Planetary Correspondences

Planetary Influences

Wealth, will, gain, power, vitality, ego, prosperity, leadership, self-confidence, promotion.Color: Yellow, Gold

Element: Fire

Find the favor of the rich or powerful or, dissolve painful or hostile emotions or reactions, make friends, find love, reveal kindness and compassion, make your presence pshychologically invisble, focus your will.
Clairvoyance, sleep, emotions, travel, imagination, pshychic awareness.Color: Silver, white, lavender

Element: Water

Any issue having to do with water, travel over water, swimming, etc. Find lost objects, send emotional messages, speak with the deceased. Visionary work, divination, Prepare any magical item that involves water or liquid, such as holy water or oil. Also situations involving female relatives (mother, grandmother, children)
Communications, intellect, business, writting, commerce, information of all kinds, cleverness, counseling

Color: Orange, violet, color mixes

Element: Air

Communications of all kinds, with the living and the dead. Find eloquence in speech, or writting. Study, intellect and metal games of all kinds. Computers, communications, messages, emails etc. Clear misunderstandings and open dialogue. Use to cast spells aimed about bringing quick changes. Be careful not attempt to control and manipulate others during this hour.
Love, pleasure, female sexuality, arts, beauty, luxury, social affairs.Color: Green, indigo rose

Element: Earth, Water.

Love, fast cash, form friendships, find kindness, plan pleasant trips and parties, rid oneself of poison. Work with your hands or mind in any of the arts. Self-educate and work with the educational system. Venus hours are very favorable to anything related to physical perfection and harmony. Venus hours are fine to cast spells for fertility – of plants, animals or humans, also corporate entities
Male Sexuality, Strength, Lust, Anger, Destruction, Medical Issues, Surgery, Competition, Conflict, Sports, War, Anger, Aggression, Victory.Color: Red

Element: Fire

Sports, winning, overcome enemies, overthrow enemies, call battle goddesses, resolve quarrels, gain courage, remove submissive behavior from oneself, take action in any given situation.Mars is the MOTIVATOR. It has powerful positive and negative influences, and is a force to be considered with utmost CAUTION. Once invoked, its hard to stop and will not rest until it vanquishes all obstacles in its path. When working rituals, make certain that this is the effect you desire because there is no “going back” Once you’ve invoked the energy of Mars.
Martian influence is a PROTECTOR par excellence and the Mars hour is useful for petitions of protection against enemies, the “Evil Eye” and demonic attack or possession
Success, Abundance, Money, Growth, Visions, Gambling, Leadership, Politics, Power, Honor, Royalty, Public Acclaim and Fame.Colors: Deep Blue and Royal purple

Element: Air, Fire

Expand any project, find and work with spirituality and faith. Maintain good health. Long term prosperity, plan ahead for important projects, make new friends, bring honor to your work, draw love, kindness and compassion to yourself.Jupiter’s influence is predominantly joviality, and is favorable to all acts of sociability dealings with family, opportunity, group enterprise, civic functions. Jupiter’s effect is one of expansion. Jupiter’s effect is one of mainly abundance – it does not activate change – it is the influence under which something already in the works gets enhanced (rich get richer and poor get poorer). Use caution!
Gaining the Astral Plane, Real Estate, Banks, Debts, Institutions, Obstacles, Binding, Death, Time, Structures, Discipline, Karmic Debts, Magickal Knowledge, self-discipline, sacred wisdom, longevity.Color: Grey, Blue

Element: Earth, Water.

Bring good fortune and success to financial matters, buildings, towns and group-oriented structures. Banish negativity, create chaos among evildoers. Overcome quarrel, hatred, or discord. Banish illness, learn or establish new rules and financial goals. Garner rewards for work well done. Situations involving grandparents, fathers, the dominant parent or guardian or those in authority.Good energy for finding lost items or stolen goods, making someone reveal secrets or hidden knowledge for benevolent purpose, and achieving quite “impossible” feats designed to bestow honor and dignity. Influence is practical, saving and beneficial.