New on Etsy!

Hello Everyone! There are so many changes taking place right now, that I wanted to let you know about a few things going on.  First, we are going to be migrating from our current online catalog to Etsy.  This will allow for better security, extra payment options and faster shipping!  In preparation for this change, we have begun to add all of our products to our Etsy catalog.  So far, the following products have been added:

* All gemstone sets are updated (more coming soon!)
* All Incense and oil blends have been updated (many God/Goddess blends have been added!!)
* All herbal teas and spell mixes are now updated

All of these are available right now on Etsy!!  Ointments and spell powders will be added next week.  Once our entire Bulk herbs catalogs are added, we will fully migrate to Etsy!  We are very excited about this change! Please take a minute and check out our etsy store and let us know what you think!!

Thank you!

Bright Blessings,
Lady Raven