Get To Know The Herbalist!

You know when you have those moments as you are sitting down to do the thing, and you can not believe that this has become your space to fill? That cliché feeling of surrealism?

Yeah…that is me right now, sitting down writing this post to all of you.

I still am not able to fathom that this the path that is manifesting before me. I get to craft with pieces of Mother Earth for the rest of my life, while bestowing little pieces of spirituality to all the corners of this beautiful land we walk.

But, I suppose you are wondering who is this person? Who is the person behind the keyboard?

Luna Hedaira Raven

  • 26 year old Celtic Pagan 
  • 110% proud of my Irish roots, Éire go Brách!
  • Virgo Sun, Aquarius Moon, Libra Rising 
  • Favorite Pastimes: Art, Reading, Rockhounding & Wild Harvesting; I always have found myself at home in the expressive world of Art-ing and the like.
  • Favorite Author: Oscar Wilde
  • Favorite Tarot Deck: The Wildwood Tarot
  • Favorite Crystal: Moss Agate, Chrysocolla & Moldavite (Who can pick just one?!)
  • Favorite Herb: Lavender 
  • Favorite Tea: A blend of Meadowsweet, Lavender, & Lemon Balm

I grew up in The Blue Ridge Mountains close to Asheville. Wandering through The Pisgah Forests as my backyard, I encountered The Fae as a youngling before I was even aware of it. I feel like we all do this with Spirit in some form as a child. I have always been drawn to Nature, always felt her pull. But I never knew where she would take me, and then she led me here. To Raven Moon Emporium, Raven Moonlight Botanicals, and to my true calling in my Journey.

I’ve been with the brand now for almost two years, honing my craft, intaking knowledge, and growing into this position of now transitioning into a Business Owner. I’m exhilarated to be taking over this company, to be stepping into the shoes of my teacher, and making her proud. Making someone who continually believes in me pleased with My Direction. This is something I am just swimming in gratitude over.

How could one not?! Every single day I wake up I get to blend with Spirit.

As I continue this path taking up this mantle of the blog, I want you all to get to know the person behind the blending table. I want to immerse you in my path, have you walk with me, and experience some of the Magick I encounter. I will take you on Mushroom foragings, rockhounding adventures, and introduce you to the important aspects of my life.

The path is wild & weird, but a beautifully empowering one.

I hope you will join me <3