Housewarming Potpourri

Fall summer days always remind me to stop and smell the roses. But, instead of roses, we have cider, pumpkins, apples, cinnamon, and so much more! Filling the house with the delicious scent of apples and cinnamon while baking a pie sets the mood for peace and prosperity.  In this season of gratitude, nothing triggers that energy more than these familiar, cozy scents!

Since baking a pie every day is not feasible for me right now (and because I don’t want to weigh a thousand pounds!), the next best thing is to bring the energy and scent of the season indoors with a simmering potpourri recipe.  Ever tried one? No worries! It’s so easy and – can be addictive!

The Witches Magickal Cauldron
~By Witch Daughter of Aradia (c)2008

~Dry, thin slices of oranges, apples, and pomegranates (optional) – put them in your magickal cauldron (or pot). Oranges give it a citrusy scent, apples are a goddess symbol, and pomegranate for the descent of the goddess to the underworld. (If you prefer not to dry them, you can add them without drying. However, it will not last as long as the dried version

~Add some freshly broken up cinnamon sticks; cinnamon will bring love into the house.

~Add a dash of nutmeg, pumpkin spice, some clove. These are some of the scents for the season.

~With a wooden spoon, stir your concoction slowly (clockwise) while blending all the ingredients. Think about all the magickal items you’ve added to your cauldron and what you want it to draw in your home for the upcoming cold season.

~To top it off, shave some orange peals, grate some cinnamon sticks, and add about three drops of patchouli essential oil to the batch (optional).

~Slowly fill the cauldron (pot) with distilled water until it reaches 3/4 above the ingredients, and put it on the back burner. Turn the burner on MEDIUM, and carefully stir until the water almost comes to a boil.

~Keep a careful watch on it until you begin to smell the Magickal essence of the season. Then, turn the heat on WARM/SIMMER, and leave the cauldron burning throughout the day, so it imbues your house. It’s a lovely autumn aroma to smell when your family or guests come in from the chilliness outside.

~Be sure to turn off the stove if you have to leave it unattended and cover it with a lid after it cools. Don’t forget to add more ingredients of what it may need for more aroma, and make sure to keep the water in there, so it doesn’t burn! If it starts getting yucky and mold or smell, you should create a new batch (you don’t want that yucky energy coming in!)

NOTE: This “Kitchen Witchery Recipe” is NOT EDIBLE!!!