Creating Herbal Baths

Herbal baths are incredible ways to bring magic into your life and connect with your inner self. These are just some tips on how to create an herbal bath and enjoy one!

Creating an Herbal Bath

Herbal baths can be created out of as few or as many herbs that you want. Be sure to check a reliable herbal first to make sure the herbs you are using will not cause an irritation. A good magical Herbal will also give you some information on what herbs can be used for what intent.

Here is an example:

If you are not feeling well, feel drained of energy, stressed and need to relax you may want to choose the following herbs for your bath:

Lavender (Mercury and Air) – for purification and peace
Rosemary (Sun and Fire) – Mental powers and healing
Peppermint (Mercury and Fire) – Purification and healing
Bladderwrack (Moon and Water) – psychic powers, protection

In terms of proportions – think about what you want to add more. Let’s start with a base recipe of 1 part of each herb.

1p Lavender
1p Rosemary
1p Peppermint
1p Bladderwrack

You can change this base recipe to meet whatever needs you have. If you are feeling mentally drained as of late, you may want to modify it as follows:

1p Lavender
2p Rosemary
1p Peppermint
2p Bladderwrack

You can use the same recipe and modify it if you are feeling physically drained or tired:

1p Lavender
2p Rosemary
2p Peppermint
1p Bladderwrack

And you can even modify this bath to prepare you for a stressfull time to come (relatives coming to visit, business trip, large project starting, holidays, etc)

2p Lavender
2p Rosemary
1p Peppermint
1p Bladderwrack

The combinations are endless and once you start combining you will soon see what works best. Make sure you write down each recipe and how well it worked for you. You will find that some combinations work better than others. Just because one grimoire says a particular recipe is powerful it doesn’t mean it will work for you. Try different things and see what you like!

Once you feel confident working with herbs, you can try to tweak your recipes as follows:

* Try to balance out the elements (air, earth, water, fire) – or add more of one element you want to bring into your life

* Try to balance out the planetary correspondences

* Once you feel proficient with it, try to create recipes that will blend the herbs planetary rulers, elemental rules and the natural herbal lore together – so you can make the best use of each herb!

Using an Herbal Bath

There are several ways to use an herbal bath. I would NOT recommend adding the loose herbs to the bath as it can clog your drains.

* Infusion – add about 2 tablespoons of your herbal bath mix to a muslin bag. Pour 2 cups of boiling water and let it steep for 15 minutes. Add the infusion to the bath.

* Bath Sachet – add 2 tablespoons of your herbal bath mix to a muslin bag and drop it straight into the water. I highly recommend adding essential oils to boost your blends if you plan to use them this way

Adding to an Herbal Bath

Here is where herbal baths get fun and effective! Try some of these tips with your herbal bath to create mood and maximize your experience:

* Add candles – add 1 or 2 candles to the bathroom and turn down the lights. This will set the mood the relax you.

* Add music – I personally enjoy the sound of the ocean splashing on a beach shore with my herbal baths

* Add gemstones – cleanse and charge gemstones and either add them to the bathwater or keep them close to you during your bath

* Meditate – try to meditate during your bath – its a wonderful experience!

* Write a spell – create an herbal bath spell – this is specially effective for spells where the water element can add a boost – such as healing, love, relaxation, meditation, removing obstacles, etc

Herbal baths are very versatile – once you start working with them, you will love them even more! Try one of our pre-made herbal bath blends with organic herbs and essential oils or create one yourself! Either way you are in for a treat!