How to Infuse Loving Energy into Honey

A spoonful of honey dripping into a jar

Can you taste love? 

With a drizzle of honey into your favorite cup of tea, you can add an extra boost of love. You can infuse honey with herbs that vibrate with loving energy, compassion, and pleasant days.

This recipe originally came from The Complete Book of Incense, Oils, and Brews by Scott Cunningham, but we modified the ingredients. The original recipe called for crystallized ginger instead of dried ginger pieces and vanilla bean instead of pure vanilla extract. They were replaced due to cost efficiency because love doesn’t have to break the bank.

Buying Locally

We bought the honey from a local farm called Bush N Vine. You can buy your honey from a local farm or at the store. This honey is great for whether you are learning how to love yourself or to be gentle with your feelings. Most deities of love adore honey as an offering.

We encourage you to add your spiritual beliefs to this recipe.

If the spiritual part isn’t for you, omit the candle burning and empowering your herbs. Either way, this infused honey is addictive.

Use this honey by:

  • Adding it to your favorite tea
  • Drizzling it over biscuits
  • Roll a candle in it.
  • Combining it to balsamic vinegar and olive oil to use as a salad dressing or baked brussel sprouts
  • Brush it on peaches before grilling them
  • Mix into a cup of warm milk before bed
  • Incorporate it to your Beauty Routine (lip scrub, anyone?)

I encourage you to add your spiritual elements to this honey to concrete the intent for you. Please share it with us by posting a photo and tagging us @ravenmoonlightbotanicals on Instagram. 

“All love starts from within. We cannot and must not give life to others before we have respect and live for ourselves. Except out of compassion or pity, who would love us if we don’t even like ourselves?” Scott Cunningham – Wicca in the Kitchen

Love Infused Honey


1 cup local honey (We used Bush N Vine‘s honey) 

2 Cinnamon Sticks  (break each stick in half)

1 tsp. Whole Cloves 

1 tsp of Dried Whole Ginger 

1 tsp Dried Lemon Peel 

1 pinch of Cardamom (powdered or whole

½ tsp of pure vanilla extract

2 pink chime candles and their holders 

If you would prefer a stronger flavor, double the spices’ measurements.


  1. Empower all herbs, candles, and the honey with your intent. You can do this by following the text at the bottom of the page*. 
  2. Pour the herbs and honey into a jar with a tight-fitting lid. Shake until all herbs are covered with honey.
  3. Place the jar of honey on your altar between 2 pink candles. Light the candles and let them burn all the way down. 
  4. Let the honey sit in a dark place for 3 weeks. I suggest that you flip it every week (or whenever you remember to) to recombine the herbs. Set a Google Calendar Event for 3 weeks in the future so you won’t forget your honey.

Add small portions to food, hot beverages, smoothies, and more to promote good feelings and love. This honey tastes great on biscuits, in Hibiscus Heaven tea, and on its own. 

Reminder: This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, ailment, or condition. Please seek a certified professional for medical/medicinal advice.


Empowering Your Herbal Blends

The critical part of empowering an herbal blend is to formulate the need, fill yourself with it, and then transfer that to the blend. All types of blends (Oils, incense, herbal baths, ritual blends and more) work best when they are empowered with energy. 

Formulate in your mind what your intentions are and what you need the blend to do. Visualize it fulfilling all of these needs. Once you feel ready, you may light a white candle (this is not required) and say a few words. You can say the words written below or come up with your own. You may also call on a specific God or Goddess that you are close to or that can help you with your need. Remember that words which resonate with you and your intention matter most.

Earth my body, water my blood,

Air my breath and fire my spirit,

With all of my being,

With all of my mind,

With all of my soul,

I call to [the Gods],

Bless this [blend],

Bathe it in light,

Empower it with [my need],

Aid me in my plight!

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