Beltane Rituals

Beltane Solitary Outdoor Ritual

If possible, celebrate Beltane in a forest or near a living tree. If this is impossible, bring a small tree within the circle, preferably potted; it can be of any type.

Create a small token or charm in honor of the wedding of the Goddess and God to hang upon the tree. You can make several if you desire. These tokens can be bags filled with fragrant flowers, strings of beads, carvings, flower garlands – whatever your talents and imagination can conjure.

Arrange the altar, light the candles and censer, and cast the Circle of Stones. Recite the Blessing Chant Invoke the Goddess and God. Stand before the altar and say, with wand upraised:

Mother Goddess,
Queen of the night and of the Earth;
Father God,
King of the day and of the forest,
I celebrate Your union as nature rejoices in a riotous blaze of
color and life.
Accept my gift,
Mother Goddess and Father God, in honor of Your union.

Place the token(s) on the tree.

From Your mating shall spring forth life anew;
a profusion of living creatures shall cover the lands,
and the winds will blow pure and sweet.
Ancient Ones,
I celebrate with You!

Works of magick, if necessary, may follow. Celebrate the Simple Feast. The circle is released.

Beltane Solitary Ritual


White ribbon
Red ribbon
Crown of flowers


Place the ribbons and crown on the altar pentacle. Cast the circle. Ring the bell seven times. Say:

“Today all life celebrates spring at its fullest.
The gate swings back and forth and all may freely pass through.
The God has awakened and fertilized the land.
The Goddess has completed her journey;
Flowers now abound from her foot steps.
This is a time for joy and a time for sharing.
The richness of the soil accepts the seed,
And now is the time for seeds to be spilled.
Togetherness brings joy and abundance fills the earth.”

Pick up the ribbons. Hold them between your fingers so that the the white ribbon crosses over the red one. Say:

“Now the Lord and Lady unite.
Through Their joy, may all be joyful,
Through Their fruitfulness, may all be fruitful.
May the Lord and Lady bless these ribbons,
Bringing new beginnings with opportunities to grow and blossom.”

Begin plaiting the ribbons together. This is a simplified and solitary version of the traditional maypole. While you are doing this, say:

“All life in all the world springs from the union of the God and the Goddess.

Blessed are they, the creators, the Ancient ones!”

When done, ring the bell three times. Stand in the God position, head bowed. Say:

“The Lord, with the Lady at his side,

Has brought the world through the darkness to the light.
It was a long journey that was not easy.
Yet the gods showed strength
And through Them, all has grown and prospered.
May They both continue.
May the Lady, with the Lord at her side,
Move on down the path,
Continuing to spread the light to all.”

Pick up the crown of flowers and place it on your head. Assume the Goddess position. Say:

“I am she who turns the wheel,

Bringing new life into the world
And beckoning those who pass along the ways.
In the coolness of the breeze you hear my sighs;
My heart is in the rushing of the wind.
When you thirst, let my tears fall upon you as gentle rain;
When you tire, pause to rest upon the earth that is my breast.
Warmth and comfort I give you
And ask for nothing in return,
Save that you love all things even as yourself.
Know that love is the spark of life.
It is always there, always with you if you but see it.
Yet you need not seek far, for love is the inner spark;
The light that burns without flicker;
The amber glow within.
Love is the beginning and the end of all things;
And I am love.”

Ring the bell three times. Cakes and ale. Close the circle.