Ostara/Spring Equinox Rituals

Ostara Light and Dark Ritual
(author unknown)


To acknowledge the balance between light and dark; to revere the growing strength and energy of the Sun who is now strong enough to conquer darkness; to acknowledge the time of new beginnings; to bless new goals and projects; to thankfully reflect on the gifts of fertility


Staff, Athame, 4 sticks of incense, staff, blanket, ritual clothing, BOS, 1 hard-boiled egg, cauldron or bowl filled with water, fresh cut flowers

Time: Sunrise


  1. Lay blanket on ground.
  2. Arrange the BOS, egg, cauldron, flowers, and athame on the blanket facing the Sun (East).
  3. Plant incense into the ground to represent the 4 quarters and light it.
  4. While standing, ground and center using the staff, then sit on the blanket
  5. Either mentally or verbally state the purpose of the ritual.
  6. Slowly, pull the petals from the flowers and place them in the cauldron while reflecting on the meaning of Ostara.
  7. For each goal or new project you want to begin working on:
  8. Hold a flower in your hands and focus on the end desire

o Break the stem off (put in a pile)
o Place the flower in the cauldron

  1. Stand up with your egg and throw it into the air as high as you can and let it fall to the ground. It is said that the higher the egg goes, the better your luck will be. Then sit back down.
  2. Peel the dirt and shell fragments off and put them in a pile with the stems.
  3. Eat the egg and let yourself become energized with healing and positive energy. It is said that if the egg is eaten at sunrise, you will gain much luck, health and happiness.
  4. Use the athame to dig a hole.
  5. Bury the stems and eggshells. This is an offering to the Earth, thanking her for fertility and the gifts she presents us with daily.
  6. Grab the cauldron of flowers and heave the contents upward and outward as hard as you can to bless your new projects and to return to the Earth that which is hers. Don’t be afraid to laugh or shout with joy. The season of wonder is now beginning.
    Settle back down on the blanket and ground leftover energy.
  7. Clean-up

Ostara Solitary Ritual
By Asiya


Paper and pen
Plant pot filled with soil
A large plant or flower seed
Light green candle


Place the plant pot on the floor next to the left side of the altar. Place the paper, pen, and seed on the altar pentacle. Cast the circle. Ring the bell three times. Say:

“The Goddess has freed Herself from the icy prison of winter.
Now is the greening, when the fragrance of flowers drifts on the breeze.
The Maiden displays her beauty through colorful spring flowers and their sweet aromas.
The Sun wakes from His long winter’s nap.
The God stretches and rises, eager in His youth, bursting with the promise of summer.
I welcome thee, beautiful spring!”

Light the light green candle. Say:

“Springtime is seedtime. Now is the time to plant that which I wish to come to flower.
Spring brings hope and joy; expectations for desires realized; and inspiration for new ideas.
Life is brought into balance and I am reborn with the earth’s renewal.
Now the darkness of winter and the past is cast behind.
I look only to that which lies ahead and what I wish to bring forth.”


Sit in front of the altar and meditate on what seed of an idea you would like to plant, to grow into an opportunity. It could be a skill or personal quality you’d like to acquire, or an opportunity to do or create something. When you have decided what desire you’d like to nurture in the coming year, write it down on the paper. Stand up and say:

“Lord and Lady, receive this seed.
Let it germinate in my mind and heart.
Let it prosper and grow into maturity,
For I will care for it and encourage it in Your names.”


Light the paper from the light green candle, holding it so that as it burns, the ashes fall into the soil in the plant pot. With the athame, mix the ashes into the soil. Pick up the plant seed and concentrate on it and your desire. Place the seed in the center of the pot and close the soil over on top of it. Water it with blessed (“Holy”) water. Say:

“This seed I place in the womb of the earth
That it may become a part of that earth,
A part of life and a part of me.”

Ring the bell three times.

Cakes and Ale.
Close the circle.

Place the plant in a room you go into frequently, and take care of it whenever needed, knowing that as it grows and blossoms so too will your desire grow and blossom.