Below are the basics on how to charge and cleanse any stones – whether you purchased them from us or not!


Pick the method that works best for you!

  • Bury the stone in the earth for a period of 24-72 hours. Feel the vibrations when you take it out – if it needs more time, bury it again.
  • Let the stone sit outside exposed to sunlight for one full day (sun up to sun down). Or if you prefer, let it sit in the full moonlight for one night (sundown to sun up).
  • Use a sage smudge stick and pass the stones through the smoke.
  • Let the stone soak in salt-water overnight (do not use this method for any soft stones, ┬ánatural stones or calcites!).


  • Decide what you want that Crystal to do for you.
  • Have the intent clear in your mind
  • Hold the crystal in your hand can feel that energy from what you want to move down your arm and into the crystal.
  • Carry the crystal with you until your task is finished.
  • After 1 moon cycle, cleanse your crystals again and program them again for the same intent or for a new one.
  • Always work with one crystal at a time!

Enjoy your stones!!

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