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Rescue the Rescue Winners!


Thank you everyone for your Support! We raised $1090 for the Rescue – so we made our goal and even went over!! I cannot thank you all enough for donating and our practitioners for donating their time to this amazing Rescue!

To view the drawing which we conducted on FB live – you can go here

Our Winners are:

– One Soul Re-alignment session with Barbara Denny, valued at $125 – Heaven Kilmer
– One 60 Minute reiki/spiritual counseling session with Jennifer Bower, valued at $100 – Emily Lacey
– One 60 Minute Tarot reading with Lady Raven valued at $100  – Debra Jaranowski
– One Yankee Candle Gift Basket valued at $100 – Donna Fletcher
– One 30 Minute Archangel Reading with Lady Raven valued at $70 – Debra Jaranowski
– One 30 Minute Animal Totem Reading with Lady Raven valued at $70 – Jeremy Encinas
– One 30 Minute Heartsong Reading with Cosmic Alignment with Eewana, Valued at $60 – Connie Harden
– One 30 Minute Heartsong Reading with Cosmic Alignment with Eewana, Valued at $60 – Herbert DeSouza
– One 30 Minute Tarot Reading with Heather Darnell, Valued at $60 – Heaven Kilmer
– One 30 Minute Tarot Reading with Heather Darnell, Valued at $60 – Joshua Beardsly
– One 30 Minute Mediumship Session with Patricia Paschall-Mabron, Valued at $55 – Terry Kaercher
– One 30 Minute Astrology Session with Meredith Swaim, Valued at $55 – Erika Patterson
– One 30 Minute Astrology Session with Meredith Swaim, Valued at $55 – India Smith
– One Tea Gift Basket Valued at $50 – Donna Fletcher
– One Gemstone Shopping Spree at Raven Moon Emporium valued at $50 – Katie King
– One 15 Minute Animal Totem Discovery Session with Lady Raven, valued at $35 – Connie Harden
– One 15 Minute Stone Casting Sessions with Lady Raven, Valued at $35 – Holly Savage
– One Spice Shopping spree at Raven Moon Emporium valued at $30 – Donna Fletcher
– One Gift Card from Nao Leigh Boutique valued at $25 – Mary Shaw
– One Gift Card from Raven Moon Emporium valued at $25 – Holly Savage
– One Pedicure from JT Nails valued at $25 – Erica

We will be contacting you via phone to notify you as well.  Please note that not all items can be redeemed out of town, we will try to accommodate our out of town winners as best as we can.  If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call! Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!!



Aimee’s Rooibos Tea

Reminder: This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, ailment or condition. Please seek a certified professional for medical/medicinal advice.

Aimee came into work the other day with a new recipe that she loves! It is based on a tea that was discontinued but couldn’t live without. She took creating it into her own hands and came up with this gem. This tea is perfect for a rainy night in, curling up to watch “The British Baking Show” for an hour (or 5).

She has simplified the recipe so you can make as much of it as you want. If you want a “part” to mean 1 Cup or 1 spoonful then follow suit! You can add honey, cream or a dash of lemonade to elevate the drink.

5 parts Rooibos
1 part Rooibos Africana
1/2 part Peppermint
3 parts Ginger Root Pieces
Honey and cream if desired 


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a rooibos tea recipe that pairs well with a Citrine point, a blood stone, a petrified wood slice, a red quartz and a honey calcite

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Show Mom some love this Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day is just around the corner! We have everything you could possibly want for mom!  

And this year – ask about FREE Gift wrapping for your Mother’s day gift!

We can help you put together a gift that is just as special as your mom!



For the Chef Mom!

Vindaloo Curry Seasoning  

An authentic blend of Indian spices! Perfect for the mom who loves trying new things!


Herbs de Provence! 

Perfect for the mom who loves to show off her french culinary skills!


For the Tea Loving Mom

Evening Repose Herbal Tea

The perfect tea to help mom relax at the end of the day!


