Below are some quick reference articles that should answer the most basic questions about the basics of spellcasting.  If you are interested in further study, I have posted a list of books at the bottom for your convenience.

Working with herbs

* Using Loose Powder Incense
* Empowering your Herbal Blends
* Choosing your herbs
* Creating infused oils
* Creating Herbal Baths
* Basics of Smudging

Correspondences and Charts

* Planetary Correspondences
* Color Correspondences
* Moon Phase meanings

Witchcraft Basics

* Charging Candles and Candle Magick
* Cleansing Crystals
* Crystals and the Chakras
* Guide to the Sabbats
* Cleansing and Programming Stones

Meditations and More

* Working with the Elements
* Garden of Abundance Meditation 
* Energy Attunement Meditation