new love in your life. Don’t focus on the person, focus on the intent!

Money: Instead of focusing on your boss giving you a big raise, focus on finding a better-paying job, or having unexpected money from unknown sources coming into your life, or even new projects coming your way!

Studies: Instead of focusing on your teacher giving you a good grade – focus on you doing well on your test, being prepared, knowing the answers!

Protection: If a particular person is bothering you and you feel may cause you harm, first and foremost, contact the authorities – magick is not meant to be used as a replacement for the law or common sense! Second, it is ok to cast a spell to protect yourself from that person, make sure your intent is focused on keeping you safe!

Healing: for general health, focus on yourself as healthy – don’t imagine yourself getting better, imagine yourself full of health and doing the things that you enjoy. If you are healing for someone else, make sure you get their permission first and do the same. Focus on the event as if it had already happened!

Banishment: focus on overcoming obstacles, passing them by like they are not even there. Remove bad habits, by imagining them already gone and yourself free from them. To banish negativity, imagine a bright white light surrounding you that overcomes all shadows around you – or use whatever other imagery you associate with positive energies.

Hopefully, you get the idea. The focus of your spell has to be a specific thing or event, and instead of imagining yourself doing it, image yourself as having already completed it!


Timing is important but not critical. Timing will help you to make the best of all energies around you. You can calculate timing down to the exact minute when a spell will be most effective, but most people who use magick use just the timing of the moon. I like to break it down in two:

1) Waxing Moon – from the first day of the new moon to the day before the full moon.

The moon is growing during this time, this means any type of spell in which you to increase something will be appropriate. Some examples are: bring love into your life, bring money into your life, success, health, abundance, create new thinking patterns, etc. Think about your intent, and if you are trying to boost something in your life, or bring something new into your life, the Waxing moon is the time to do it.

2) Waning Moon – from the first day of the full moon to the day before the new moon

The moon is shrinking now, this means it’s time to remove things from your life. Generally, this is a time to banish bad habits, lose weight, banish illness, remove negativity, remove obstacles, etc. In general, if your intent deals with decreasing something in your life or removing it altogether, the Waning moon is the time to do it.


This is where spellcasting gets fun! Remember that tools are simply that – tools. The real power and energy for every spell come from YOU! The tools simply help you to visualize a spell better and can lend their energies to the energy of your spell.


Gemstones can be used by themselves or to enhance another spell. Instructions for cleansing your stones are included, be sure you cleanse them before you do anything. Once cleansed, hold a stone in your hand and think of what you want your spell to do. Feel the energy of the stone, and the energy of intent mixing and becoming one in your stone. You can simply visualize this, or you can write words to help you. You can use candles or incense when you do this or just the stone – it’s up to you. Once the stone is empowered with your need, carry it with you always until your intent happens. Once done, be sure to cleanse your stone again and you can use it later for another spell!

Ritual Oils

Ritual oils are versatile portable magick! They can be used to anoint candles, yourself, or any other ritual tools. Anointing jewelry is a simple and easy way to create a portable and simple ritual! They’re also excellent for drawing symbols and sigils, either on yourself or objects, and are perfect for parchment spells. You might even want to anoint crystals for an extra charge. For a fun home project, add a few drops to a mixture of herbs and make your own incense!

Tip: Wear your oil to strengthen your personal zodiac qualities!


A spell is a sacred ritual – it is a personal thing, you are about to work with universal energies, so it is important that the space you are performing it in, is cleansed. If you have an altar “area” in your home, you should cast your spells there. If you are on the go – in a hotel, visiting someone else, or even in a public place, it takes only a few minutes to cleanse a space and prepare it for your work. This is an important step – do not skip it!

• Salt and water – Mix salt and water in a bowl and sprinkle around the room in the area you are cleansing. Imagine the water washing away any negativity in the area and leaving it ready for your work.
• Sage or cleansing incense – you can use a sage stick or cleansing incense to cleanse the area as well, once again imagine the area being “cleansed” and all negativity is removed.
• Meditation – sit in the center of your sacred area and imagine a bright light (or whatever other imagery appeals to you) starting in the earth, moving through you, completely enclosing you, and expanding, little by little cleansing the area around you as it expands. Take as long as you need, until you feel the area is cleansed – This method is perfect for public areas – you can do this without anyone knowing what you are doing!

Once your space is cleansed, you are ready to begin your work! You can also cleanse each tool in pretty much the same way. You should ALWAYS cleanse your space and your tools before you cast any spells – even if the tools have never been used before, they still must be cleansed.

Once your space and tools are cleansed, make sure you won’t be disturbed until you are done – unplug the phone if you have to if you are indoors. If you are outside or in public, pick a spot with low traffic or plan your spell for a time where there will not be many people around. Once you begin your work, you must finish it without interruption!

Bringing it all together!

Now that you understand intent, timing, tools, and space, it’s time to bring your spell together. Your portable kit is designed to let you take magick with you wherever you go.

Casting a general spell

1. Your intent: what you are trying to accomplish
2. Your timing: when do you plan to cast it
3. Space: where do you plan to cast it?
4. Tools: what tools do you plan to use?
5. Process: what is the process you plan to use – it is important to have an idea of what you plan to do before you start.
6. If you need to leave your spell undisturbed for several days, make sure you have chosen a place out of the way, that no household pets or children can get to. This is not recommended for spells cast during travel or in public areas.

And it is just that simple! As you cast more spells, you will feel more comfortable with the process. The important thing to remember is that a spell will work if you believe in it, if you cast it with reverence and if you give it enough time. Don’t expect your spell to work the next day or the same day – magick doesn’t work that way. Things take time to happen, and you may not see results for weeks. Also remember, that spells do not work by themselves – if you don’t study for a test, the spell is not going to help you pass the test. Spells are not a substitute for good judgment and you completing your work. They simply help you to do things you are already doing, better. They give you a boost, but they will not do the work for you. Spells are personal; therefore, you must find a method and process that make you feel comfortable and that works for you. What works for one person may not necessarily work for another person.

Happy Casting!