Clergy Services and Tarot Readings

Local Clergy Services

Lady Raven is an Ordained Third Degree High Priestess and head of the Coven of the Blue Moon Dragon in Charlotte, NC.  She offers local Clergy services for all in the Charlotte, NC area.  The services offered include the following:

* Wiccanings
* Handfastings
* Handpartings
* Renewing of Handfasting vows
* Memorial Services
* Faith Counseling and Wiccan Instruction (see below)

Please note that these services are offered in the Charlotte, NC, Rock Hill, SC and surrounding areas ONLY.  Cost for each service will vary depending on your requirements.  Please contact Lady Raven directly for more information about these services and to schedule a consultation!

Wiccan Instruction and Faith Counseling

If you are currently a Wiccan and struggling or thinking about becoming a Wicca, we do provide faith counseling to help you on your way.  We can also help with any issues relating to your wiccan path and life events.  Faith counseling sessions are generally $60 each and run approximately 30 minutes.

Lady Raven teaches both students interested in petitioning a coven as well as local solitaries looking to further themselves down the path of Wicca. Coven students must be local to the Charlotte/Rock Hill area, but Solitary students can be located anywhere in the United States and Canada as most learning is done through out online course room.  If you are a local student looking for instruction outside of the coven you can also take the online learning class but review sessions will be done face to face with our High Priestess.  For further information, please visit the following sites:

For local students interested in petitioning the Coven of the Blue Moon Dragon – please do so on our website here.

For students interested in learning the Solitary Raven Moon Tradition you can find more details here.  This class can now also be taken locally, in Rock Hill, SC in our store Raven Moon Emporium.  For dates and scheduling, please visit our Emporium website here

Tarot and Oracle Readings

Lady Raven is an experienced Tarot reader and offers many different types of readings.  Tarot and Oracle readings can be done both locally or over the phone for long distance customers. Please note that Lady Raven does not email readings – all readings must be done either in person or over the phone.  She will not meet at your home – all readings locally are done at our Retail Store, Raven Moon Emporium in Rock Hill, SC.  For more information about the types of readings Lady Raven can provide, please call us at 704-225-3592 or contact us to schedule your reading.

Tarot Reading Pricing

Full Reading: $100.00 (Reading will generally take One hour)
Five Card Reading: $70.00 (Reading will take 30 minutes)
Stone Casting: $40 (Reading will take 15-20  minutes)

Please call us at 704-225-3592 to schedule your appointment!