Earl Grey Tea Bags

Have a mom on the go? Tea bags are perfect!


For the New Age Mom!

Aura Cleansing Kit

A great kit with many uses! Small and portable so mom can use it anywhere!


Crystals, crystals, crystals!

We have a huge select of crystals! Come pick out mom’s favorites!


For all moms!

Yankee Candle!

With a wide selection of scents and accessories, you are sure to find something mom will love!


 Shoyeido Japanese Incense!

One of the highest quality incenses in the world! The Hata family has been at the forefront of Incense making since the 1800’s! If mom likes incense, she will love Shoyeido! 



This year, give mom the gift that will spark her inspiration and creativity!!


New Items for February 2018!

It is February already and we have some beautiful new stones for you this month!

Pink Dolomite

This beautiful stone was discovered in 1791 in the Alps! It’s soft gentle color is calming and encourages self-realization. It also fortifies a sense of tradition and helps us acclimate to new communities. It promotes moderation and alleviates negative emotions!
Small: $14/ Large: $20
Available in-store and online

Cobalt Calcite Clusters

Cobalt Calcite also known as Sphaerocobaltite. In addition to the properties of Calcite, these crystals are said to be crystals of joy, and opens the heart to love and activates the heart chakra! It can also bring increased harmony for people or groups working with each other.  Allows for freer communication among the emotional, etheric, and physical bodies
It encourages and positivity and dispels negative energy in the auric body! 
Small: $25/ Large $35
Available in-store and online!

Natural Honey Opal

Honey Opal is a stone of emotional stability. It is often used to amplify positive emotions. It is useful in balancing the crown chakra. The opal is said to be many things including the most powerful of healing stones, the stone of hope, the stone of great achievement and even the “stone of the Gods”. Ancient Romans associated opal with hope and good luck! $6 each
Available online and in-store

Dendritic Agate, Tumbled

Dendritic Agate is a chalcedony containing branch or fern-like markings called dendrites. Dendrites are  formations of iron or manganese oxide inclusions that crystallize within the stone. This stone is considered an agate even though it does not portray a banded appearance that is common with most agates! This stone assists with connection with nature, promotes protection of earth and all its creatures, prosperity, emotional balance and creativity! $4 each
Available in-store and online

Aqua Aura Clusters

Aqua Aura Crystal is produced through a special process in which the surface of the crystal quartz is bonded with vaporized, finely powdered pure gold. This results in a stunning brilliant blue with iridescent rainbow flashes. This color-enhanced crystal is effective in stimulating the throat chakra, enhancing your ability to communicate inner truth, and to express inner emotions in a positive way.  We have extremely limited quantities of these clusters! Price: Varies – available in-store only!


New Items January 2018!

We just some new items in – and boy are we excited!!

 Amethyst Stalactite

Beautiful pieces from Uruguay! They measure between 1.5 to 4.5 inches!  Stalactites are formed at the roof of a cave when moisture and water starts to drip.  When the drop falls, it leaves behind the thinnest ring of calcite. Each subsequent drop that forms and falls deposits another ring. Over time, these rings build to create a stunning column of minerals. These amethyst stalactite crystal slices are buds from columns of amethyst stalactite that took millions of years to develop deep within a cave of mother earth! Available in-store only $18 each!


Scolecite Palm Stones 

Beautiful fully polished Scolecite Palm Stones measure between 2 to 2.75 inches.  Scolecite works well with the crown and third eye chakra.  An excellent stone for meditation or healing!  Available in-store only $25 each!


Tri-color Calcite

These are truly some of the most beautiful pieces I have ever seen! Each piece ranges from 2 to 6 lbs in size!  They are stunning to look at and will make a beautiful piece for either decoration, a meditation room or crystal grid!  Each piece is unique! Available in-store only, prices range from $50 TO $80!


