Creating a Divination Mirror

Black divination mirrors are even prettier and work better when you make your own – and it is so easy to make! Here is what you will need:

1) Sponge brushes:


2) Black glossy paint:


3) A beautiful picture frame of your choosing. Antique frames work well for that. The only requirement – it needs to be a frame with a glass plate – not a plastic one. Plastic won’t work. I generally like to raid stores like Michael’s or Hobby Lobby for discount frames.


Creating your mirror is very easy!

1) Take the glass front plate out of the frame.

2) Pour some of the black paint on a bowl – use the sponge brush to brush the paint all over the glass.

3) Let it dry for at least 4 hours – I generally like to do this at night and let it dry overnight.

4) In the morning, or 4 hours later – add a second coat of paint to the mirror. Let it dry again. if you did this in the morning – let it dry until night time.

5) Add another coat of paint – let it dry.

6) Once the glass is dry – I told it up to the light and make sure there is not a single spot missed. If you can see the light through the glass, you will need another coat of paint – be sure to focus on spots where the paint is thinnest. Do this as many times as needed to ensure you have complete coverage.

Once its dry and completely covered – you can put the glass back om the frame. Make sure the painted side is facing inside the frame.

Voila! You have a new divination mirror – try making a few different ones – you can even use small frames to make tiny ones you can carry with you =)

They also make wonderful gifts =)