Hand Fasting Ceremony

Hand-fasting Ceremonies by Lady Raven

Hand fasting is a special time and I treat it as such!  When I do a hand fasting for you, please remember several things that I will take into account:

– How serious are you?  Hand fasting is a serious union of two people who love each other and wish to be together.  We will not be performing hand fasting for couples who just want to do it for fun.  If you are not serious about it, please look elsewhere.

– Your ritual will be uniquely yours and no one else’s!  For this reason, I will need to meet with you and your partner at least a couple of weeks before the ceremony to decide how you wish the ritual to flow.  I will not do a last minute hand fasting with generic rituals.  This is an important time, and it is critical to make it special to you!

– Location – I will drive anywhere within the following counties for your ceremony.  I am located in York, SC, for the locations a little further out, I will require reimbursement of gas costs:

  •                 North Carolina: Mecklenburg, Cabarrus and Gaston Counties
  •                 South Carolina: York and Lancaster Counties

– Dress: You can choose from a more formal Wiccan ceremony (with traditional HPS black robes) or a more generic ceremony for which I have white robes.  I will do my best to do what makes you and your guests more comfortable.

– Supplies: Once your ritual is completed and you have had a chance to look through it and approve it, you will be responsible for securing all necessary supplies.  If you decide to purchase them through our Online Store, Raven Moonlight Botanicals, you will receive a 15% discount on your order and we will bring it to you the day of the ceremony.  If not, please be sure you have all that is needed before hand.

– Marriage license: I am ordained through the ULC and can perform legal weddings in both NC and SC.  You must procure the legal documents yourself for the license and I will sign them upon completion.

– Cost: Most Hand fasting ceremonies run between $100 and $125 (plus the cost of gas depending on location).  It will depend on what you wish to incorporate into your ritual.  Payments must be made up front before any ritual design takes place.

If you are ready to schedule your ceremony, please contact us!  The initial consultation will involve discussing the services we can offer but no ritual design will take place until booking is made.

(please note, the same rules above also apply to hand partings – thank you!)