The Path Untrodden


As the sun slowly-but surely-rises on a new year, we take the time to reflect on all we have done and all we can make better. A new year gives us the chance to focus on improvement, whether that’s rededicating to our spirituality, learning something new, or following a new path all together. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cast a spell for better luck:

-Ginger, a fire herb, is used to draw in money and success. The fire and Mars connection adds urgency and potency to the spell.

-Marigold (also known as Calendula) is a Sun and fire herb. It’s a powerful herb for success in general.

-Cinquefoil (also known as five finger grass), a fire and Jupiter herb, is excellent for increasing luck, money, and general success.

-Try combining all three as a spell mix for more potency, and don’t forget the green candles.

Carry a stone:

-Amethyst is a perfect stone to halt anxiety, especially when beginning something new.

-Sodalite helps in any intellectual pursuit, opening the mind and allowing for greater information retention. It’s sometimes called the student stone.

-Carnelion is a courage maker, instilling motivation and dispelling negative thought. Carry it when you need a little extra push.

Restructure or rededicate:

-Meditate on the core values of your path. Do they fit your needs? Do they encourage growth?

-If you’re stagnating, try a different way of doing something. Try more, or less, elaborate rituals. Get back to your roots, to the things that made you start on your path.

-Study something new. You don’t have to abandon your current path, but try incorporating another path’s ways into yours. Take something different and make it your own.