The Witch’s Brew

Since ancient times, those identified as Witches have used herbs, roots, and flowers for all kinds of medicinal and spiritual purposes. Imbued with meanings, each plant is reputed to carry its own vibrations and spirit. Plants can support us internally as medicine, or magickally, by drawing certain energies and vibrations.  And what can be more magickal than a witch’s brew?

Brews, also known as potions, may be as simple as an herbal tea or as mystical as a moon infused crystal elixir.  Their preparation begins with the water. When creating a brew for magickal purposes living water is preferred. Living water refers to water out of a spring or well, although distilled water, although energetically inert, is acceptable when clean living water is unavailable.  Rainwater is ideal if you live in an area with little smog or pollution.  Tap water can be used as a last resort.

Now for preparation. For herbal teas, boiling the water over fire, gas, or electric coils will do as a heating source.  Although, there isn’t anything magickally problematic, I prefer not to use the microwave to heat my brew water.  I have used a small cauldron over a flame to add a little magickal juju to my brew, but for an herbal tea, even for spiritual purposes, that may not be the most practical option.

You may also use the sun as a heating source for a solar infusion.  Simply place the water and herbs in a clear glass jar and place it in direct sunlight for most of a day.  By using glass jars of different colors you can infuse your brews with different color correspondences.

For a basic brew, choose the herbs that match your intention using elemental and planetary correspondences.  Also, you may choose particular herbs for their medicinal properties depending on your need.  After you collect your herbs, mix and grind them using a mortar and pestle. Be sure to use a separate culinary mortar for herbal brews that you intend to consume. Some herbs used in spiritual herbalism are toxic and I keep a separate mortar and pestle for those blends.

Once the herbs are prepared you need to empower them with your magickal intention.  Ground, center, and create sacred space. Unless the brew is being prepared for ritual purpose this does not require a formal circle casting. You just want to be in an alpha state of consciousness and holding your intention firmly in your mind’s eye. Place your hands over the herbs and pass the magickal charge and intention into the herbs.

Once the herbs are empowered, prepare your tea as would any non-magickal herbal tea.

In the Dedicant class this month, our exercises are focused on promoting clearance, balance, and alignment. Here is a simple brew recipe to support that work.

Clearing & Balancing Tea

1 part Ginger Root (Element-Fire, Planet-Mars)

1 part Passion Flower (Element-Water, Planet-Moon)

2 parts Lemon Balm (Element-Water, Planet-Moon)