Natural Red Amethyst

Red amethyst is amethyst with Hematite and Iron inclusions.  These pieces of natural raw amethyst vary in size and in color.  Red amethyst can be helpful for those under psychic attack or who want to protect themselves during any type of astral and spiritual work! Two sizes available: (Large)1.5″ and up $10 and (Medium) 1.5″ and less $6.  Available in-store only!


10 Herbs Every Cook Should Know!

Dried herbs are an easy and convenient way to add flavor to all of your favorite dishes! Having them on hand allows you to explore all types of cooking on the fly!

Storing and using your Dried Herbs

  • Always store herbs in a cool dry place away from heat or direct sunlight, in order to get the best shelf life from your herbs.
  • If you use jars, be sure they are air tight!
  • Most herbs can be used for up to one year when stored properly before losing flavor and potency.
  • To convert from fresh to dried herbs in any recipe, use 1 tsp of dried for every Tbsp of fresh.
  • Adding your herbs to your oil before adding it your food is a good way to re-hydrate your herbs before using them.
  • Since dried herbs have best flavor when re-hydrated, add them when you start cooking or at least 15-20 minutes before you finish.  They best when added to a recipe during the cooking process rather than sprinkling them on top.

The Herbs

Dried dill is useful where fresh isn’t available, to give a Scandinavian touch to fish, egg dishes and potatoes (don’t confuse with dill seeds, which are used in pickles).



Oregano is the one herb that is generally considered better dried than fresh. It’s indispensable in Italian and Mexican cooking, especially with tomatoes and cheese. Its cousin marjoram is often overlooked, but offers a sweeter, less assertive flavour, useful for red meats! It has a bold overpowering flavor, so it’s best paired with strong flavored dishes.


Bay Leaves
A couple of bay leaves will give mellow sweetness to braises, stews, stocks and soups. A bay leaf also makes a pleasing change when flavoring custards and rice puddings – infuse in heated milk, or stir in with the rice.



Dried thyme is a multi-purpose herb to pop into a soup or casserole when a sprig of fresh is not available. Also great with chicken, and a staple of Black Bean Soup!



This is a  a versatile spice that can be used in both sweet and savory dishes. Some initial studies claim it helps to reduce blood glucose and bad cholesterol, but more research is needed. What isn’t needed is an excuse to add cinnamon to your breakfast oats, hot milk, cakes and pies, or meat marinades.


Rubbed Sage

Rubbed Sage is better than powdered. It lacks the zing of fresh, but it complements poultry, pork and butternut squash and stuffings.



Rosemary adds a pine fragrance to slow-cooked dishes (particularly Italian-style soups, stews, braises and all lamb dishes). Use sparingly, and chop if you don’t want spiky leaves in your finished dish.



Black Peppercorns

 This is salt’s twin brother and always adds a kick to a dish. It is probably the most popular spice in the world. Best to buy the whole peppercorns and a grinder, but buying ground is fine too. For a sharper bite, try white pepper.


Ginger Powder

 The ginger root is a cornerstone of Asian cooking, imparting a slightly sweet, slightly hot flavor. Goes well will garlic in many Thai, Indian, and Chinese dishes.  Ginger may help stop nausea and may also relieve heartburn and bloating. Try a ginger and honey tea when you’re under the weather.



There’s nothing like basil in a tomato sauce or tomato salad. It’s easy to grow basil as a potted plant on a windowsill. Keeping a supply of dried basil at home, ensures you always have this amazing spice on hand!



Gingerbread Dog Cookies!

Do not leave your best friend out of your holiday baking this year! Here are 2 tested and bark-approved recipes for gingerbread dog cookies!  We found these recipes on two wonderful websites that are listed below!

Gingerbread Dog Biscuits
By Randi Dukes, of Dukes & Dutchesses





3 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 teaspoon Organic Ground Ginger
1 teaspoon Organic Ground Cinnamon
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/2 cup molasses
1/2 cup water


Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Lightly grease a cookie sheet. In a large bowl, mix together the flour, ginger, and cinnamon. Mix in the oil, molasses, and water; let sit for 15 minutes.

