Re-using Candles

I use lots of pillar candles around the house, and I got tired of throwing so much wax away when the candle burns wrong or not all the way through. Here is a very simple way to re-use all of that wax. You will need:

1 Candle Warmer

1 Empty Jar candle container

1 set of Votive candle molds with wicks

You can purchase all of this at the craft store.

Take all the candle pieces you would normally throw away and toss them in the jar. Once the jar is about 3/4 of the way full – put it on the candle warmer. I normally toss it on there in the morning and the wax is generally melted by night time.

Once the wax is melted – put out your molds and pour the melted wax into your votive molds. Let cool and dry for about 3-4 hours. The candles generally pop right out of the mold and voila – you have votives!

I would not do this for any spell-charged candle – as you dont want to be passing those energies around. But if you use all other types of candles like I do – it can be a money saver.