Candle Magic

Candle Magick

By Lady Raven

Candle Magic is probably the simplest type of magic you can perform. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and to complete a candle spell and virtually anyone can do it!Here are some simple steps to completing any candle spell. Candle spells can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. I tend to prefer the simpler methods. The key to making a candle spell work is how much energy you put into it, and how much you believe in the outcome!

The key ingredient in any candle spell is the same as in any other spell: Intent! Know what you want, visualize it in your mind to raise energy, and then finally, burn the candle and release the energy to fulfill your need. You can always add herbs, parchment, ribbons, and so many other things, but you do not NEED any of these things. All you need is a candle, and your intent and your spell can be done!

Important Note About Spellcasting:

When casting any type of candle spells, always observe the Wiccan Rede – “And it harm none, do what yee will!”. Never cast a spell to try to “make” someone do something – the spell has a high chance of backfiring on you. Never interfere with another person’s free will!

Some examples (these are by no means all inclusive – but you get the idea!):

Love: Instead of casting a spell for a specific person to come to you, cast one for you to find new love in your life. Don’t focus on the person, focus on the intent!

Money: Instead of focusing on your boss giving you a big raise, focus on finding a better paying job, or having unexpected money from unknown sources coming into your life, or even new projects coming your way!

Studies: Instead of focusing on your teacher giving you a good grade – focus on you doing well on your test, being prepared, knowing the answers!

Protection: if a particular person is bothering you and you feel may cause you harm, first and foremost, contact the authorities – magick is not meant to be used as a replacement for the law or common sense! Second, it is ok to cast a spell to protect yourself from that person, make sure your intent is focused on keep you safe!

If you have questions or need assistance, do not hesitate to contact us!

Charging Candles

Here are a few simple steps to charging a candle for spell use:

1) Choose a candle – any candle will do – tapers, votives, pillars, whatever is your preference. You can select a candle of the color that matches your need, or you can always go with an all-purpse white candle.

Tip: Always keep white candles on hand – I find they are the most useful for any type of magic!

2) Take the candle into your hand, close your eyes and visualize what you want the candle to do. It is important that when you visualize, you picture the event as it already happened. If you want health, picture yourself healthy instead of getting better. If you want love, picture yourself with your new mate, being happy and sharing special moments, instead of finding him. Visualize your need, what it will look like when it actually happens. Do this for as long as you wish.

3) Once you have that clear picture in your mind, and you are being is filled with that need, you are ready to charge the candle.

4) You can choose to carve the name of the person (if you are doing this for someone else) a planet symbol, a zodiac sign, or any other magical sigil on your candle that will symbolize the spell you are about to cast and what you want it to do. This is optional – you don’t have to carve anything if you don’t want to.

5) To dress the candle: with the need clearly pictured in your mind, and filling your being, begin to “dress” or anoint the candle with oil. You can choose one of our many hand-blended oils, or you can use olive oil from your kitchen. The important thing is while doing this, you transfer all of that energy that intent that you just visualized, onto your candle as you dress it. You can picture the energy as a bright light, fire, haze, even smoke – whatever works for you. Visualize and feel the energy entering the candle!

6) Your candle is charged!

Casting a simple Candle spell

You can cast a simple candle spell by using the following:

* Charged Candle (See above)
* Candleholder
* Herbs (optional)
* Gemstones (optional)

1) Place your charged candle in the center of your altar (or table, or dresser). You can choose to surround your candle with herbs that match your intent or with gemstones that also match your need.

Tip: What I have done in the past is place the candle in the center of a pentacle tile and place herbs or stones at each point. You can choose one of our altar tiles for this or even just draw your own pentacle on a piece of paper.

2) Close your eyes and visualize what you want the spell to do. Take as much time as you need doing this.

3) Once you have a strong image your mind, light your candle. You can choose to say an incantation out loud, or not, its up to you. You can choose a chant, write your own words or even borrow words from another spell – the key is for you to say whatever you FEEL is right, and what you FEEL will work for YOU!

4) As you see the candle flame, imagine the energies that you raised, moving out into the universe to accomplish what you asked for.

5) You can do this for as long as you wish – once you feel that the spell is complete, extinguish the candle with a candle snuffer or with your fingers (if you are not used to using your fingers, use a snuffer – always practice safety and care when working with fire and candles!).

6) Leave the room and let the energies you release do their work.

You can also choose to cast the same spell for 3 days – I find it helpful to burn 1/3 of the candle each day as the spell is cast, when I use a taper. Make sure if you choose to do this, that you leave the space where the candle stays for the entire 3 days undisturbed.

Tip: NEVER leave a candle burning unattended!