Samhain Ceremony 2021 – The Ancestral Supper

For our Samhain ceremony, this year we have decided to celebrate the ancestors.  This is typically the time of year where the veil between the world is thin and so spirit communications are much easier than normal.  Our Ancestors stand behind us, they guide us and empower us.  This year let’s recognize them and give them gratitude for being in our lineage!

Samhain 2021 - The Ancestral Supper

For this Ceremony, you will need a 3-course dinner. This can be made by you or purchased at the store. We are going for a holiday supper vibe. This ritual can be completed anytime from October 30th through November 2nd.
Author: Lady Raven


  • Candle Holder
  • Incense censer
  • Plates and glasses for the ancestors
  • Besom (optional)



  • Cleanse the space with sacred smoke, cleansing spray, or besom.
    1 Smudging Supplies, 1 Cleansing Spray
  • If you plan on having others participate, Invite them into their assigned seats around the table. The Ancestors should be at the head of the table
  • Create Sacred Space in your dining room by casting a circle around both your dining room and kitchen. All participants should be inside the circle.
  • Light your Samhain incense.
    1 Samhain Incense Blend
  • Pass the candle around the table for each participant to put their intention into to connect with the ancestors. Whoever is leading the Ceremony should be the last one.
    1 White Candle
  • As you anoint the candle with your Samhain oil, give gratitude for the ancestors and ask that this candle to serve as a bridge between our world and theirs. Let the candle be a beacon with your invitations!
    1 Samhain Oil Blend
  • The group should hold hands. Begin with the first person to the left of the ceremony leader. Each person should speak into the circle, one at a time, a name of the ancestral spirit they are inviting. This can be a family member, a dear friend, or even spirits deceased pets.
  • Go around the circle as many times as needed until everyone has invited as many ancestors as they wanted. Once each participant is done with their invitations, they should say pass as you continue to go around the circle. Once everyone passes, invites are complete.
  • Serve the meal one course at a time. As guests are served, so should the ancestors be served.
  • Be sure you have a glass of water next to the ancestor plate and a glass of any alcohol you prepared for them.
  • As you go through the meal, participants should be sharing their warmest memories of their ancestors.
  • Once the meal is complete, the ancestor plate should be moved to the Ancestor Altar overnight, along with the candle and beverages. Be sure you close the circle and clean up the kitchen and dinner table (remember both of these were sacred spaces).
  • In the morning, the ancestral meal should be placed outside in nature where critters can get to it. A small wooded area or open field should be fine. I generally like to place it near the roots of a large tree.