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Yule Ceremony 2021

Yule 2021 will begin on Tuesday, December 21, 2021, and end on Saturday, January 1, 2022.  Although the terms Winter Solstice and Yule are used interchangeably, one refers to the…

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Samhain Ceremony 2021 – The Ancestral Supper

For our Samhain ceremony, this year we have decided to celebrate the ancestors.  This is typically the time of year where the veil between the world is thin and so…

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General Spell Guide

General Spell Guide! You can use this guide with any of our spell kits purchased at Raven Moonlight Botanicals! Keep your intentions pure and good – remember if you are…

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Beginner’s Guide

Below are some quick reference articles that should answer the most basic questions about the basics of spellcasting.  If you are interested in further study, I have posted a list…

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