Crystal Baths

Lately I have been doing lots of these – because they work and also they make no mess and take very little preparation!

Basically – you toss a crystal in your bath to add the energies of that crystal to the water. Here is the process I have been using:

* Add hot water to the tub to fill about 1/4 of the tub. Toss in the crystals you plan to use. Generally I use one or two crystals that are at least 1/2 inch to an inch in size – just because they are easier to manage – but really any size should work.

* Let the crystals sit in the hot water for about 30 minutes undisturbed.

* Fill the rest of the tub with hot/warm water to bring the temperature to what you want it to be. Leave the crystals in the bath for the duration of the bath.

* Add whatever else you want to your bath – an herbal bath, bubbles, bath salts or nothing – you can just do a plain crystal bath too.

* Enjoy your bath!

It is important to cleanse the stones before and after your bath. I generally use a sage smudge stick or a sage spray to cleanse the stones. You can add bubbles or bath salts to your bath as well – make sure if you do that, that you wash the stones after so that there is no residue and your stones stay clean.

Here are a few of the stones that I have used successfully:

* Red Jasper – for stamina and health – I have been battling Anemia recently and this has helped me a lot to strengthen my constitution

* Rose Quartz – if you are depressed due to relationship issues – to give you a sense of peace and calm – this applies not just to lovers but also family and friend relationships.

* Amethyst – for relaxation during stressful times

* Citrine – for general cleansing of aura – also an excellent stone to use when fighting colds, flu or any other type of disease.

* Black Obsidian – for grounding – use this when you seem not to be able to stay focused on one project at a time.

* Sodalite – to open up the mind – this is a great stone for those baths when you need to sit and think about something or try to figure stuff out. This is a wonderful stone to help open the mind up to new ideas.

* Moonstone – Emotional health – this is a great stone for when you feel emotionally drained

* Clear Quartz – I like to call this the empowering bath – clear quartz help to boost your personal power so to speak – so this is a great stone to use when you need that extra courage or to feel empowered.

* Green Aventurine – for overall health – aventurine is a great stone to maintain good health.

You can also do combinations – like:

* Citrine and Green Aventurine – to overcome a cold and promote good health
* Red Jasper and Rose Quartz – to increase your stamina and spice up your love life
* Black Obsidian and Sodalite – to ground you and help you focus on one thing at a time and come up with new solutions to issues and projects
* Moonstone and Amethyst – to relax and recharge your energies after a stressfull time in life
* Clear Quartz and Amethyst – to help you find your center
* Clear Quartz, Red Jasper and Aventurine – for the utlimate health boost
* Black Obisidian and Amethyst – To bring calm during times of intense emotional stress
* Clear Quartz and Red Jasper – to boost your immune system before a time of stress (like an important trip or business meeting – or meeting the in-laws for the first time =p) or before surgery.

Any combination that feels right to you wil probably work. This is great because its not a ritual – so it can be done at any time – you can even make it part of your daily routine! Add a little box of stones to your bathroom and just pull out the ones you need before each bath!