On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough 1/4-inch thick. Cut out the cookies with bone-shaped cookie cutters. Transfer to the cookie sheet. Bake about 20 minutes until firm. Take out, cool and beware of drool!

Gingerbread Dog Biscuits
By The Comfy Belly



2 1/2 cups oat flour (or brown rice, or other flour)
1 teaspoon Organic Ground Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Organic Ground Ginger
2 large eggs
1/2 cup cooked, pureed squash (butternut, pumpkin, or other kind)
2 tablespoons blackstrap molasses


  1. Preheat your oven to 350°F.
  2. Combine flour, cinnamon, and ginger in a bowl and blend well.
  3. Add the eggs, squash, and molasses to the bowl and blend the mixture until it forms a ball of dough. I use a mixer, but you can also use a spatula, food processor, or your hands.
  4. Separate the dough into two balls. Place one ball of dough on a non-stick baking mat, piece of parchment paper or counter-top with some flour sprinkled over it to prevent sticking.
  5. Place a piece of parchment paper or other non-stick paper or mat over the ball of dough. Use a rolling pin to flatten the dough until it is about 1/4-inch thick.
  6. Use a cookie cutter to cut shapes out and place them on baking or cookie sheets. The biscuits don’t spread so no need to spread them out much across the baking sheets. Repeat until all the dough has been cut into biscuits.
  7. Bake the dough for 15 minutes, and then turn each biscuit over and bake for another 15 minutes.
    Cool and store sealed at room temperature for a month or so, or in the refrigerator for a few months.

Makes about 24 biscuits


What does my stone do?

Many people ask that.  If you look on any crystal healing and metaphysical sites, you will see a huge amount of information that in the end, pretty much tells you that every crystal does everything.

There are important things to note about crystals.  They are little parts of our planet, with their own energy.  Their energy will interact with your energy for unique results for each one of us.  This is why some stones may feel really good for one person while others feel “off” for another.  

So with that said, what is the best way to know? Well – the fact is that forces in our planet have been hard at work for years creating these little gems!  They were created by the fires of volcanoes, the layering over time of debris, water currents or even the extreme pressures of continental plates pushing against one another.  These energies are tied into the matrix abd creation of each stone, so ultimately they are going to be dictating what energies that stone is aligned with.

So the next time you want to know the energy of a stone, instead of heading to a metaphysical site, head to wikipedia and see how that little gem was created!


So how did your stone come to life? What it underwater? Was it deep in the earth with intense pressure of a crater? Was it through a volcanic eruption? All of these things can give you a glimpse of the type of energy stored in each stone!


Colors have an impact on the energy of a stone in that it vibrates at a certain frequency.  So whatever energies are inside of that stone, that energy will be somewhat affected by the color frequency of that stone.

  • Red, Orange, Yellow: Creativity, power, change, drive, stamina, courage, lust, purification
  • White, Light Blue, Clear: Calming, focus, Healing, Spirits
  • Black, Brown: Grounding and Protection
  • Green – Prosperity, health, abundance
  • Dark Blue – Meditation, thought, Clarity, Academics
  • Pink, white: Love, relationships, self-love
  • Purple: Calming, stress relief, psychic ability.


Another easy way to see what types of energy are in that stone is to look at what elements created them.  If they were created deep in the earth through intense heat and pressure, the primary elements are earth and fire.  If they were created near a water via hydrothermal energy, they contain water and fire.  If they were created through erosion, they contain air and so on.

  • Fire: Stones formed through fire bring passion, drive, excitement, courage
  • Water: Stones formed through water bring healing, relationships, emotions, personal development
  • Earth: Stones formed through earth bring healing, abundance, prosperity, luck, grounding
  • Air: Stones formed through air bring clarity, psychic development, thought, creativity, communication, movement


Want to learn more? Visit us in Rock Hill or even sign up for our Gemstone Classes!