Garden of Abundance

This is a meditation that I have done for a while now and it has worked out so well for me, I wanted to share it. It is really more of a meditation/spell. You will need the following:

* 1 Pillar candle (In a color matching your intent – I found that 2 X 3 candles work well for this)
* Oil (matching your intent)
* A comfortable place for you to meditate

This meditation can be done for almost any intent. So far, I have done it for money, psychic ability, relationships and healing. Ok – here we go!

1) Put on some soft relaxation music that will help you to meditate

2) Anoint your candle with the oil of your intent. Light the candle.

3) sit comfortably in front of the candle and close your eyes. Imagine the room is slowly filling up with smoke. Once the room is completely filled, the smoke begins to dissipate and you find yourself in a beautiful indoor garden. This is your Garden of Abundance.

4) Explore your garden, does it have a fountain? Does it have plants on the floor, or at waist level or all the way up? Your Abundance garden is unique and you can make it look like whatever you wish it to look like.

5) After you have taken some time to explore your garden find the perfect spot for your next plant. Maybe you will see it out of the corner of your eye, or maybe it will be directly in front of you. Maybe there will be an open spot ready for you to plant, maybe the existing plants will slowly move to one side or another to make room. What is important is that you find that perfect spot.

6) Once you find that spot, kneel down in front of it. Gardening tools will appear next to you now – you should have everything you need.

7) Reach into your chest, and pull out a seed. A tiny little seed filled with the need you have for this spell or meditation. If you are looking to get better, the seed is your health, if you are looking for money, the seed is that new job, or the loan, or the house – whatever you are looking for. ┬áIf you are looking for a better relationship with your kids, the seed is that relationship. The seed comes from you – its part of you, the part of you that is asking for help and assistance.

8) Once you have the seed in hand, hold it gently in your palm and there, before your very eyes, see the seed grow and turn into a small plant. A tiny little plant, gentle and fragile that just needs some soil, the perfect spot, food and time to grow.

9) With your Gardening tools, plant this small plant in the perfect spot you found. See it immediately look stronger, see its roots dig into the soil almost as it stretches out in the comfy little space you found. Water it, and feed it, and give it some love and care.

10) Once you are done, stand back and see the plant becoming part of your garden – see filling that need in the garden as well as in your life.

11) Smoke slowly fills the room once again, once it is completely full it begins to dissipate and you see yourself back in your room, sitting in front of your candle.

12) Thank the Gods and snuff your candle out. Save this candle for the next time you need to enter your garden of abundance for this same reason. Remember you can also check on your plant whenever you want to – go back into your garden and see it growing and growing and becoming beautiful and blossom.

This meditation/spell can be done at anytime – you do not need a circle for it- just make sure your intent is strong and specific – the more specific your intent is, the better your chances of success.

I hope you enjoy!