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The Wonders of Rosemary!

Rosemary is my favorite herb! Why? Because it is so versatile! Many practitioners see the magickal properties of Rosemary as all-purpose and soon you’ll see why. Rosemary is one of…

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Homemade Seasonings and Spice Mixes!

We found this wonderful article we wanted to share with you about making your own seasoning mixes! This awesome article explains why homemade seasonings are better for you and gives…

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Beltane Cake

By MsWhitestang In sauce pan heat 1 1/2 cups milk , 1 cups old fashioned oats,1/2 cup butter, a few pinches sea salt. Cook until thickened. let stand until room…

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Housewarming Potpourri

Housewarming Potpourri for Cool Autumn Days Housewarming Potpourri Recipe Blend —¬†Ingredients Mixed Made by My Mother ~By¬†Witch Daughter of Aradia (c)2008 It is the season where it’s sunny, yet cold…

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