How to read a crystal ball

A crystal ball is a sacred tool and should be treated as one. It should be used by only one person and be placed in a special place of honor when not in use. It should have limited handling by other people and should be carried in a special bag or box when transported from one place to another. It would be best if you also cleansed it before and after each use.  The best times to use one are during the New or Waning Moon, around Samhain or Beltane.

  1. Choose the crystal ball that you intend to use; be sure to cleanse it first. Crystal balls can be made of quartz or glass.  It doesn’t matter which one you pick, but it should be partially clear or completely clear.  So select one that resonates with you.  This will be a tool you will build a special relationship with, so don’t skimp on the price if you can.
  2. Once you have it home, be sure to cleanse and consecrate it as you would any other working tool on your altar.  You will need a box or bag to keep it in when it is not in use.  It can also be wrapped in a white cloth if you prefer that instead of a box or bag.
  3. Set the stage for your work.  You should be in a darkened room with a candle behind the ball that will help it “glow.”  The candle should not be too close to the crystal as it can overwhelm the senses and drown out messages.  The color of the candle should be something that reflects the intent of your divination session.  Be sure to charge your candle with that intent.  Make sure that the room is cleansed before you begin – this is a ritual, after all!
  4. Light the candle behind your crystal ball.  Sit quietly with the crystal in front of you.
  5. Next, close your eyes, concentrate and ground yourself. Allow your third eye to activate and open. The use of a divination oil, third eye oil, or psychic awareness oil is recommended here as it clears misaligned energies and protects the user (you) from negative energies trying to control the session.  Place a dab on the 3rd eye area, located between your eyes on your forehead. Now be sure to set up a deep breathing pattern at your rhythm. All the stress and negative energies flow entirely out of your body as you exhale, and positive energies enter as you inhale. “See” those positive energies replacing the exhaled negative energies, visualize all the positive energies ultimately centering your body and your intuition and focus becoming the central points of your thoughts.
  6. Now open your eyes, and pick a spot on the ball you feel “drawn” to. Soft focus on that spot (like you are trying to look at a 3D picture). The crystal may begin to darken or get cloudy. Allow this to happen, don’t snap back to a conscious state if you can help it. Don’t worry if you do, and the fact is most of us do the first couple of times cause we are so excited it’s working. Snapping back to the conscious state makes you leave the trance-like state and thus breaks the psychic connection. If this happens, re-enter the trance-like state once more as best you can. Allow the ball to darken and smoke without breaking your trance-like state. DO NOT TRY TO MAKE SENSE OF THE IMAGES YOU “SEE, FEEL OR HEAR” BEFORE YOU! Just go with the flow!
  7. You may feel yourself start to tingle or vibrate. You may feel hot, cold, or just detached from yourself. This is the crystal raising or lowering your vibratory level so that you may both be one in harmony and make the needed psychic connection.
  8. If you want, you can gently speak (a voice recorder is excellent at this point) about what you see.  You have entered the Astral plane at this point and may have some memory recall problems when you break the trance-like state. This may occur until you have the training and can work on both the Astral and physical plane simultaneously, and not to lie to you, this could take years of concentration, practice, and many sessions! So please don’t give up and I advise using a voice recorder as it doesn’t interfere with your focus, concentration, or gazing/scrying.
  9. Finally, when you feel you have seen enough, or the crystals images fade out, allow your mind to return to the present (physical plane). Feel your vibratory rate change once again as the crystal separates from one to two separate beings again. Refocus your eyes; blink as you need, and breathe deeply as you ground yourself once more. Finally returning to the physical plane, with your mind cleared and energized.
  10. Remember, it takes practice, so don’t be upset if it doesn’t work right away. Instead, take your time, allow the crystal and your energies to match. It will work!