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A Gemstone talisman for Breaking Bad Habits

Spring Cleaning! This is not only done in our material lives, but also in our spiritual ones! Take stock of your life and see what habits need to change. *…

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Crystal Baths

Lately I have been doing lots of these – because they work and also they make no mess and take very little preparation! Basically – you toss a crystal in…

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Crystals and the Chakras

By S.L. Barnett As a general rule the colour of the crystal is normally similar to that of their corresponding Chakra. For example, the darker coloured crystlas such as red,…

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Cleasing Crystals

Cleansing Crystals Crystals can bring such joy and enhance anyone’s life. Anyone regardelss of class, race, sex, age etc can benefit from the soft energies that crystals bring us. The…

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