Litha/Midsummer Rituals

Litha/Midsummer Fire Purification Ritual

Here’s a very simple little spell that works great, especially around Midsummer.

Materials Needed:

1 Red or White Candle
1 Black Ink Pen
1 Small Square of White, Unlined Paper
1 Pair of tweezers or tongs

Timing: Noon on a day when the moon is in the waxing phase. Preferably as close to the Summer Solstice as possible.


1) Think of one bad habit you have that you would truely like to rid yourself of. Write it down in the center of the of paper.

2) Now fold the paper top to bottom, then left to right, so that it is folded into forths with the writing inside.

3) As you fold the paper, visualize that habit being trapped inside the paper.

4) Now light the candle and meditate on it’s flame for a moment.

5) When you are prepared to continue, hold the paper in a diamond shape, with the writing down at the bottom.

6) Now take the tweezers and hold the bottom tip of the diamond into the flame. Visualize the habit buring away with the flames. As the paper burns, chant the following or similar:

“Great spirits of fire, grow and consume

this habit of evil so goodness may bloom.”


7) This spell should be cast outside, so that the ashes of the paper can fall to the the earth. As they do so, visualize the earth as taking your habit and absorbing it. Be sure to leave a gift for the earth in exchange for taking your habit.


Note: This spell also works extremely well with balefires or the fire at your Litha ritual. Simply toss the paper into the flames and chant. Do not attempt to hold it over the flames as you would with a candle.

Litha/Midsummer Solitary Ritual

Before the rite, make up a small cloth pouch filled with herbs such as lavender, chamomile, St. John’s Wort, vervain, etc. Pour all your troubles, problems, pains, sorrows and illnesses, if any, into this petition as you construct it. Tie it shut with a red string. Place this on the altar for use during the rite.

Cast the circle.

“With the Sun God at the height of His power and majesty,
The waxing of the year is accomplished,
And the reign of the Oak King is ended.
With the Sun God at the height of His splendor,
The waning of the year begins.
The Holly King must slay His brother the Oak King,
And rule over the Goddess’ land until the depth of Winter,
When His brother shall be born again.”

 Litha Chant:

“The spirit of the Oak King is gone from us,
To rest in the Underworld;
Until, with the turning of the Wheel,
The season shall come when He shall return to rule again.”

 Ring the bell three times.

“Oh great Goddess and God,
All nature vibrates with Your energies
And the Earth is bathed with warmth and life.
Now is time of forgetting past cares and banes,
Now is the time for purification.
Oh fiery Sun,
Burn away the unuseful, the hurtful, the bane,
In Your glorious power.
Purify me! Purify me! Purify me!”

Pick up the pouch and light it. When it is burning, drop it into the cauldron. Say:

“I banish you by the powers of the Goddess and God
I banish you by the powers of the Sun and Moon
I banish you by the powers of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water!”

Watch your hurts and pains burn into nothingness. Then say:

 “Oh gracious Goddess, oh glorious God,
On this day of Midsummer magick
Charge my life with wonder and joy.
Help me to attune with Your divine energy.

Meditation. Ring the bell three times.

Plunge the athame into the chalice and hold it up, saying:

“The Spear to the Cauldron, the Lance to the Grail,
Spirit to Flesh, Man to Woman, Sun to Earth.”


Cakes and ale
The circle is released.