Candlemas/Imbolc Ceremony 2022

Candlemas/Imbolc is a time of purification, cleansing, and getting ready for all of the work ahead of us during spring! With this in mind, our ceremony this year will be one of not just cleansing, but also of connecting with Mother Earth and asking her for help balancing ourselves and recharging what is needed for us to succeed when Ostara arrives!

For this Ceremony, we will create a very special bath blend the day before Imbolc and finish the Sabbat with our Ceremonial bath celebration. This is a time to let go of all that held us back last year so that we can truly have a brand new start for 2022!

Imbolc Ceremony for 2022

Author: Lady Raven, The Wyld Witch



  • We will focus on deep cleansing and connection with Mother Earth during this Ceremony to start our new year strong! BE SURE TO READ THE ENTIRE CEREMONY BEFORE YOU START!
  • Create your bath blend the day before your Candlemas ceremony (instructions are under Notes.)
  • Setup your tub as your sacred altar space. Decorate it as you wish.
  • Once you are ready, start filling up the tub. While the tub fills, light your incense.
  • Call in your sacred space all around your tub using your favorite method.
  • Once sacred space is created, anoint and charge your red candle, and light it.
  • Add your bath mix to the bath. It should look really pretty with all of the herbs floating in it. Add fresh orange slices as well if you wish.
  • Step into the tub, and call in any other helping spirits you want present for your ceremony.
  • Set your intention in the water itself and charge it to help you to connect with mother earth, ground what is no longer needed, and replenish your energy as needed.
  • As you soak visualize all negativity and obstacles dissolving and leaving your energy body and the herbs in the water re-energizing you. Do this for as long as you wish, for a minimum of about 15 minutes
  • Once you have completed your meditation, be sure to release any helping spirits you called in.
  • Step out of the water, and move your ceremony candle to your primary altar so it can finish burning there. Using your mesh strainer, strain all herbs from the water and add some bathwater to it. Add this bowl to your altar next to your candle.
  • Release your sacred space, give gratitude for the help and guidance received, and drain all of the tub water. Then, let your candle burn all the way down on your altar.
  • The following day, find a nice spot by a tree, pour the water and herbs out, and thank Mother Earth for all of the support and blessings you are receiving!


To Create your Bath Blend:
  1. Create Sacred Space by your favorite method.
  2. Light your Sabbat incense.
  3. Charge your candle with the intent for your bath.  This bath will connect with Mother Earth to re-charge your energies and ground what is no longer needed.
  4. Take the salt in your hands and charge it for grounding and removing what is no longer needed.  Add the salt to your jar.  This is the base of your blend.
  5. Take the dried roses and charge them to bring blessings and new people into your life who will open paths for you and support you in your endeavors.  Add it to the jar.
  6. Take the Rosemary and charge it for protection, purification, and for removing anything that holds your back. Then, add it to the jar.
  7. Take the Peppermint and charge it for bringing in a brush of fresh new energy into your energy body to replenish what has been lost or re-fill areas where there are gaps, and more energy is needed.
  8. Take the thyme and charge it for protection and to bring blessings and spirit helpers into your life to help you to be successful this year
NOTE: If you decided to add Orange slices to your bath water, be sure to charge them with the energy of cleansing the old and making room for new things as you add it to the water.  DO NOT add the oranges to the bath mix directly, you will add it to the bath water directly when you draw the bath.